The Mercedes-Benz 500E Is the Original Porsche Sedan
Doug DeMuro
The Mercedes-Benz 500E was the original Porsche sedan. Today I'm reviewing a 500E to explain what I mean, and to show you around a classic Mercedes in excellent condition. I'm also driving the 500E to show you what it's like on the road.
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  • قناة تلاوة عطرة
    قناة تلاوة عطرة


  • engineering565

    I used to have a 1992 500E W124..... I really miss it...... what an amazing car.

  • larry Zeldin
    larry Zeldin

    What's the big deal about this car besides the Porsche connection? BMW had a v8 in their midsize model... everyone just forgot the e34 540i? That car was no slouch and was offered in manual transmission.

  • Jeeves

    Who the hell is Portia?

  • Buky30

    What about the MB E50 AMG?

  • Tyleke Sloan
    Tyleke Sloan

    They was makin cars just for the drug dealers and that’s why it has certain things lol.

  • Xcùz

    I really hope this comment doesn't get buried under all these memes, but I just gotta say. The contextual history you provide on older cars is just fantastic. Particularly how when you presented the 500E's HP, then compared it to the M5 of the time, was a great comparison that really puts the number into perspective. Not to mention giving the backstory on how the car ended up being built by Porsche. You can really hear your passion for the cars and the history in your voice. Gotta love it. Don't let your quirks and features change Dougie Doug!

  • caja 88
    caja 88

    Doug " one in the front, two in the back" Demuro

  • Ahmed AlriYaMi
    Ahmed AlriYaMi

    سيارة زلمات 😂😂😂

  • Fady

    watching this 500E review makes me miss our old 1990 230E which has more similarities than differences to this V8 one.

  • Multi-vids

    Mercedes remains the most lovely car ever. An Instagram page for (MBL) Mercedes Benz Lovers only:

  • yun killu
    yun killu

    It has eastern europe mafia boss vybes.

  • Nikolai Loskov
    Nikolai Loskov

    what a waste of a nice chance to make a proper review of one of the best cars ever made.

  • fc3stech

    Nice Don Quijote tshirt Doug !!!!! hahaha I guess we shouldn't be surprised by his wardrobe

  • choozu

    “Little man reveal mode” can land you in prison 😂

  • Aaron

    Those handsets are grandfathered as legal installed devices in Ontario, Canada.

  • JxBANE

    Oh look it’s a Dodge Charger in disguise

  • I kill kids
    I kill kids

    why Don Quijote? Why??

  • TrassseB

    in 90s France kinds smoked from when they stopped breastfeeding

  • Bri Guy's Utoob
    Bri Guy's Utoob

    Doug you missed the quirk of the mono wiper arm changes length as it wipes. Slow the video and you’ll see it extend toward the upper windshield corners but retracts when passing the top and the sides.

  • maria a
    maria a

    Not really. One's Mercedes; one's Porsche.

  • adrian tataru
    adrian tataru

    Man this e classe was the top of e class from Mercedes in terms of fiability was the top ever build the e 250d worked for 1 m miles whidouth braking once will never see that in a modern e classe Mercedes

  • Jigga jok
    Jigga jok

    Love thiz car🎲🕶👌🏽

  • CurlyJefferson

    Doug is the type of guy who wears two t-shirts to the prom

  • Greekpapi

    I owned one back in the day. It really was a fantastic automobile.

  • Jibreel Shata
    Jibreel Shata

    Who saw that golden wrapped Prius

  • Peter Moody
    Peter Moody

    Very interesting. You learn something new everyday!

  • eric huang
    eric huang

    France film TAXI

  • Se Bastian
    Se Bastian

    they changed the names in 1993

  • Bjoern Altmann
    Bjoern Altmann

    The perfect sleeper car: get a beige wrap and put a Taxi sign on the roof

  • NewShockerGuy

    I absolutely love how these look from the exterior... they are so nice looking especially with the flares. I love MB but this beats the new stuff hands down to me in the looks dept...

  • cscac

    Don’t forget! The 500E had slightly different headlight lenses from lesser E classes!

  • Penguinn

    Please! Doug needs millions of more viewers so he can afford pants that come all the way down his legs and a shirt with an actual collar. Oh, the humanity!

