TATI BEAUTY ... Restock + New Launch
🦋 Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette has Restocked + The Blendiful has launched, it's the makeup tool you didn't know you needed. xo's ~ Tati TatiBeauty.com
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✔ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals vol. 1 $48
Tati Beauty Blendiful $18

✔ S N A P C H A T
✔ I N S T A G R A M
✔ T W I T T E R
✔ F A C E B O O K
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  • livlyy 88
    livlyy 88

    I'm so excited I just ordered mine after watching everyone's reviews I had to! I really want to see you use it and see how you clean it.

  • Kayla Grech
    Kayla Grech

    Can this be used to remove makeup, if you were to wet it?

  • drbandanasoren

    Why you didn't made zip lock packaging for hygienic purposes...and to keep it safe

  • iris ramos
    iris ramos

    We need all glitter only glitter

  • citlali villegas
    citlali villegas

    my moms car seat had that exact same texture lol. nothing bad just reminded me

  • Georgia Hunt
    Georgia Hunt

    Is it just me or is she just too beautiful 😩😍

  • Katwoman Collection
    Katwoman Collection

    Please could you let me know if you send your clothes in France. I will be so happy to try it and to do a video on. X Kathy from France

  • Fabi Axt
    Fabi Axt

    Love my blendiful so much! Seriously the best my makeup has ever applied, even my husband notices a major difference in the application. It’s so easy to use and my skin has more of an airbrush finish now. I’ve sink washed it once and it was so easy to do and it’s still working very well and stayed soft. Totally obsessed! I need to order more 😍

  • Alyssa

    Is this item a get it while you can or is it gonna be available for a long time? If so I’m saving my money so I can get a few for me and my brother !!!

  • Valentina Yez
    Valentina Yez

    Do not waste your money on this garbage! Totally useless product.

  • Yaya R
    Yaya R

    So wheres the video of the full face using the blendiful? Waiting on that so I can decide on buying it or not.

  • Unrealpodz

    Natural Eyebrow Pencil @t

  • Linda Busalacchi
    Linda Busalacchi

    Just received my blendifuls. One for me one for my daughter. Today is the day I will use the blendiful. Wish me luck.

  • Monse Cisneros C
    Monse Cisneros C

    Beauty blendiful 😍😍😍😍

  • Stephanie Casey
    Stephanie Casey

    I used my Blendiful for the first time this morning and Holy Shiznit! My makeup has never looked better. Nice job Tati!

  • Jessica McCleery
    Jessica McCleery

    Just purchased the blendiful So excited to use it!!!

  • Digna’s View
    Digna’s View

    Well, IT IS a word now! Loving the Blendiful Tati!

  • Jackie Cuevas
    Jackie Cuevas

    I'm so proud of you. I love this so much! I believe this is going to be something big! It will help so much with makeup 😩

  • Jelissa Jaynes
    Jelissa Jaynes

    CONGRATULATIONS tati your an inspiration 💗

  • BookiesGrannie

    I just got my palette today and I absolutely love it! I love all the colors! Love love it!

  • M Voss
    M Voss

    I never received my blendiful. I received an email stating it was delivered but it was not there. I received other mail that day. I have emailed support multiple times, replying to the the email, using the link in the email, using the website. They all come back undeliverable. I have also tweeted. No response. Please help.

  • aubreeanna martz
    aubreeanna martz

    Tati, can we get a link for that gorgeous sweater you are wearing!?! Please and thank you!

  • Kira Minty
    Kira Minty

    you totally sold me!

  • IgglyPoof

    Tati, I've had the blendiful for about a week now and I love it so much! Usually, I skip out on doing my makeup in the morning because of the time it takes, but since I've bought this I've been doing it almost every day! It makes my routine SO much faster and the look is FLAWLESS! I've never had my concealer or contour go on so smooth! Thank you for making such an amazing product!!!

  • Hannah Rehm
    Hannah Rehm

    Tati! Do you still use a clarisonic? If you do what are your thoughts?!

  • Liv Chesy
    Liv Chesy

    Hi! Tati! I have your eyeshadows pallette and loving it. I also ordered the blendiful and I’m excited to get it. I’ve been watching tutorials on actual application. I’m just wondering if you’re going to do one in the near future? Please please do. Thanks!

  • Blue Queen
    Blue Queen

    WOOOOOO!!! I just got my blendiful and it is mind blowing! I'm 48 and I just fell I'm love with makeup again!!!💖💖💖 Thank you Tati!

  • Alina Just
    Alina Just

    You can get a blanket made out of this material for 25$ from IKEA


    Just ordered it. I’m so EXCITED!!!! You had me at Hello new launch 🚀 you go girl !

  • Sherrie Bowden
    Sherrie Bowden

    I need the tutorial now, because I bought this, and lord it does not do anything good

    • Valentina Yez
      Valentina Yez

      That is because this product is total garbage. Waste of money.

