The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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A huge thanks to the experts who helped us on short notice with the video. Especially “Our World in Data”, the online publication for research and data on the world’s largest problems - and how to make progress solving them. Check out their site. It also includes a constantly updated page on the Corona Pandemic.
In December 2019 the Chinese authorities notified the world that a virus was spreading through their communities. In the following months it spread to other countries, with cases doubling within days. This virus is the “Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2”, that causes the disease called COVID19, and that everyone simply calls Coronavirus.
What actually happens when it infects a human and what should we all do?
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Phew. That might have been the fastest we ever made a video. Literally working day and night. A huge challenge in talking about Corona was that the science is ongoing. So we put in extra special care to have good sources for this video and will update them in the coming weeks and months. Check them out here: We could not have made this video without experts who took time in one of the busiest periods of their own careers. A huge thanks especially to Dr James Gurney and Dr Max Roser of Our World in Data for helping us make sure the video was as accurate as it could be in a situation that is changing daily. Also a big shoutout to - the online publication for research and data on the world’s largest problems - and how to make progress solving them. Check out their site. It also includes a constantly updated page on the Corona Pandemic. Working together with them over the years has been a delight. Ok. We are very tired and are going to take a nap now. Stay healthy!

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    Battal Gökçil

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    Battal Gökçil

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  • Battal Gökçil
    Battal Gökçil

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  • Battal Gökçil
    Battal Gökçil

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  • Battal Gökçil
    Battal Gökçil

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  • Battal Gökçil
    Battal Gökçil

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  • Battal Gökçil
    Battal Gökçil

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  • Battal Gökçil
    Battal Gökçil

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  • Battal Gökçil
    Battal Gökçil

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  • Battal Gökçil
    Battal Gökçil

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    Fatality rate depends on the sample constitution and size. If it were serious the fatality rate would remain stable or rise when more people are tested. However, the fatality rate is going down as more are tested, as is the sickness rate. Further, they only test people who are already sick, so it's further skewed to fool people who don't have any discernment. In addition, there is no control group of people who were proved to be healthy before infection. Research without control groups is too easily open to mistakes and manipulation to be taken seriously by a real scientist. The PCR test only finds a small amount of RNA, which cannot be proven to be SARS-cov-2, and for anyone who understands the concept of viral load, there need to be millions of actual viruses in your body to indicate any correlation. One virus does not make people sick. The antibody test can only test for antibodies that react to ANY coronavirus, of which there are thousands of variations, as well as mutations, so again, there is no indication of infection with this particular virus. Finally, both of these tests are knows to give up to 80% false positive results, depending on the situation, staff expertise and numerous other factors. While clearly some people are dying of something, shutting down the economy and putting people under house arrest is not only an over-reaction, but a crime against humanity.

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