VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 18
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Sam, Clint and Niko sit down to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • Austin Monestel
    Austin Monestel

    You guys should do Lost in Space cgi

  • Azmar

    The level of detail on jim meskimen's christmas deepfake by Sham00k is insane, please consider it for a future episode : slsoft.info/hd/video/gaB33HnFeZB7pds

  • Jamie Martindale
    Jamie Martindale

    literally all of the 2001 Smallville TV show

  • Lewi Sym
    Lewi Sym

    please do episode 4 of Doctor Who season 1 PLEASE . I just laughed my butt off xD

  • Skellitor301

    A day at the park by Brandon Rogers And yes, this is a serious suggestion because if you've seen the video and you pay attention. You'll realize he's done some amazing camera work to put himself in the same shot interacting with himself as two different characters. This is done so well I and I'm sure many people don't realize what we're watching is the same dude playing multiple characters at once on the screen and it's done amazingly.

  • Threebros

    You should do the ghost rider movies

  • A1Skookum

    Insect scene from King Kong!

  • Nirai nenjan M V
    Nirai nenjan M V

    Please react to 'Lost in Space' VFX

  • Flemming Matías Vermeulen
    Flemming Matías Vermeulen

    I've got some suggestions: Titans (Bad), The Walking dead (Mostly Good) look up season 7 deer scene for some terrible CG, The Witcher (Pretty Good), Rise of Skywalker (Great), and maybe some more bad.

  • MarineBis

    despite the huge technology, irishman looks like jar-jar

  • Blizzkingg

    War of the worlds

  • Tom Read
    Tom Read

    Civil war, falcons bird thing, and the rest of the film

  • kungen250

    Watch the Escape from tarkov: Raid series.

  • nathaniel h
    nathaniel h


  • Kai Nicholas
    Kai Nicholas

    Please react to The Hulk 2003

  • Claire Olson
    Claire Olson

    Please react to The Umbrella Academy!! Specifically the character Pogo

  • Micah Bedwell
    Micah Bedwell

    You should react to more Zach Snyder films. I.E. Watchmen, 300, and Man of Steel

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D

    Anaconda with Ice cube

  • Igor MMM
    Igor MMM

    Love Death and Robots

  • HeXyR

    The original spider-man movies, especially the second one.

  • Jc C
    Jc C

    Could you guys react to the effects in Ad Astra at least to the moon rover sequence, its actually a mix of cgi, green screen and footage of stuntdrivers using real rovers on the desert.

  • Joshua Petrie
    Joshua Petrie

    Bay watch fire scene

  • Johnathan Pennington
    Johnathan Pennington

    Conan the Barbarian (1982) - specifically the scene where Conan's dad talks to him under the sky and then the scene where Valeria is keeping the gods away from his body.

  • lifestrong03

    Can you react to gi joe rise of cobra

  • Justin Sampson
    Justin Sampson

    React to Netflix's show Love, Death, & Robots

  • Alan Gray
    Alan Gray

    Paths of Hate.

  • Bogdan Iorga
    Bogdan Iorga

    Upgrade is the movie of 2018.

  • Stan Groomer
    Stan Groomer

    The new Lost in Space on Netflix. For a bad, I would suggest Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie.

  • n j h
    n j h

    Hypercube has horrible cgi and cube has good cgi

  • n j h
    n j h

    Teen wolf has horrible cgi

  • Evan Green
    Evan Green

    The mummy/the mummy returns, van helsing, Addams family - Hand

  • Zack Wanatee
    Zack Wanatee

    3:00 I never had such an urge to subscribe to a channel before... :'(

  • Connor Dobbins
    Connor Dobbins

    Just saw Starship Troopers and wow those VFXs were terrible!

  • Annabelle Smith
    Annabelle Smith

    Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end. The scene where they turn the ship upside down 👌🏻

  • Franklin August
    Franklin August


  • Dom H
    Dom H

    Please react to Jim Carrey in The Shining Deepfake slsoft.info/hd/video/gXqUs4zUn6qliqk

  • R Riper
    R Riper

    plzz react to Ra.one

  • Taylor Easum
    Taylor Easum

    If love to see a video on the despecialized edition of the original Star Wars trilogy. It would be interesting to see how you might go about removing CGI, and it works be a good opportunity to talk about the changes Lucas made to the specialized edition.

  • ncpnc

    There is one visually stunning and much underrated movie you can take a look on: 2011 Zack Snyder's "Sucker Punch"!

  • Candy Nurse
    Candy Nurse

    Howard The Duck Movie 😀

  • zakizaki

    react to Davy Jones CG character in POTC please

  • Nick Willis
    Nick Willis

    Do a Harry Potter Franchise that’s at least 4-5 episodes

  • gazsyka

    Torque - Y2K Bike Duel :D slsoft.info/hd/video/botmnpavZIWZq70

  • Atticus Tsai-McCarthy
    Atticus Tsai-McCarthy

    have the guys ever talked about the effects in Valerian?

  • Asif Ayube
    Asif Ayube

    Meant as good cgi

  • Asif Ayube
    Asif Ayube

    Terminator Dark Fate, the morphing terminator and stuff

  • Brandon Carter
    Brandon Carter

    Do Misfits the channel 4 series, season 2 episode 1 has a really cool shape shifting scene. the whole series has some really cool vfx

  • Tonda Štěrba
    Tonda Štěrba

    I know its not most popular ntflix originals series, but could you please react to The Umbrella Academy, especially to the character of Pogo (an Ape helper) he was made by the same people who made Planet of the apes. I would highly recommed it to everyone.

  • Artur Paprocki
    Artur Paprocki

    CC You are looking for bad VFX ? Check out first Witcher movie made in Poland few years ago. Rubber snakes and generic dragon is just ”perfect”

  • William Kjellgren
    William Kjellgren

    React to anything from the spy kids franchise

  • I'm grankie
    I'm grankie

    Can you guys react to WhoLock it a combination of Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes

  • Arshad Sayed
    Arshad Sayed

    Can you react to the Bad CG in Revenge of the fallen? I’m talking about the climax scene when Sam and Mikeala are running away from the explosions! They actually have the explosion layer on top of Megan Fox’s face! Give me a shout out if you can!

  • localhost


  • Sammy Füchtbauer
    Sammy Füchtbauer

    Pls do DUNE before the new one gets released!!

  • sippy_cup

    whaaat, send that pc to mr. carmicheal not throw it into a wall

  • Danwolf15

    Cats. Worth a half episode.

  • skuzzle

    Could you guys talk about "Fresh guacamole by PES" would be awesome :)

  • Uncle Trench
    Uncle Trench

    They should react to the CGI in the last fight sence in Blade, when blade fights Deacon Frost

    • Uncle Trench
      Uncle Trench

      Thats if they will see this comment, it is two videos old XD

  • Ishan_ D_Vedi
    Ishan_ D_Vedi

    i m soo sorry i was like watching u all a lot but today i realized i didnt even suscribed... sorry love from india :)

  • Agent Pepy
    Agent Pepy

    birdemic, it's terrible