Who Sang It Better : Bad Guy - Billie Eilish
He really breathed new life into this song!
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Today we react to compilations of different singers and their different renditions of the smash hit "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish. I Review them and crown who I think made the best cover. I always enjoy hearing what different people do with a song. Sometimes it's a little samey as the original, but other times people really manage to add their own flavor to the track. Enjoy this edition of "Who Sang It Better"!
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  • RoomieOfficial

    I see a lot of people reacting to something I wasn't expecting: I say "many people can sing it like Billie" - I think Billie is amazingly talented at her style, what I mean is a lot of people can sing it in the ballpark of that (but I've yet to see anyone do "her style" better than her - she's REALLY talented).

    • Lucy Waters
      Lucy Waters

      All seriousness not a billi eilish fan seen so many better artists do the same thing. There is one of my favourite that bands covered this song The Interupters, almost like the song was made for them

    • Kayla Jade
      Kayla Jade

      You should listen to ankor cover. Its a mental cover

    • Beverly Clobes
      Beverly Clobes

      LOL the bathtub is actually blue 😂

    • Jimin's Jam
      Jimin's Jam

      I still think MCND did it the best❤sorry for bringing it here, but y'all should defnitly check out their 'Bad guy' cover😇

    • Joëlle Dieduksman
      Joëlle Dieduksman

      @Shizel Manizel omg I hoped I wasn't the only one that cringed at that😂😂

  • Bouncy Penguin
    Bouncy Penguin

    Is it just me or the best cover is the intro

  • Tharusha Karunarathne
    Tharusha Karunarathne

    all are v.good

  • iamareptilianalien from outer space
    iamareptilianalien from outer space

    I think you're crazy Allie sherlock was the Best!!!!!!!!! Lol

  • iamareptilianalien from outer space
    iamareptilianalien from outer space

    Love this song!! Wish Alex & Sierra would cover this they would be AMAZING at it 😝 amirite?? U know I am

  • Fabiola Hernandez
    Fabiola Hernandez

    I’m the BAG GUY.... I need it this!!!! I Literally laugh for 10 minutes straight. I’m fan now!!!

  • Sloan Smith
    Sloan Smith


  • Evelyn Guadalupe
    Evelyn Guadalupe

    She’s so gorgeous, Billie ❤️❤️

  • Josh Stewart
    Josh Stewart

    im canadain so thanks for liking our music ;D i like australia tho bloke lol-

  • Kalel Hunt
    Kalel Hunt

    the aussie girl was good

  • Mzcel Lauron
    Mzcel Lauron

    Alex Terrible's cover of Bad Guy is the best cover I've heard

  • Tek Gnome
    Tek Gnome

    Nobody: Joel: GrEeN bAtHtUb

  • Sabrina Villanueva
    Sabrina Villanueva

    I demannnnnnnddddd Roomie to release his version on spotifyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Perri Jennings
    Perri Jennings

    Elise!! 😱😘

  • Perri Jennings
    Perri Jennings

    Allie Sherlock is amazing!! 💗

  • Laura Elena
    Laura Elena


  • Ein Nachtgespenst
    Ein Nachtgespenst

    The thing that makes it hard to watch the videos is how louder the voice is compared to the signing videos. I had to turn up the volume Everytime to listen to the musics and when he started talking I had to turn it down and it hurts my ears :( 12 minutes of that up-down becomes too much unfortunately

  • Hugo Lacchia
    Hugo Lacchia

    roomie seeing anything gay related : "it seems kinda liek james charles-esque" it's a drag queen roomie, a drag. james isn't a drag, roomie. but, E for effort, bro.

  • Samy Lawliet
    Samy Lawliet

    Alecs piano > original instrumentals

  • Mark Strange
    Mark Strange

    You actually sang it better than all of them. You did you, everyone else did Billie.

  • babyxxxspice

    Andrew Matarazzo (teen wolf) is related to Gaten Matarazzo ( Stranger Things)

  • Simon Thonfors
    Simon Thonfors

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="297">4:57</a> hes singing diffrent versions dude

  • Danielle Hobson
    Danielle Hobson

    Oddly enough, I really liked Serbia.🇷🇸

  • Itz wolfie duh !
    Itz wolfie duh !

    Bruh you Billie sang it better you very much failed

  • james miller
    james miller

    LoL he clapped and the lights turned off 👏💡

  • OhMirawrr

    My forever favourite is the remake by Music by Blanks... anyone?

  • Somya Khanduri
    Somya Khanduri

    He lowkey vibes like Cole Sprouse

  • pooch

    I don't know if this is a thing on your channel as I've only watched about 20 vids but i have always wondered if someone with hearing difficulties can be taught to sing. I would love to see a compilation of bad music teachers or students.

  • Caty Hoffman
    Caty Hoffman

    Roomie: Anyone relate? us: n- Ronnie: me neither lol for some reason it cracked me up

  • Willow Riegel
    Willow Riegel

    The style you asked about in the video is Alternative/Punk. I'm sorta unable to tell there but it looks very alternative.

