The Morons Of Coronavirus

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  • a.

    Hello old friend :')

  • Jack Scott Denton
    Jack Scott Denton

    Decides to show the sophisticated side of Europe, Shows Liverpool :') Oh no

  • Milantique Studios
    Milantique Studios

    Well I have read about churches getting shut down, priests getting sent to jail, a father getting arrested for playing in the park with his wife and kid, criminals being let out of jail, criminals that were let out committing crimes and getting sent back to jail only to be let out again the next day, you know what how about new york as a whole. lol. etc. People have taken this way out of proportion. Its bad but not apocalypse bad and we are all being way too dramatic. Theres being prepared and then theres what we are doing. lol And honestly, the Dems predicted the world ending in what 12 years was it? Welp, looks like they are on the way to doing it themselves. lol. But seriously, liberal media and democrat politicians seem like they want things to get worse long enough for Trump to be out of office and have a white knight Dem president save us.

  • Dylan Wicklund
    Dylan Wicklund

    See for those 2 or 3 months u had this shit planned the virus was running rampant and u idiots still kept planning to party

  • ben dover
    ben dover

    when old and poor people gets bleeped out.... just let corona fuckn kill the world idk anymore. PS Ur great man, but its easy to say "we'll get through this" as a millionaire..

  • Tessa Ju
    Tessa Ju

    "What's going on in Europe" *only shows England*

    • Sethei

      That's the entire continent of Europe according to America

  • IamTx Physicx
    IamTx Physicx

    "Lets see what is going on in Europe" - shows the UK...

  • the logo
    the logo

    Coronavirus?more like moronavirus

  • HeroSquwad

    I hope kenneth gets a dollar from someone who got corona and coughed on it

  • Gobekli Tepe
    Gobekli Tepe

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="788">13:08</a> evil 😈 👽 alien 👾 vs predator

  • Puppu Jinks
    Puppu Jinks

    I really wish you were as funny as you used to. saying corona virus gets you demonitized, but you go around and censor anything remotely offensive.

  • theFROZEX

    Ethan back to top form

  • killshot

    Instead of people flexing with money and expensive clothes now they gonna be using toilet paper

  • Deus C
    Deus C

    imagine being the husband to the TF owner

  • Nut

    the tiddy holder of the bra is actually i good way to protect yourself from stuff like that, it’s essentially a filter

  • Sgt_Cuddles95

    This honestly tells you all you need to know how shitty the US of A is.

  • Johnleon Darkchild
    Johnleon Darkchild

    Maaaan, how bad they talk about old and over Corona-death ! Hooow? I dont get it,ist ONLY sad & this volks have Great Influenz! Staye Save,mutcho Love from Vienna! This hit us hard... hard Times,i fear it ,my Granny is 90! , .... 🇦🇹⚠️✌


    SLsoft going back boys

  • circleNebula

    Don't give me hope Ethan... Why did you have to give me hope...

  • S. W. Lee
    S. W. Lee

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="900">15:00</a> "One dude eats a bat in China and I can't leave my house" What a culturally insensitive thing to say, Ethan. As a big fan of yours, I'm very disappointed. This is a statement that could possibly fuel the already ongoing racism towards the Chinese population and other Asians. From the way he said it and the following hand gesture and bowing, he seems to be blaming those Chinese people who eat bats. Yes, some Chinese people eat a bunch of exotic animals in great variety. Yes, the virus started in China, possibly from the ones who eat bats. Are they at fault for eating bats? No. Maybe the Chinese gov. if they're being reluctant to reveal relevant data and cooperate. Cultural relativism, Ethan. You know better.

    • S. W. Lee
      S. W. Lee

      @Jake Washington You totally missed my point lol just move on

    • Jake Washington
      Jake Washington

      Solution. Chinese try not to eat bat.

  • Ben

    Hey that podcast dude is making videos now

  • Hans

    Bunch of people are buying guns too. Might go pick me up another AR.

  • Bonibonkers

    its a a virus, so it could mutate, thefore becoming deadlier and affecting more of the popupation, but what do i know e.e

  • Olivia Ruggiero
    Olivia Ruggiero

    "its only old people" in Alberta, where I live, a 20 year old woman died. in the UK a 13 year old girl died. theres younger and younger people being admitted into the ICU. do your fucking research, Americans don't know the severity of the situations outside of their country which seems to be making the whole situation worse


    Sophisticated Europe. *Shows footage from Liverpool* Brexit intensifies.

  • Justin Rowslerr
    Justin Rowslerr

    I’m just trying to find someone who’s had a recital thermometer shoved up their butt

  • Justin Rowslerr
    Justin Rowslerr

    I’m just trying to find someone who’s had a recital thermometer shoved up their butt

  • Aith Jawcraig
    Aith Jawcraig

    Kenneth looks like Satan

  • Tigris Cachell
    Tigris Cachell

    I thought lizo pulled up to that interview for a second <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="282">4:42</a>

  • Paige Moor
    Paige Moor

    Hey Ethan, you know what’s even worse than the coronavirus? Papa johns.

  • julia Fox
    julia Fox

    The coronavirus is from pangolins not bats

  • Coolboys

    Yes ty

  • Jacob Flo
    Jacob Flo

    its funny Ethan criticizing people for being mean to Old people when this dude has basically said before that he hates boomers and they should die lmao

  • Tamaha Vaden
    Tamaha Vaden

    Did he enlarge the televangelist guys head? Because it looks just disproportionate enough to be upsetting.

