Tesla Model 3 vs I-Pace vs e-tron vs …SUPRA?! - Electric vs Petrol DRAG & ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST
It’s an electric vs petrol showdown for our latest drag race! When it comes to popular electric cars in 2019, you’ll be hard pushed to find better contenders than the Tesla Model 3, Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron. They may be heralded as the future, but do they have what it takes to go head-to-head with the petrol-power of the all-new Toyota Supra?! Join Mat and find out!
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  • Tesla Fanatic
    Tesla Fanatic

    ez, cheapest and it kills em all

  • Abhinandan DL
    Abhinandan DL

    slsoft.info/hd/video/b4Wd2Zu0mZyHrLE Electric are not really so great..

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels

    Best job in the world mate.

  • Naven Lim
    Naven Lim

    I need me a performance

  • Fields Carlisle
    Fields Carlisle

    Is it just me or should Audi not use their stupid naming scheme that makes no sense whatsoever? I mean, wtf does “55” mean? It isn’t denoting a 5.5L engine, 550HP, 550Nm/lb-ft, 55kWh, 5500lbs, or any other imaginable metric that would make any sense. They should use the kWh of the battery on their electric vehicles going forward. Even on the non-electric cars they need to ditch that stupid naming scheme. Also, that stupid noise the Jaguar makes gets on my last nerve. The moral of the story, just by a Model 3. It’s the best car you can buy today. The Model Y will also be sick when it’s released.

  • Mirle

    The BMW sucks

  • Tesla TTR - Tips, Tricks, & Reviews
    Tesla TTR - Tips, Tricks, & Reviews

    Love my Tesla Model 3. I do 1/4 mile in 11.5. Here’s vid. slsoft.info/hd/video/p6d7mYa-d6d3ir0

  • Clive Flint
    Clive Flint

    Can we get more of these comparing other EVs please

  • WolfieCrack

    Cool. Just, cool.

  • VJP

    Imagine...the Tesla is like "more then you can afford pal" then munches the supra....what world are we living in?!

  • K1R1LL012 K1R1LL012
    K1R1LL012 K1R1LL012

    Etron suck

  • Charlie Hustle
    Charlie Hustle

    now...let's take it to the skid pad (lol)

  • rxibot

    I'm just here to watch the $50,000 Toyota Supra get beat by something else again, and again

  • Omar Mohamed
    Omar Mohamed

    So BMW almost won a brake test

  • Andrei Teo
    Andrei Teo

    Can you please do a tutorial on how to use launch control on a mercedes cls 2008 244 hp

  • cr Addict
    cr Addict

    Whaha Nederlandse Tesla

  • Денис Косяк
    Денис Косяк

    This is the sunset of the fuel car era. When a sports car is slower than a civilian cars.

  • Zekoo

    Uh oh, just starting this, hope the Supra does okay or the BMW lads will not be happy! Edit: Oh dear

  • Luis Carlos Perez Parodi
    Luis Carlos Perez Parodi

    Tesla Modelo 3 ........11.7 seconds M3 wins.....the Best

  • Wout En de Coolen boys
    Wout En de Coolen boys

    Tesla s tesla x tesla 3

  • cleptomanix100

    Sinnloser Vergleich!!!! Der supra is der einzige Verbrenner und hat am wenigstens Leistung

  • Catzize Gamer
    Catzize Gamer

    Nice BMW you got there

  • Sam English
    Sam English

    Why do they have to give them such gay 2000 era internet names Tesla has the right idea

  • Michael Greenhalgh
    Michael Greenhalgh

    I'm pretty sure every 1/4 mile you've done with the Tesla is 11.8 😂😂

  • Rob Foley
    Rob Foley

    How boring to race EV's. Absolute zero sound. Where as the Supra sounds lovely, which is one if the main reasons to own a sports car.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      some people dont mind the sound slsoft.info/hd/video/fWR41pWwgWaBacc

  • Elie Mrad
    Elie Mrad

    I do not love tesla Lol I m an idiot Say anything

  • strikerchooo

    I really don't know why you bother and put a Tesla in your drag races. Tesla is in another league! Beat it. :))) PS: If I were the boss of VAG I'd shoot myself in the head this instant! So many years of bragging how a Tesla killer is on the way and they come with this behemoth? Baaahahahahah. German engineering = kaput!

