Top 19 reasons you should get a Lada
Life of Boris
So you want to buy a car. So many brands to choose from, but you not sure what to pick. I suggest the Lada 2105.
Here is 19 reasons you should buy a Lada.
Buying your first car is easy with small help of Boris. And Anatoli.
Here is list of the 19:
Classy design
Superior build quality
Keyless entry trunk
Parking sensor
Backseat comfort
Manuals only
No rev counter
Manual fuel-air mixture
Door locking system
Petrol powered
No power steering
Trunk space
No electric windows
Sound system
Cheap easy repairs
High tech horn
Backseat party
Backseat cooking
Safest car on road
Easily slav your car
Metal bumpers
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  • ThatOneSwed

    "Top 19 reasons you should get a Lada " #1 YES

    • Liam

      Paykan: hold my beer

    • Firey

      #213 reason Y.E.S

    • Cerebrum . exe has stopped working
      Cerebrum . exe has stopped working

      #~300~ YES

    • Smlfan jeffy 357
      Smlfan jeffy 357

      #669 Furry Yes

    • Bengali Person
      Bengali Person

      #24 YES

  • Shahbaz Shahbazov
    Shahbaz Shahbazov

    lada killed many people with its unsafe structure

  • Liam

    I think this is originaly paykan

  • Crazy Rider
    Crazy Rider

    Car Commercial : If you have a boring BMW M4 from 2016 and you want a real slavic car,don't do that stupid hacks with 3 stripes . The only thing you need to do is to play some slavic HardBass in it while driving the Blyatiful Soviet Federation and it will become a real slavic,sporty and luxury Lada.

  • F-250powerstroke7.3 Ford
    F-250powerstroke7.3 Ford

    I want one

  • whamburgerss

    That is one clean lada

  • Geoffrey

    The russian accent is really good......

  • Dylan Cascarino
    Dylan Cascarino

    Ordering one now

  • John Amelio II
    John Amelio II

    Watching this at work (I run a semi gate) and the Russian driver FLIPPED HIS SHIT! He was like “IS BORIS?!?” And I showed him and we watched this entire video together- and I made a new friend named Aleksandr!

  • Andy production
    Andy production

    so basically a Lada is a drivable soviet-era bunker consist of survival functions that could drive in the harsh snowy city of Moscow? sure why not

  • Samuel Hertl
    Samuel Hertl

    Try uaz 469, next car/jeep to try and yes it is russian.

  • Josef Brunner
    Josef Brunner

    best part is, it's manual

  • RedNasty7

    Blyatmobile to take babushka to superstore and buy potatoes but mainly vodka

  • Bone 1557
    Bone 1557

    By looking at the thumbnail it looked as a van, ngl

  • обычный чел.
    обычный чел.

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a> music please

  • Operaatio : LastenHyväksiKäyttö
    Operaatio : LastenHyväksiKäyttö

    The perfect corona acocalypse car! If somebody shoots it, it does not break. If it breaks down just fix it. You can sleep on it, you cook on it, it start when you want. One year potatostash and a random friend what will you protect you and lives in the trunk.

  • Pelinal Whitestrake
    Pelinal Whitestrake

    Can you get a Lada in the US?

  • Just A Regular Guy
    Just A Regular Guy

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="422">7:02</a> best part

  • GooseJack 88
    GooseJack 88

    Next time you see a car shaking around in the dark, it may be just 2 gopniks listening to hardbass


    Я думаю что Борис русский если тогда откуда у него лада

  • Corbin Robinson
    Corbin Robinson

    This car is actually very expensive and valuable now. cheepist one i found was 1,850 Euro and it was missing its doors, front wheels, and dident start.

  • Vaporeon

    That car have an actual human name MURAT in Turkey

  • mtb Photography
    mtb Photography

    Blyat I am 1 potato short of buying the Lada

  • Dylonadi 18
    Dylonadi 18

    Guys, Russians doesnt behave like this at all!

  • Polinoid Juice
    Polinoid Juice

    Just a random fact: Lada is a goddess of love and beauty in Slavic mythology

  • João Pedro Silvério
    João Pedro Silvério


  • Farrel Khairy
    Farrel Khairy

    *All Cars Has Left The Chat*

  • Mihai Mihai
    Mihai Mihai

    Ha ha ha ! This video is awesome!

  • Gaming Behemoth X
    Gaming Behemoth X

    Proud owner of a 1990 lada Samara with the 1.5 liter engine That thing is rock solid


    But what if I am American and wish to get lada

  • Asome3333e1 Gamr
    Asome3333e1 Gamr

    I'm actually thinking of getting one.

