SURVIVAL ROUND - How to survive 4 weeks on 50€ ($60)
Life of Boris
This is cooking on a budget. How to survive on a very low income.
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Shopping list:
1 cucumber (big one)
7 apples (or other fruit that is cheap)
500g macaroni (NOT INSTANT NOODLES)
1 loaf of bread
1kg oat flakes
250g cheese (I suggest get more if you have enough money)
5 onions
5 carrots
500g doctor's sausage (or other similar bologna etc)
10 eggs
10 potatos
At start of next week, only buy things you ran out of. No point buying a warehouse of onions if you havent eaten them yet.
Proudly recorded on a phone in glorious 4K 60fps
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I make funny cheeki breeki slav videos of gaming and cooking.
Slav squatting with semechki in my hand.
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  • ScaryViking

    "The total of these components should cost you about €12. [cries in Danish]

  • Lucas

    I don't like cheese--

  • Southern Romanian
    Southern Romanian

    Top tip from me: When you cook with slanina, you don't need oil because the food will cook with the fat from slanina.


    When the apocalypse happens boris won't even be worried

  • Killer Sans TEXING STORYS
    Killer Sans TEXING STORYS

    People who do this eat better than me like for real bro i only survive off of ramen and Apple's

  • I'm just NYX now uwu
    I'm just NYX now uwu

    Me: *meditating with incense and crystals in front of a Boris shrine* O Boris... God of cooking... tell me your secrets.... Boris: whip out... *THE BAY LEAF*

  • Assygat Ansat
    Assygat Ansat

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="689">11:29</a>

  • Assygat Ansat
    Assygat Ansat

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="692">11:32</a>

  • Vipper PC
    Vipper PC

    Nice food! Blyatiful

  • Lubo8998

    And if your situation is really bad you can always eat salted bread and if the bread is old, just eat it with water :)

  • Román García
    Román García

    I bet everyone is making this during the coronavirus lockdown....

  • Noah Boucher
    Noah Boucher

    The doktor sausage sliding slowly on the plate in the beginning

  • Gabrijel Topalović
    Gabrijel Topalović

    You got 2 yokes i one egg chanses of that happaning are 1 in a 1000000

  • [GD] EricK1512
    [GD] EricK1512

    Back in the Day before I was born, My Mother Survived one month with only 10 Euros.

  • Michael the Asian Camera Man
    Michael the Asian Camera Man

    “How did I fuck this up” got me dead

  • Alto Mark-Seven
    Alto Mark-Seven

    cooking with boris 101

  • Forza Vale
    Forza Vale

    Been almost 2 years and I still use some of these recipes

  • Giuseppe Achenza
    Giuseppe Achenza

    I'm Italian and I live in Italy, I can use mortadella sausage instead of the doctor sausage??? Plz help!

  • lapinus

    Holy shit as an italian that pasta in the cold water broke my fucking heart bro. You need to BOIL the water BEFORE adding the basta. Blyat.

  • Xhee Sama
    Xhee Sama

    I'm glad my bff recommended me this Channel.

  • neoculturetea

    must needed now.. thank you boris

  • notion75

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="580">9:40</a> *S U C C*

  • Lim Xin Lerk
    Lim Xin Lerk

    Boris: *uses 50€* Me: *only has 10€* Boris: Buy Oats! Me:*thinking* Me:*Buys 2KG Of Oats* Boris: You Will Be Chugging This Down In The Morning Me: Ight Imma Head Out

  • RNGmrosprayTTV

    this is very helpful

  • Jenn

    NEVER forget the pepper!!

  • Joan Lammatao
    Joan Lammatao

    If you watched the halva one good for coment Anatoli: calmly puts hand on pan

  • now you see me
    now you see me

    Laughs in tropical climate

  • DuckAllMigthy

    funny enough I don't have to live on a budget, but this food looks fucking good, I will try some of it out tomorrow

  • macentire56

    Boy I wonder why this is getting recommended in march 2020

  • Antek Knapek
    Antek Knapek

    i mean i would eat this

  • Enderblock 100mc
    Enderblock 100mc

    nobody: random potatoe: *IDI NAHUI*

  • Enderblock 100mc
    Enderblock 100mc

    *succ* essful

  • -Ziggy Gaming-
    -Ziggy Gaming-

    I think he should try making lefse it's also good with butter and sugar and it's cheap

  • Aryan Kulshreshtha
    Aryan Kulshreshtha

    *_You can eat like a elephant and still not exhaust $60 at month end in India_*

  • Leo

    What if there’s no doctors sausage where I live

  • Nod DarkWolf
    Nod DarkWolf

    best cooking vid ive ever seen

  • jesse niemela
    jesse niemela

    I have made a lot of sugary bread in my Time. it's good try it out

  • MegaCoolBrody

    i do very much want a SUCCessful week

  • Joan Lammatao
    Joan Lammatao

    Rich people: spending to much Boris:budgeting

  • gabriel MODAFOCA
    gabriel MODAFOCA

    I tried that here in Brazil and just the apples cost about 45€

  • Clem Grakata
    Clem Grakata

    I have another recipe: 1. Boil a few potatoes 2. Mash them 3. Add vinegar 4. Add salt 5. Enjoy You can also add spice it up a bit if you want