  • Udayan Pradip Das
    Udayan Pradip Das

    Tesla gets a ludicrous mode which uses it's batteries full potential so it will be faster

  • DPM Racing
    DPM Racing

    Considering the Supra is the only rwd and is significantly outmatched in horsepower- being beat by the Tesla by only .2 seconds in the 1/4 speaks volumes to the electric motors power curve.

  • GeOyInGoO gAmInG
    GeOyInGoO gAmInG

    Is that a SUPRA?!

  • ProPlayz 1234
    ProPlayz 1234

    Everybody gangsta till huracan performante arrives

  • Fred Jones
    Fred Jones

    That Supra got a shit start

  • Razzy

    The Tesla model s performence is faster then the model 3

  • Been Cxzy
    Been Cxzy

    Teala is racing on its own...no competition 🤣😭😂

  • Irvash smith
    Irvash smith

    I love how hes yea tesla gone... will I get spot 2 .. not even trying to beat tesla

  • JoeJ94611

    At the height of the American muscle car era in the mid to late 60's,a 14 second quarter-mile was the standard elapsed time. Conducting a braking test at 70 mph with 4 1960's muscle cars running alongside each other would have been too dangerous.

  • Djamun Zijlstra
    Djamun Zijlstra

    Now a real supra please , 2JZ Turbo

  • A. P. 101 Gaming
    A. P. 101 Gaming


  • RenchesAndSords

    THE NEW TOYOTA SUPRA!!!! so a down-tuned BMW

  • Grant Gomes
    Grant Gomes

    Every single SLsoftr: please subscribe. Me: no

  • BigCooter.com

    now bring in the Dodge Demon .. quickest accelerating production car ever built. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fastest_production_cars_by_acceleration

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      @BigCooter.com again, improvements in packing efficiency and energy density, this is the model s 100kwh battery with less density and packing efficiency, its in a 4 inch thick enclosure www.teslamagazin.sk/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/tesla-servis-2-1-e1548521653829.jpg ok so double stack it, give 20%% for packing efficiency , elon also said that model 3 battery is doubled packed in different enclosures (battery and body) which is unnecessary) 15% for energy density, and 20% for square cube low on the outside enclosure people who road the tesla roadster felt high in the vehicle, look at this footage and tell me the leaned seats, high floor, and head nearly touching the ceiling doesn't scream high floor , tesla is now to make design compromises for engineering ones and this more crampt interior seems to be it slsoft.info/hd/video/oq2dvoqzba18rJQ and changing cathode materiel can prevent expansion of cells by a good margin, but i never said they had to use prismatic cells, they could just be using denser cells that are packed better and have the floor placed higher to make room.

    • BigCooter.com

      @Miguel lopez dude .. how are they going to fit a 200kwh battery in that new Roadster??? ..a 10 or 20% packaging density improvement doesn't do it. There is less space in the Roadster for a battery than in the Model 3.. where they just squeeze in a 100kwh pack ... add 20% for all this Maxwell magic.. the prismatic cells themselves are less dense and need room for expansion, so once including heat conduction plates the pack level density is only slight better than what Tesla has been doing with cylindrical cells .. the big advantage of prismatics is lower cost and more flexible mfg profile sizes, not so much packing density. I think we are done with this discussion .. since you just keep asserting the same claims, with no rational justification for why anyone should believe a 200kwh pack fits in the new Roadster, when its doubtful that even a 100-120kwh pack will fit.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      @BigCooter.com yes as I said multiple times they can pack 200kwh if they improve energy density and packaging efficiency, I also made it clear they didn't need to 2x their energy density (have you actually seen what a model S nattery pack looks like? It's not exactly short on cell space... I also never said they where abandoning cells, as cells are easier to manufacture and cool, they will still be using them for model Y as that will need an armload of batteries along with the semi truck, and that's the real bottle necks, tesla has plant of engineers for side projects, what they dont have is more assembly lines, hence the acquisition of Maxwell for their manufacturing technology (drying highly toxic glue for the anode in a standard wet cell is a expensive, space intensive, and dangerous manufacturing process), and no I still dont believe you, you haven't mentioned any chemistry or industry standard information about manufacturing at tesla, you even said they bough Maxwell for their expertise which was false, you didn't mention anything about being in the industry last time we argued.