  • Ashley van Oort
    Ashley van Oort

    Thank you thank you thank you I love you I love your products I love your little little hearts thank you you are the best. You make it sound like it’s for our benefit you want to share your knowledge and I so appreciate that. I will post a picture when I’m done show you my look

  • Amy Helm
    Amy Helm

    I ordered this and have used the large blendiful a couple of times.. I have to be honest, I do not enjoy this product do far. It doesn't blend the product, it instead just soaks up in the puff.. I really wanted to like this, but I am left feeling duped.

  • Aras Plikšnys
    Aras Plikšnys

    girl ur the best of the best

  • Kiray Guevarra
    Kiray Guevarra

    Where did you get your top? Its so cute

  • Magdalena Mielnicka
    Magdalena Mielnicka

    I NEED it!! I have similar puff/pad/sponge(?) - one side this furry material, other sylicon. There was NOTHING better to blend. i don't even remember where i bought it and can't find it for a looong time. Is it available in UK? If not - I'm looking for job - if you ever think about open office in Europe I'm good in England, Spanish and Poland :D I'm serious!!

  • Miranda K
    Miranda K

    Also would love if you’re able to offer free shipping after a certain $ threshold

  • Miranda K
    Miranda K

    Oooh I hope I run into you in Seattle 🤪

  • Sab B
    Sab B

    Just got mine in the mail yesterday can’t wait to use it 😸


    Mine came in today as a pro MUA I’m pumped!

  • Teddy Marian
    Teddy Marian

    I just ordered mine, I cannot wait for it to come!

  • mallorie Reyna
    mallorie Reyna

    Tati seriously stop.... you’re selling microfiber clothes from China meant for make up remover.

    • mallorie Reyna
      mallorie Reyna

      Yes I’m aware you can rebrand it for different uses but seriously ? Not innovated what so ever.

  • Tiffany McCain 💞
    Tiffany McCain 💞

    *just ordered this because of Bunny's aka graveyard girl's review ❤ anyone else? I'm excited about it*

  • Stephanie Valentine
    Stephanie Valentine

    Got mine today. Holy Smokes! It IS that good. Cut my makeup time in half!

  • alexandra

    I’d like to try it and order it but last I ordered your vitamins and tried to contact customer service and heard back about 2 months later.... decided to not order again just in case :/

  • Heartbeatlove

    Has Tati done a full blendiful video tutorial yet?

  • Katelyn Tans
    Katelyn Tans

    Where did you get the Catrice Camouflage Cream from? I can’t find it in stores or online without spending $13-15. Help a girl out 😜

  • Renae Ward
    Renae Ward

    We need the full face using the Blendiful tutorial!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • MrPeetmura

    This is BS!

  • Kathie Coker
    Kathie Coker

    Love how the Blendiful worked, great results, but when i washed at sink the seam opened!! Is that something you've heard from anyone else?

    • Kathie Coker
      Kathie Coker

      @marinakiz1 , thanks for the suggestion. I emailed them and quick helpful response!

    • marinakiz1

      same here, emailed customer service

  • Sandra Witkowski
    Sandra Witkowski

    One tool to rule them all!

  • Danielle's Habibis
    Danielle's Habibis

    hey guys, anyone is having issues getting in touch with Tati's support or customer service? I ordered the Blendiful 3 weeks ago and it says delivered but I never received it. I emailed their support and no one reached out yet. how can I get in touch with their customer service ? Pls advise.. I hope TATI can see this message

  • Ciara Kennedy
    Ciara Kennedy

    No shade but your glow up since 2014 is 👌🏼

  • Jessica Anglin
    Jessica Anglin

    Where is the blendiful full face tutorial??! I’ve been waiting for it!

  • Pauline G Villalon
    Pauline G Villalon

    I wasn’t convinced that this product is good as you claimed it to be but when I watched the other youtubers’ review I want to have one now. Wait for me to order one 😉

  • Terri Frm Tha 808
    Terri Frm Tha 808

    Who won all your PR??

  • modtomodern

    People are noticing that the seams are glued and not sewn, maybe that's why the seams are splitting. Customer service!!

  • Shanny359

    Is this not the exact same thing as the beauty blender power pocket puff? I remember her reviewing that like a year ago... this seems almost identical

    • Shanny359

      Rina Valentina oh yikes!

    • Rina Valentina
      Rina Valentina

      Shanny359 You would think that since that one tore so easily she would have sewn her own instead of glueing the seams.... I’ve seen lots of people saying their blendifuls are falling apart after a wash or two..... by hand even....

    • Shanny359

      Rina Valentina 😂 I remember that!

    • Rina Valentina
      Rina Valentina

      Shanny359 Omg, I just went back & watched her review that in her underrated video, you’re right....and she accidentally tore it too. 😳

  • Michelle Fox
    Michelle Fox

    I've always trust your product suggestions so I know your product has to be amazing. Cant wait to get my hands on this and your palette 😁

  • julzigirl

    I’ve been using the Blendiful for a week now. I like it so much! I am 48 and my foundation looks so nice using this application. It’s quick and incredibly effective. Grateful to have made this purchase and grateful for all you do💜

  • Anaya Carter
    Anaya Carter

    Will you be selling your products in the uk? xxx