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike

    I tried the Gopnik Supreme, absolutely fucking INCREDIBLE

  • Felix Hofmann
    Felix Hofmann

    Living of 50€ a month is anyoing but totaly possible. One month when i was in college i had to live of 40€(in Germany btw). I basicly came up with a similar concept as Boris like buy fruit which is on sale, onions, canned tomatoes and lots of pasta, rice, potatoes, oath meal, some cheese, cheap yogurt and meat for nutrition.

  • Michael G. Falter
    Michael G. Falter


  • Kartik Bisht
    Kartik Bisht

    Make food from the heat of your engine of lada

  • Marek Kelin
    Marek Kelin

    Whip out the sausage ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Aaron Gomez
    Aaron Gomez



    I am actually going to cook one of those tomorrow :)

  • Lala La
    Lala La

    Русский коммент который вы искали )

  • Tomato boi
    Tomato boi

    Gordon Ramsay VS Shashlik King

  • marisa Maknolia
    marisa Maknolia

    Where the subtitle?


    Kitchen Pidzec

  • 5MiiLy Y
    5MiiLy Y

    If I were you I'll help him and I'm just gonna tell him to get instant noodles straight 😂😂😂

  • Ronald First
    Ronald First

    It's Corona Virus Time menu!

  • LITE 0708Y
    LITE 0708Y

    Oh 3600 RUB on week it's more.

  • AboveAverageCat44

    Its 4 in the morning and i should be asleep. No. Russian chef. I must watch.

  • Edgar Vazquez
    Edgar Vazquez

    Not gonna lie everything looks delicious as hell

  • Agent 048
    Agent 048

    I think the student should go Irish way. Oh damn, I'm going to hell, am I?

  • Ma rio
    Ma rio

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="219">3:39</a> this Ladle is Flying?

  • MLG Godzilla
    MLG Godzilla

    Now that i am under quarantine it's finally time to cook some slavic food.

  • LBP

    This shot low key clutch as long as you can find pasta

  • Roblox Guidance Helper
    Roblox Guidance Helper

    this video is now 5th most popular vid it might even be 3rd

  • Christian Richina
    Christian Richina

    the food more ugly in my life

  • Gaven Getter
    Gaven Getter

    It al looks very good

  • The ICSEhub
    The ICSEhub

    Thank god we have rice, any curry goes very well with rice

  • Arifiel Freudchell
    Arifiel Freudchell

    Hey Boris! How about sharing the true Slav secret like the "Oladya"? - Blin is too thick? Make the oladushki! - Kotlets have more more liquid than intended? Make oladya! (Carrot, potatoe or meat, this is till works). Or this is some kind of supersecret?

  • ʟ ᴇ ᴍ ᴏ ɴ ᴄ ʜ ɪ ʟ ᴅ !
    ʟ ᴇ ᴍ ᴏ ɴ ᴄ ʜ ɪ ʟ ᴅ !

    I am actually gonna try and make the makaron and egg thingy lol. Wish me luck!

  • Gaming Channel
    Gaming Channel

    Fuck i am now hungry, i guess i am gonna go eat some of babushkas popular "kalja" thats btw on Bosnian and that is a mixture of meat, potato, all kinds of veggies but not cabbage thats its own thing

  • Ezio

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="661">11:01</a> vietnamese style

  • jean foster
    jean foster

    Жрать хочу теперь блядь

  • Samuelto 2005
    Samuelto 2005

    Spanish people: Why you dont put subtitles ?!, i dont know speak english !!! :'(

  • LoxSlash

    How to live with no paycheck under COVID-19 lockdown LOL

  • Creeper Jr
    Creeper Jr

    Boris where is the mayonnaise?

  • Luka Brazhko
    Luka Brazhko

    conclusion: go living to your babushka

  • ConnorConnor

    Boris pls budget living tutorial 2018 basic edition

  • Pan KEK
    Pan KEK

    You could make a whole meal from the ingredients he spills around

  • Crusader Tachanka
    Crusader Tachanka

    for tropical countries, i'm pretty sure there's a random fruit tree near your house or random vegetable growing out of nowhere

  • L G
    L G

    butter and cucumber? NO BORIS. MAYONNAISE AND CUCUMBER. and salt and pepper. never forget the pepper.

  • ZedgamingYT

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="704">11:44</a> we have that in the UK but with beans

  • lαgg field
    lαgg field

    *puts egg on stove* wtf