Trying Girly Life Hacks to see if they work 2
Little Lia
Trying Girly date night Life Hacks to see if they work!Today we're trying out some more DIY lifehacks! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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  • Little Lia
    Little Lia

    Helllooooo friends hope ur having a swell day ❤️

    • Delareese Delgado
      Delareese Delgado

      100% Charli Hello Renegade queen! You probably have a good chance of getting into the Hype House! 😉 Charli D'Amelio / TikTok Share Tweet Copy link

    • Gaygacha _dragon
      Gaygacha _dragon

      @Emma Dobbins what the hell

    • Emma Dobbins
      Emma Dobbins

      I hope u are having a good day 😘 love u~ just kidding

    • Kawi _Gacha
      Kawi _Gacha

      Are you Sssnipper or Lil lia…???

    • Gaygacha _dragon
      Gaygacha _dragon

      You are not sssniperwolf so who are you

  • Lil N3n3 up in here
    Lil N3n3 up in here

    Lil lia what happened to ssniperwolf I loved that I don’t like this is one but hah” ok 👋🏽

    • Lil N3n3 up in here
      Lil N3n3 up in here

      I messed up I felt anxious and was typing what I meant to say lil lia what happened to ssniperwolf I loved that one now that I don’t like this one but hah hah haaaa” ok 👋🏽.

  • Otlia Jiménez
    Otlia Jiménez

    Im watling this late ○~○

  • ValLibTech

    u know what i saw sausage in the back round

  • Symple

    Yo lia you hella thiccccccccccccccccccccc

  • Rose Gillett
    Rose Gillett

    lol at 3:56 in the right corner you will see somthing really funny happen to her mans!

  • Laldampuii Ralte
    Laldampuii Ralte

    My boyfriend is from china and i'm from india so we both lived a miles away from each other,but today i received a package which he had sent for a valentine's day, I've received a bunch of roses,chocolate and michael kors' watch omg! tysm hubby😪🤩i really miss u

  • Raushana Scott
    Raushana Scott

    Yes to me

  • Delareese Delgado
    Delareese Delgado

    100% Charli Hello Renegade queen! You probably have a good chance of getting into the Hype House! 😉 Charli D'Amelio / TikTok Share Tweet Copy link

  • Delareese Delgado
    Delareese Delgado

    Lia: Im pregnant and it is a balloon Me:Hello Doctor Phil we have another crazy girl for you!

  • Nusrat jahan mithila
    Nusrat jahan mithila

    I thing you boy friend is pregnent

  • Elizabeth Werito
    Elizabeth Werito

    Is that sssniperwolf?

  • lil suicide
    lil suicide

    Why is it so hard to blow a balloon

  • Addisyn Nguyen
    Addisyn Nguyen

    What a lovely breakfast

  • David Zapata
    David Zapata

    Sexy grils like you should not were clothes

  • Supreme Sandwich
    Supreme Sandwich

    No one: Literally no one: Lia: *uses grape instead of tomatoes*

  • Emma Dobbins
    Emma Dobbins

    Is that man your mom?(*.)w(*.) Emma: I need help

    • Emma Dobbins
      Emma Dobbins

      I hope u guys are having a good day!

  • Luis Trujillo
    Luis Trujillo

    I never knew that she had 2 chanelle 😀😀👍👍

  • King CC
    King CC

    Imagine your friend with those fuzzy nails just came back to the bathroom and it gone from orange to brown

  • islander rose gacha
    islander rose gacha

    I have a better dress shirt idea so get an oversized dress shirt than rap the collar around the top of your chest where a strapless shirt/dress would go bytton up the shirt then the sleeves should be hanging around your waist area then tie the sleeves to the back of your waist making a cute bow! Then boom a cute dress if dosnt work you may need a bigger or smaller dress shirt