  • C Purchase
    C Purchase

    Yes, but can it drift. I will not drive it if it will not drift

  • AlexAnimation'ngaming

    Reasons why you should buy dacia 1310(cuz is communism romanian slav car)

  • diego euan trejo
    diego euan trejo

    Soy el conductor más apto para obtener un lada JAJAJAJA

  • Alfredo Sabagni
    Alfredo Sabagni

    This car is Not Russian or Soviet Design. IS ITALIAN. The car is a copy (with license) of a FIAT 124/125.

  • なかむー


  • Adhul Suresh
    Adhul Suresh

    In India there's a another version of lada called premiere 118 NE

  • Jack Sussmilch
    Jack Sussmilch

    This almost sells me on buying one

  • SLITOK _
    SLITOK _

    Я ахуел

  • Gaming Music
    Gaming Music

    Boris: 19 reasons why you should buy a lada. Me: 1009 reasons why you shouldnt buy a lada

  • Stefan Uncatchable
    Stefan Uncatchable

    Comrades pls link music <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="271">4:31</a>

  • Lone Okami
    Lone Okami

    It's an rebadged Fiat 124/125 ...



  • TheOneWhoSurvives

    Boris with m24 at baths killing coronavirus 🤣

  • Арабский язык с Арабом
    Арабский язык с Арабом


  • I quit youtube is hard.
    I quit youtube is hard.

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> Get your Anatoli parking sensor today!

  • Kinanda Productions
    Kinanda Productions

    I want Lada 2108

  • Pax

    top 10 reasons why you should get YUGO

  • Spike

    Why would i want a latter

  • Thoroughly Wet
    Thoroughly Wet

    If I could I'd get a lada. There pretty hard to get in western spy land

  • Новый Лемончик
    Новый Лемончик

    Lada is good car

  • Chure 05
    Chure 05


  • Cyd's Device
    Cyd's Device

    eat french fries before to drive tha word of dis lada :/

  • Ryan Conklin
    Ryan Conklin

    That is nicest lada I’ve ever seen

  • Edison

    Looks like a rolls interior's seat

  • Smlfan jeffy 357
    Smlfan jeffy 357

    We f need This 😹

  • Faizul Hadiman
    Faizul Hadiman


  • Reza Sandresa
    Reza Sandresa

    import it to indonesia please. I will feel a cyka blyat feeling

  • LucasIsHere

    The Lada is the ultimate DIY modding car

  • Luka

    I slav my Lada now it's Slada

  • Dabbing Granny ProductionsTM
    Dabbing Granny ProductionsTM

    What about the 2106?

  • Dr. Z
    Dr. Z

    This Lada is actually pretty nice.

  • _mr13penguin_ [FIN]
    _mr13penguin_ [FIN]

    i throw my volvo's window washig mecanism away

  • Joao Pedro Almeidda
    Joao Pedro Almeidda

    No airbags die like real men

  • dennis the dog
    dennis the dog

    Isnt it based on a fiat.

  • LP Channel
    LP Channel

    You should play Carx drift racing 2... It's Slav game by far blyat

  • Caleb Ong
    Caleb Ong

    I am Asia so no

  • etienne poteaux
    etienne poteaux

    What is the model of this lada ? 2107 ??

    • Marik


  • gopnik profesional slav
    gopnik profesional slav


  • ShiroChan

    We used to have a Lada Niva. It was awesome.

  • Dimiтrí

    you forgot!? you don't choose car, the car chooses you.

  • Avan Boy
    Avan Boy

    what about a nice black volga you can get that too besides the lada.

  • The _ awesome _ German _ Player
    The _ awesome _ German _ Player

    My first car will be a LADA now 😂👍❤

  • georgin 04
    georgin 04

    Видео топ!

  • Marian Ursu'
    Marian Ursu'

    Blyat what model is it???i want it!

    • Marik


  • Giorgi Gelashvili
    Giorgi Gelashvili

    that's some fresh lada you got there

  • The Train Enthusiast T.T.E
    The Train Enthusiast T.T.E

    Naw, Blyat just buy motherland KV1

  • Karolin Kiehl
    Karolin Kiehl

    One of my relatives had a lada and my father sat inside of it once he said it a scale in it the was labelled with : Vodka

  • Ivan Gerasimov
    Ivan Gerasimov

    Следующее видео: BLYATTRUCK UAZ 469

  • もと松さん

    くっそアホだけどまじで面白い。 自分の車にもやるわ