    • BigCooter.com

      @Miguel lopez again, an incremental improvement at best ... rest assured, I am not behind, but ahead... as I work in this industry... still how can a 200kwh battery pack fit? LOL, funny I've been saying for years that Tesla would eventually go prismatic and Tesla fanboys have ripped on me endlessly, LOL... the future is prismatic, all of China is building capacity for that...Tesla will eventually buy all their cells from lower cost commodity suppliers. Packaging density with prismatics is not a huge gain over what Tesla has been doing with cylindrical cells, there are pluses and minuses with each in relation to packing density. The entire rest of the industry is already using prismatic cells.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      @BigCooter.com again go listen to the conference calls you seem to be really behind on what going on, elon just mentioned that they are likely going to ditch cell modules since they wherent even needed in the M3, doing this defining increases packing efficiency, square qube law also helps.

  • M Z
    M Z


  • Texas Buzzard
    Texas Buzzard

    Fantastic video

  • Nico Steffen
    Nico Steffen

    What is the meaning of etron in french? Pile of shit! Perfect name! Almost like Chevy NOVA, in spanish its "doesnt work"

  • Poor mans Acura
    Poor mans Acura

    That BMW Supra is ugly and sucks can't compare to the old supra

  • John Jerrehian
    John Jerrehian

    This test makes little sense to me. Electric sedan, Electric SUV's, Gas sport car. They are designed for different things. Would you actually drag race a Supra in a Audi e-tron SUV?

  • Davout

    The Tesla killers got killed *Palpatine memes*

  • S. Seagull
    S. Seagull

    Why is everyone here so surprised about these results? Model 3 Performance is AWD About 1800 KGs 580 HP combined Power Toyota Supra is RWD About 1520 Kgs 340 HP Power While the Toyota is about 300 KGs less, it also has 240 HP less! RWD is also a thing you need to consider during a Drag Race Launch!

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      Its 450hp combined, you dont combine total motor output since the battery cant supply both at peak power. it not having AWD is a fault the cars manufacturers, since they choose what goes in them and what should be expected out of it, so what is not fair is tesla putting their 450-1200HP EV drive trains in every car they make and that they can manufacture for cheap, it changes the balance of price/preformance.

  • fillsgarage

    Why would u not use a game powered cars with similar horsepower? The electric already has the advantage because power is quicker of course it’s going to lose and it’s down on power by 100 bhp. Why not use a corvette or bmw m3???

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      It makes it more fun too watch, and since the Tesla is consistent it acts a bit like a bench mark, is it faster then a tesla? Is probably what people ask at the beginning.

  • ZeidGho

    Tesla's slogan should be "Game Over" As explained in the comments

  • Nellaiapper Anand
    Nellaiapper Anand

    Tesla love

  • Henkka

    Well the tesla is a sedan not a 2500kg suv so ofc its faster

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      The tesla model x SUV is faster then the model 3 sedan.

  • Daniel Jakobsen
    Daniel Jakobsen

    400-500hp, awd and it's electric which means they have a ton of torque VS 350hp, rwd and petrol with a turbo which means it needs to build up both hp and torque.... seems fair 😂

  • AAJAA5

    If the driver in the Supra used the launch control properly, building boost at least for a couple of seconds, the explanation between the 1/4 mile results wouldn't probably had been needed. The Supra engine sound in the start suggests that, going up and down. Oh, and come on, 0.8s difference between the runs for the petrol engine car isn't quite right and some even might say that carwow wasn't being honest - it is a massive difference in distance in a 1/4 mile race for a car like Supra. P.S. Are you deleting most of the criticism and pointy comments in carwow comment section? What a tough bunch of messagers of love

  • Amirreza

    yea Tesla performs tremendously, but it's ugly. sorry Elon

  • Rlastra

    slsoft.info/hd/video/mqeD1KW4qJqGk6k In this video Toyota Supra has 12.0sec, hum!!!

  • jaguardo



    2:05 is where it’s at

  • Steven Campos
    Steven Campos

    The real Supra is not a bmw engine

  • Steven Campos
    Steven Campos

    and Supra lmaooooo