  • Jan Sergejeff
    Jan Sergejeff

    in my 1992 300CE24 the Phone is a Siemens, mounted in the right side of the centerconsole in a MB OEM holder. It works and i have a basic subscription in it ... just because... btw. the "Little man" ia anatomically in proportions with children 4-8 years old, it's not a man, it's a kid.

  • Tiago Moreira
    Tiago Moreira

    My 1985 w201 Also have One eletric mirror. Left mirror as manual 😂😂

  • d. dranner
    d. dranner

    Damn, I almost could afford one, thanks Doug!!! They just double!!!!!!!! After this😭

  • エディ

    this mercedes looks like a panzer tank

  • Da Botz
    Da Botz

    Hmmm - most of the "Quirks" are just W124 standard equipment. My car has the same AC controls, side mirror controls and used to have a phone gear, but in a different place. It's just, mine is a 2 litres four bangers for the Italian market... 120 hp... I wish it was one of this.

  • DjAaronRussell

    If I'm not mistaken Holden and Ford have been putting V8s in mid sized sedans since the 70s for the Australian market

  • Richard Oakes
    Richard Oakes


  • Lianne459

    My 1990 560 SEC is much more beautiful than this one

    • Rimrock300

      But this is a E500 4 door sedan, a complete other model. Your comparison makes little sense. Anyway, we are all happy that you are not hating your SEC.

  • ernestjbmwrider1200

    106000.00 Canadian. in 1992

  • SergeyForeman

    Хороший волчок)

  • Danijel

    There was a version of this car that was INDESTRUCTIBLE, it was W124 E250D. This guy could make up to 2 million kilometers with regular maintenance.

  • Matt Sivad
    Matt Sivad

    Doug is the type of guy that still let's his mother dress him and buy his wardrobe.

  • Fire Starter
    Fire Starter

    I cringe every time when I hear you say Porsche the way you do

  • KingRichard

    The 500E is amazing, and despite being in the same vehicle class as the e34 M5, I can’t compare the two. I like them both equally for totally different reasons. The 500E is like the perfect highway cruiser with its healthy V8 and automatic, and the M5 is all about fun with the amazing I6 and manual box. Love em bothZ

  • D'Arcy Barrett
    D'Arcy Barrett

    Porche also made the Mazda 323F 2.0 v6 as well as the Audi RS 2 all great classics of the 90's

  • Bradley Cittel
    Bradley Cittel

    Me: I found my next special occasion car Doug: These things are approaching $50K+ Me: oh never mind 😂

  • stadoblech

    "I personally just like the little man graphic" says dough in unsettling creepy way

  • Akhat Orazbekov
    Akhat Orazbekov

    E class w124💪🏻

  • Akhat Orazbekov
    Akhat Orazbekov


  • John Paul
    John Paul

    Electrical nightmares.

  • john jay
    john jay

    *1990's BMW and Mercedes will run forever! I own one E34 520i made in 07.1990 with 300k kms.still runs no problems!*

  • Joseph Silberstein
    Joseph Silberstein

    Stop spreading Porsche bullshit. Porsche had nothing to do with R&D on this car. Their factory was just assembling it.

    • Rimrock300

      What is your sources? Easily available information says Porsche was hired to redesign the motor bay of of the W124 to accommodate for the 500 engine in addition to assemble the E500's

  • William Carroll
    William Carroll

    Would have loved to see them try one wiper for the headlights and two for the windshield.

  • Clavell Coleman
    Clavell Coleman

    I think those are collectors and they cost like about 50 Grand ... let me finish watching the video

  • wholeNwon

    I had 2 E-Classes from the era: Lots of problems and several strandings despite the best maintenance. Can't imagine that a Porsche connection would improve reliability.

    • Rimrock300

      It is known the first years had a some electrical issues, like around 86-87 I've heard. My w124 '95 have never had any eletrical issues whatsoever. Just changing brakes, fluids and such, keep on rolling for 25 more years;) It's a 300 diesel. I've got little experience with the gasoline versions

  • GreenPoint

    Look, its every's grandparents car

  • Lemmy D
    Lemmy D

    i drove one of these with the 250 5 cylinder diesel, with the CD changer and the cool red and green LEDs on the driver door and trunk lid from the remote in Vienna Austria for two years as a Taxi driver when I was young. What should Isay?Man... I loooooved it . :-D Keep up the good work Doug, big fan for many years, cheers from Europe.