  • Juraria

    Elise wins imo!!! But I may be biased because she's hilarious! :P

  • De feest Puppy’s
    De feest Puppy’s

    Why is the Nederlands not included

  • Chance Wallace
    Chance Wallace

    Im sorry but when you sang the dance monkey no offense but you made it sound like it was made to be a depressing song

  • Chloe and Lilia Comics
    Chloe and Lilia Comics


  • Daeana VerBerkmoes
    Daeana VerBerkmoes

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate how hot Roomie's voice was when he was singing at the beginning! I think that's my favorite version for sure. Definitely daddy af and his voice😍👌

  • HAH

    Roomie I want a full fuckin version of your bad guy cover. Give it to me or I'll give you another bald spot.

  • Tiffany Andrade
    Tiffany Andrade

    This song is just so...meh

  • Sound Guy
    Sound Guy

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="542">9:02</a> Have my babies also not 2b racist but are you gay

  • micky unbekannt
    micky unbekannt

    Okay, lets be honest, his cover in the beginning of this video was the best cover out of all covers in this video of ,,bad guy". 😍

  • Gabriella Hossain
    Gabriella Hossain

    She makes songs withe hateful,weird and other comments

  • -Mastergamer22.

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="543">9:03</a> is it just me or does that sound like the person who sings the “Dumb ways to die” theme

  • GalaxyRose 83
    GalaxyRose 83

    Elise comes on Me: OOOOOOOOOH you better not insult my girl Elise right now or you’re askin for it, mate *he didn’t I’m all good*

    • MJ


  • GalaxyRose 83
    GalaxyRose 83

    “They’re just two semitones off” Y’all could just say a tone *breathing intensifies*

  • Gabrielius Racas
    Gabrielius Racas

    my brother screams <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a>

  • BoshinTV

    So... who sang it better!

  • Jane Culala
    Jane Culala

    That was good

  • Toby and mystery
    Toby and mystery

    Or ask Whosangitbetter to put me in i am a good singer at a young age

  • Toby and mystery
    Toby and mystery

    Pls put me in one off your vids

  • Holly B
    Holly B

    Well I know what songs gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

  • Destiny Cervantes
    Destiny Cervantes

    Y do u sound like the little voice off tmz

  • sal brouwer
    sal brouwer

    Roomie: when you cover a song you should sing it in a different style than the original. Roomie when he sees people that use a different style: THIS DOESNT WORK AS WELL AS THE ORIGINAL

  • Jennifer Riddle
    Jennifer Riddle


  • Yogi Hashtag
    Yogi Hashtag

    Actually, Suggi has a really nice cover of Bad Guy. He's definitely up there in my favourites.

  • Hope Gadea
    Hope Gadea

    Bad singing romie

  • GibbyWibby

    Woah ur voice is so unique i havent heard a similar voice to yours keep it up!

  • mackdaddy deaton
    mackdaddy deaton

    I love how you added the rock in the beinging. Spot on love it

  • alexander bell
    alexander bell

    if you told me that alec chambers was in the chainsmokers i would believe you without question

  • קטרין נחמקין
    קטרין נחמקין

    am i the only one that liked his singing better ? , i mean yeah they were ok but man he sang it better than everyone , and do be honest maybe i liked his version of the song better than the original

  • sanvi ravi shanker
    sanvi ravi shanker

    Ewwww so grossss

  • {Ikea the birds Channel}
    {Ikea the birds Channel}

    You can kinda hear the autotune in the beginning because he is like singing loud but it’s not the loudest in his video and his voice starts getting higher but you can just hear it but he hit the right notes and he sings good!

  • Lance Castell
    Lance Castell

    I love how there are was a commercial with Alexander Stewart before this lol.

  • AwesomeDiamond

    that one asian girl did really good english since english is hard to learn for other people and she is japanese

  • piggypie studios
    piggypie studios

    I used to have a purple bathtub. Like lavender purple

  • Brianna Antrim
    Brianna Antrim

    For no reason the intro wacked me in the face with roomie's singinging

  • Lady Jinyxx
    Lady Jinyxx

    Thought the green hair guy was brad mondo for a minute hahaha that was great

  • Pand a
    Pand a

    Ommmm I love Abbyyyy

  • Mia Poe
    Mia Poe

    Green bathtub??? Or colorblind Joel 😂

  • Hoa Le
    Hoa Le

    U use so much adoiu toon

  • Maíra Santana
    Maíra Santana

    I wish he wach the video of Lucas Inutilismo "2019 em uma música" (2019 in a song), there is a awesome version of Bad Guy (in my opinion), and anothers songs too, that's really cool

  • GOTTAGOFAST125 Games
    GOTTAGOFAST125 Games

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="608">10:08</a> green bath tub you say joel

  • Harriet Harold
    Harriet Harold

    I like your rock version of bad guy😊

  • Maria Luiza Santos
    Maria Luiza Santos

    Triste pq n teve o Lucas Inutilismo

  • Kajetan Woźniak
    Kajetan Woźniak

    the second part sounds like osborne

  • itrasheditgood

    Yep, I’m pretty sure that was a blue tub.

  • bernardo dores
    bernardo dores


  • Vilma Heumann
    Vilma Heumann

    Alexander looks like Harry Styles

  • Mike Slovak
    Mike Slovak

    Me: knows the lyrics to the entire song Roomie: cuts the chorus off before the "duh" Me: visible confusion

  • Kastski Bakugou
    Kastski Bakugou

    My ears hurt the intro

  • Alyce Rivver
    Alyce Rivver

    you sound like a native French speaker

  • Nick Shahpari
    Nick Shahpari

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