This Is The Only Bassline I CANNOT Play...
Attempting to play some of the hardest basslines and bass solos on the internet... Will I succeed?!
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Bass solos I reacted to:

My Signature Bass:
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  • Davie504

    What was your favorite *bass* solo??? leave a comment *NOW* and *SLAP like* Do it now

    • Jay Ar Royo
      Jay Ar Royo


    • Victor Lins
      Victor Lins

      @Josh Noah D Enolpe bass is cheap noob

    • Chris John Catedrilla
      Chris John Catedrilla

      First Vid

    • Nathan Willes
      Nathan Willes

      I only slapp like at 69 seconds, so idk yet

    • karol vilca
      karol vilca

      bass solo number 9!! ^-^

  • Pr1nce Charming
    Pr1nce Charming

    Do the baseline to this charming man by the Smiths

  • Salieto

    Anyone knows the video at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="313">5:13</a>? Thank you so much

  • HeartPG

    *Leave a comment* Then I shall

  • DASHaman Javier RA Yala
    DASHaman Javier RA Yala

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">07:30</a> You are welcome.

  • Ted Johansen
    Ted Johansen

    Flatwound strings?

  • Jassper Barlis
    Jassper Barlis

    Is that IV OF SPADES?????

  • Nylz Erik Carangan Mallari
    Nylz Erik Carangan Mallari


  • Nebojša Maksimović
    Nebojša Maksimović

    You play something similar but not the same as good as them.You're good but nowhere as good as them.

  • Skybender

    Do you need long fingers to play the bass well?

  • LX Media
    LX Media

    But can you do Gary Moore’s The Loner on your bass though? 😏

  • KenSoe


  • Jehar Mohamad
    Jehar Mohamad

    wow u have some balls

  • Enrique Peralta Oblitas
    Enrique Peralta Oblitas

    Although you mention that the solo in video <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> is easy, I could say that performing it depends a lot on the emotion transmitted on the groove and you made it sound a bit flat :/

  • EL ZEROhayato CRUELL
    EL ZEROhayato CRUELL

    Davies magical word slap like now!! Me as a fillipino *obeys*

  • Jack Milligan
    Jack Milligan

    I must leave a comment. A Brazilian base player on SLsoft just projected his Chi though both time and space compelling me to do so... Hi.

  • Miguel Costa
    Miguel Costa

    its the law

  • doniawon johnson
    doniawon johnson

    6.2 million. 🙌

  • Moistures Studios
    Moistures Studios

    Number 3

  • ChuckCanada

    Comment left.

  • Jorge Cura
    Jorge Cura

    Has you played victor wuton?

  • The Juvaray
    The Juvaray


  • Ivan. D
    Ivan. D


  • Golden Warrior
    Golden Warrior

    epic forced comment. here you have it

  • with Jha
    with Jha


  • Albana Abazi
    Albana Abazi

    whats wrong with a 5 string bass?

  • Plastic Power
    Plastic Power


  • MrHurzler

    With saying „forbidden“ you just avoid the solos you can't play, aren‘t you?

  • john gates
    john gates

    What's the percent of subscribers now?

  • śhąđøw_bęrry— life
    śhąđøw_bęrry— life

    :P wello davie504 im in philippines XD

  • Ary Júnior
    Ary Júnior

    Come on. The first and second solo don't have any slap. You disappointed me this time.

  • Heenks

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> Vulfpeck - Dean Town

  • manzauker

    man, i think you are quite arrogant. You cannot do the solo at 2.32 because you are not that good. Not because he is using guitar strings. It is not true. and the solo at 3.49, you are far from the pathos this guy has in playing bass. You are a good technician, good technique, but you are so cold and you cannot even compare to them..

  • JoeClarkCinema

    Don't Worry, Davie504, I turned on adblocker for this particular video, so WMG can suck an egg.

  • GG KK
    GG KK

    Where is Harold now, Kumar?

  • kuscheck

    Damn, that's pretty close to Jamiroquai's Time Won't Wait!

  • Aaron Daley
    Aaron Daley

    I love Julias cover but its the only one you technically made harder... and its the cover you turned off copyright for! 😭 lol!