  • Jozlynn Dains
    Jozlynn Dains

    That is so cute

  • Mahika Bhandari
    Mahika Bhandari

    NoW yOu CaN wEaR It aS a CaPe

  • Sara Linares
    Sara Linares

    Her yelp is so cute :3. I make the same sound when I get scared btw lol

  • Selena Hoang
    Selena Hoang

    vuhlentines day

  • Elizabeth Ricci
    Elizabeth Ricci


  • Elizabeth Ricci
    Elizabeth Ricci

    How plays roblox

    • Sara Linares
      Sara Linares


  • John Saunders
    John Saunders

    The most annoying human being on the planet ^^^

  • Chloe Clark
    Chloe Clark

    Love your videos

  • night mare
    night mare

    I saw your boyfriend sit down in the background in the mirror ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ

  • Riley's World
    Riley's World

    Nah no longer lunch it's the second dinner with the possible concussion

  • Ariane Varelafernandes
    Ariane Varelafernandes

    Helloooooo. Make sure that balloon doesn't pop on your belly.❤❤❤

  • Jackie Garcia
    Jackie Garcia

    OMG I have that trauma too but mine is into some things when I see one like JEEZ

  • 2006 ivy
    2006 ivy

    Me: howls at the end Also me: oh its little lia😐😐

  • Anna Med
    Anna Med

    I'm obsessed with Lia referencing the dr Phil episode, *there is no what if - I am pregnant and it is jesus*

  • Piper Gacha
    Piper Gacha

    3:56 A surprise awaits you in the mirror on the right.

  • Gracie Sing
    Gracie Sing

    13:13 Lia: I think this is more of a holiday gift Me: isn't Valentine's day a holiday!?

  • austin Hensley
    austin Hensley

    i can see youre boyfriend in the back

  • Gacha xXPhoenixXx
    Gacha xXPhoenixXx

    Sssnpiperwolf:-pops balloon and screams- Me: same dude same

  • Christian Figueras
    Christian Figueras

    4:02 look at your right...who's there?

  • Lauren McSorley
    Lauren McSorley

    no afence but i tried the egg hack and i looked great

  • Burnout King
    Burnout King

    I’m going back home now to see you

  • James Mallette
    James Mallette

    Where my favorite French youtuber😭😭😭

  • Gerardo campos
    Gerardo campos

    No one Literally no one Not a soul Sssniperwolf: SKRRRT

  • Celine Bally
    Celine Bally

    So me and my mom did a christmas class last year and we did the cinnamon candle. It works really good,smiles nice but its to expensive when you could just buy an cinnamon candle. I wouldn't waste my cinnamon sticks on it.

  • Sara Gonzales
    Sara Gonzales

    Lia: don't look Me: looks away from phone Lia:I SAID LOOK AWAY! Me: I'M NOT LOOKINGGGGGGGG!

  • Dog Girl
    Dog Girl

    Ash put her paws to the side as if she was a air plane

  • Jaky Meleros
    Jaky Meleros

    Omg the dog was me when I see food fr thoooo 😂

  • Mieke Love
    Mieke Love

    Why did u change ur username To LITTLE LIA


    “Is this a scam” literally me everytime my teacher saids: today we are going to do something fun😂😂

  • Perfectly Presley
    Perfectly Presley




  • Ben E
    Ben E

    Is this ssnyperwolf

  • Crystel Dorneu
    Crystel Dorneu

    Why she doing like sssniperwolf

  • Irina Obreja
    Irina Obreja

    Gurl you have cheetos everywhere 😅😂🤗💖 luv your vids

  • Michael Arlington
    Michael Arlington


  • DiamondCookieGachaPlayz

    Lia, Lia, Lia, Lia... You have to seperate the egg like Gordon Ramsy! And that's also not how you seperate an egg

  • Elbert Palacios
    Elbert Palacios


  • Vulturul Negru
    Vulturul Negru

    So on this cahnnel can I see your booty more . Or there's a 3rd cahnnel for it where I gave to say the pa$$word

  • Amanda Duhhh
    Amanda Duhhh

    And I just figured out you have a second channel after finding the first two days ago I am now never going to be bored again yay!!!

  • Helena Schmidt
    Helena Schmidt

    The last “hack” was confusing! How did she get into the shirt and under where!?