  • leokimvideo

    Weird, you have Coronavirus in the title you have ad's. If I attempt this my video gets set as a restricted video with RED$. And this is why this site is so toxic to creators now.

  • Melodyofthesea78

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="708">11:48</a> Uhhhhh......What is on his hand?!! Why is his hand wet?!

  • QSScott


  • Disko Haze
    Disko Haze

    H3 podcast is Dope but H3H3 is the fucking best. Keep making these please!!!!!

  • Mr. Flibble
    Mr. Flibble

    Listen carefully from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="737">12:17</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="741">12:21</a> when he’s grinning. Tf was that weird sound he’s making? Demon confirmed.

  • Darrius Manson
    Darrius Manson

    The Kung-Flu preyed on every weakness our planet had to offer.

  • Gavin Kilfoy
    Gavin Kilfoy

    Didnt find this till now. Thanks youtube!

    • Rowley Jefferson
      Rowley Jefferson


  • Jack Reeves
    Jack Reeves

    So happy you guys are back btw

  • Hilda Alone
    Hilda Alone

    - Sophisticated - Liverpool Pick One

  • ThatOne Fangirl
    ThatOne Fangirl

    The moment I heard Ethan say the word "Frick" my soul died.

  • Deluxxious

    That preacher looks like a real life disney villain

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      12:52 lol, satan trying to preach Christianity is the golden border line. (i don't care about religion) Good bye "murrica", good bye old geezers.

  • Cold Void
    Cold Void

    springbreakers are retards xD

  • The Ghoul
    The Ghoul

    Execute Order 1776 gas the Boomers release the virus

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      anybody else sees satan is this jesus dude, he literally looks like satan look at him 13:09

  • Anthony J
    Anthony J

    Finally new videos

  • Simple Leaks
    Simple Leaks

    Spring breakers are the real pandemic

  • Sammi Barns
    Sammi Barns

    Very Funny content

  • Chipper Leon and the Prince of Sciatica
    Chipper Leon and the Prince of Sciatica

    And what about the panic-buying shit-bags who are now throwing away food we should drown them in soggy toilet roll

  • Chipper Leon and the Prince of Sciatica
    Chipper Leon and the Prince of Sciatica

    Hand sanitizer man took a Looooooonnnnnggg time to NOT say sorry

  • BadPigGaming

    Funniest video ever

  • jack black
    jack black

    all that cash has dried up from the mansion. so they had to come back down to the peasants to get cashed back up.

  • ItsAsalty Noob
    ItsAsalty Noob

    Is it just me or did anyone else come because of their voicing in payday 2

  • CardLeopard_


  • Raspberry Biscuits / Weird Attic People
    Raspberry Biscuits / Weird Attic People


  • dingus malingus
    dingus malingus

    imagine taking your young baby to kenneth to get it baptised your child is now scarred for life

  • The Huge Hog
    The Huge Hog

    I’m seeking refuge and trying to find salvation in the godchurch.

  • Yoav


  • Steven Aistleitner
    Steven Aistleitner

    anybody else sees satan is this jesus dude, he literally looks like satan look at him <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="789">13:09</a>

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="772">12:52</a> lol, satan trying to preach Christianity is the golden border line. (i don't care about religion) Good bye "murrica", good bye old geezers.

  • James Phillip Watson
    James Phillip Watson

    All the people in those Miami interviews are definitely dead. XD if they are, good 😂

  • Hector Garcia
    Hector Garcia

    Little did ethan know that his fans started the Corona virus just to get him to start making youtube videos again.

  • peri

    I'm sad u left out Ava Louise on Dr Phil about coronavirus, I'm sure you would've dragged her for the stupidity she emits on this earth

  • Josh Shields
    Josh Shields

    He totally rented those toilet paper rolls for the music video

  • Shi Jason
    Shi Jason

    It is just natural selection and it helps eliminate all the dumb

  • Christian Oersted
    Christian Oersted

    How a guy serving God can look more like the devil than the devil himself amazes me...

  • Angel Ortega
    Angel Ortega

    Spring breakers are fat n ugly not good looking n lean anymore

  • Payton Carroll
    Payton Carroll

    just imagine is this was a Zombie virus, it would be crazy

  • PepperMusic


  • Tomlosy

    My dad has corona. HELP

  • Dolank

    Oh yeah idk if yall have seen that televangelist before, but he called a plane a "tube filled with demons." He's pathetic as hell, pretty much exploits the Christian religion to make millions of dollars.

  • Reich Palabrica
    Reich Palabrica

    This is all WHO’s fault for downplaying it for China!! Now these morons are partying around like the self centred morons they are


    GameStop? For real? Jesus.

  • Jim Manios
    Jim Manios

    We in Greece be vibing tho

  • Krissy Scott
    Krissy Scott

    I luv u all u know you all wanna let m Ed win one of them fresh ass hoodie too Indiana 😍

  • kenneth loren
    kenneth loren

    My name is Kenneth, and this intimidated me <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="801">13:21</a>

  • Austin Watkins
    Austin Watkins

    Dude i can't explain the joy that washed over my body when i heard the old intro. it brought a genuine smile to my face. papa bless

  • Huji Kassad
    Huji Kassad

    it was a cool vid up until the end with the Cardi B thing, you shouldn't make fun of mentally retarded autists