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk

    Fucking love your mood bra hahaha

  • Erin Espinosa
    Erin Espinosa

    what song is being played at bass solo number 6??

  • janne van limpt
    janne van limpt


  • hei

    i'm a filipino, commented not to violate the law 😔

  • Neil A.B.
    Neil A.B.


  • Shadow Catz
    Shadow Catz

    Davie504 im from Philippines

  • Matias Herrera
    Matias Herrera

    Tienes altísima técnica, pero transmites igual que hablas, la dificultad no hace artista. El trance incluso en la simpleza te parte el cerebro. Hacer sentir.

  • Ela De Castro
    Ela De Castro

    Filipino pride lets go

  • Dong Ji
    Dong Ji

    from PH here, *slap

  • Darien Guy
    Darien Guy

    4-string bass is for chumps. Try and play a 5-string like Misa or 6-string like Boh. Sick playing though. Nice job.

  • Josh Lee
    Josh Lee

    Davie504's right hand always be flipping me off

  • Orochinchinmaru69

    hello mr. davi

  • Bang Billy
    Bang Billy

    Alip_ba_ta reaction please ...ty

  • Lars Holck Rosenberg
    Lars Holck Rosenberg

    Slap the last one up as the top best - has it all and more ...

  • Lakshya Rajput
    Lakshya Rajput

    Only thing with victor wootens cover the expression went missing which is impotent

  • Waylon Pro John Negrete
    Waylon Pro John Negrete

    If you watch this guys Slap like coz 'ako ay pinoy' Bicolano Oragon🤟🤟

  • Sam :D
    Sam :D

    The Bb clarinet is much more epico than the bass I have set it straight we are in spongebob

  • Pinoy Mema
    Pinoy Mema

    watching you all the way from the philippines

  • Eyeck Underground
    Eyeck Underground

    hello idol, from philippines with love... hehe

  • Calvin Jason
    Calvin Jason

    The best there is the best there was the best there ever will be. DAVIE504 SLAP LIKE ON ALL OF HIS VIDS

  • Muana Mario
    Muana Mario

    You are the real GOAT

  • os

    Magnificent.... btw... i saw you playing CSGo, or at least a fan with you username and photo... jajajaa.....

  • Krzysztof Ochedalski
    Krzysztof Ochedalski

    you (as a rule of thumb) must have a lot of sense of humor to be a bass player

  • Manuel Tortolero
    Manuel Tortolero

    Davie, let us know your own compositions

  • Rezaur Rahman
    Rezaur Rahman

    Do you know about Ayub Bacchu(AB) God of guitar, he is from Bangladesh . Search about him

  • Underwood

    Comment from S.Korea🤩🤩

  • Grady Toback
    Grady Toback

    Finally a vulfpeck bassline

  • Cokama


  • Andrey S
    Andrey S

    Really nice :) subscribed!

  • ssbro3

    This guy is getting better and weirder

  • Nathanplayz

    Davie: Philippines Filipinos: *Sugod*

  • Sariana Pérez
    Sariana Pérez

    Yesss Julia! 😂🥰

  • Rito

    Holy Coooow <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> Davie Noticed a great Filipino Basist

  • Toockhan Henoggaris
    Toockhan Henoggaris

    does enyone notice that he is the dude from the "Gorillaz" ???

  • Star Triple
    Star Triple


  • Christianrolf Catacutan
    Christianrolf Catacutan

    Ph🇵🇭 IV of spade

  • Dastan Townley
    Dastan Townley

    Bro which model of bass guitar you play?

  • TheKevinGHutton

    Nice to see Aram Bedrosian in there.

  • Adrian Terrasson
    Adrian Terrasson

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="257">4:17</a> Nice sextolets, I love this one

  • Jesse Mishael Rocabo
    Jesse Mishael Rocabo

    The First Song was "Hey Barbara from the IV of Spades" . A Proud Filipino here! You can slap me now Davie! Haha. 👍👍

  • Sabirov I
    Sabirov I

    You won't play the country song of Stu Hamm 🤔

  • Jttrx Aquia
    Jttrx Aquia

    I came from the Philippines

  • yonoisyboy lopez
    yonoisyboy lopez

    Slap like now davie504 I'm from the Philippines 😊