There’s Something Wrong With Her Dad..
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In this episode, Parker and Chester investigate a situation for a girl (Emily), whose father has been acting different ever since he returned from his trip.
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    Life of Luxury

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    • Yuko Ortega
      Yuko Ortega

      Idk what the heck is wrong with her dad I AM SCARED I THINK HES A GHOST OR UHH IDK SOMETHING FROM HELL?!?!!!!

  • Cry BBXY
    Cry BBXY



    And whenever the father moves you know they cut it out you can see on the time

  • ityaboihunter u
    ityaboihunter u

    I wonder who put her dad in time out 5:32

  • Jacklyn Harmon
    Jacklyn Harmon

    Dad be weird so I can be a SLsoft star Her dad:Well you get SLsoft rich can a little money because I was saving up for a Ferrari Her:N O SPELLS NO

  • Gamer Jack
    Gamer Jack

    I need help in my attic I here noises and some one singing like I kill you you kill me let’s go raid family’s

  • S u n s e t Vazquez
    S u n s e t Vazquez

    Parker:” do you mind if we put a camera in your room tonight ?” Emily: s u r e So she minds

  • Megan Mathers
    Megan Mathers

    Why does he have glasses

  • Markib Poon
    Markib Poon

    Nice prank

  • Mohammad Jalil
    Mohammad Jalil

    Hey it frank or true

  • Rayan Bhatti
    Rayan Bhatti

    Why is it always a girl as a victim???????

  • Xander Bryan C. Lamzon
    Xander Bryan C. Lamzon

    Question uhmmmm why is it always on the woods?

  • Boi Me boi
    Boi Me boi


  • علوش M24
    علوش M24

    اكو عربي هنا

  • RickyTube

    at first I thought the milk was chocolate milk

  • MXX 33
    MXX 33

    I saw 2 guys

  • draugas

    i do not need it anymore

  • draugas

    im so sorry but can you tell me how to text you?

  • Jaxblock

    the likes on this video is equal to the number of cameras he placed

  • cathy chen
    cathy chen

    You better be brave pray for goddd

  • legend dynxsty_one2283
    legend dynxsty_one2283

    Milk that tastes weird Yup that's cum

  • Παναγιτης Κλαδις
    Παναγιτης Κλαδις

    Don't do drugs kids👍😂

  • Lola Henderson
    Lola Henderson

    Am I the only one here from Priminks vid ._.



  • Minh Duc Tran
    Minh Duc Tran


  • Umme Bilkis
    Umme Bilkis

    6:04 who notices her dad twist his head

  • Bubbles XD
    Bubbles XD

    Why did it change to catching child predators to scary stuff?

  • mail mi4
    mail mi4

    I have a creature name is avol he's was my pet and he was gone avol back he's had got blood and I fix he's head and I m happy and avol the end

  • Lynn C.
    Lynn C.

    OHH k this is amazing but it gives me nightmares everytime I watch this XDD I'm die going to die

  • Usless Meme
    Usless Meme

    Now what is a weapon for

  • Serena Eby
    Serena Eby

    Hi Parker this is serena I have a big crush on you

  • Ben Rundun
    Ben Rundun

    I never see this guy gets pay

  • Flavio 303
    Flavio 303

    6:00 what happened to his fricking head?!

  • Blueberry Sans
    Blueberry Sans

    M yes he has the croma virus

  • Yunchhona Limbu
    Yunchhona Limbu

    This daddy Is like my daddy

  • Callum Casey
    Callum Casey

    chester take off ur glasses theres nothing to be afraid u r u no one can judghe u for u

  • Something

    This dad should go on r/madlads or r/insaneparents

  • Josiah Beals
    Josiah Beals


  • Kelli's Computer
    Kelli's Computer

    problry it was her father but maybe it was some killer just kill her dad

  • Jayrian McNab
    Jayrian McNab

    4:10 he sounds likes he is a zombie from minecraft

  • Bread studios 2
    Bread studios 2

    And diapers

  • LuckyRoo AMV
    LuckyRoo AMV

    Emily is so smart she sees gray milk and asks if its bad

  • Dyzira Mulkinov
    Dyzira Mulkinov

    ... I feel like these videos are rehearsed....

  • Geetesh Banka
    Geetesh Banka

    I don't understand Why do these guys always take the girl away with them to their home?

  • Just Luna
    Just Luna

    At the end, that clown just scared me

  • Croqueta de patata
    Croqueta de patata

    Really good short film for a movie

  • chappaw fanf
    chappaw fanf


  • the story untold
    the story untold

    What happened to Emily after this?

  • mrmcjocky Gamer
    mrmcjocky Gamer

    "He keeps giving her milk" Girl I think it's 'Daddy' from now on..

  • music channel
    music channel

    Is the girl blind or not??I'm confuse

  • Shanelyn Paras
    Shanelyn Paras

    click read more to know if luxury is still alive in this episode watch till the end no spoilers today brother

  • Nicoló WGF
    Nicoló WGF

    7:31 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • gilbert suba
    gilbert suba

    If there's a monster in your basement make sure to have protection, guns, ammo, and armor to protect yourself by the daddy monster thingy

  • Siddharth Pandey
    Siddharth Pandey

    6:03 his head turned

  • George Robertson
    George Robertson

    Oh I guess that's part of the show you two fall asleep on every video true investigaters

  • Nadia Chavaz
    Nadia Chavaz

    Spider man spider man eat children an alpaca can

  • Vanessa Ahenakew
    Vanessa Ahenakew

    what the hell hes naked! lol

  • Fazer

    My fight or flight instinct would most likely be fight but y’all keep using flight

  • Amy Luchini
    Amy Luchini

    Move to like somewhere lIKE HELLA FAR AWAY like England

  • Marco Idrovo
    Marco Idrovo

    my name is Emily