Sony at CES 2020 in under 6 minutes
The Verge
Sony’s CES 2020 press conference in Las Vegas on Monday was a brief one, but it had some big news in the gaming and, believe it or not, auto department. Sony gave us our first glimpse at the new PlayStation 5 logo, and it shared some new sales milestones for the PS4 and PSVR virtual reality headset. But it’s biggest surprise was a new electric concept car called the Vision-S. Yes, Sony made a car. And it’s here at CES.
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  • chris sanchez
    chris sanchez

    how much will the ps5 wood cost dis any one no

  • Eagle Entertainment
    Eagle Entertainment

    *Sony* : Reveals PS5 logo *Me, an intellectual* : Now this... this is unique. It's evolving... But backwards.

  • Eagle Entertainment
    Eagle Entertainment


  • Angrus Kevin
    Angrus Kevin

    I dont know what ps5 is,i just a driver and i can use ds5 to drive it

  • U-tube editoR
    U-tube editoR

    PS-*vr* - i suggest investing/re-focusing everything you got into VR, i think you know why...oh, and way more option styles for controllers...

  • Numero Uno
    Numero Uno

    Hi ..Sony when do you guys want to produce smartphones?Lets compete with Iphone,Samsung,Huawei....I believe you guys can produce better....

  • Ibrahim Essam
    Ibrahim Essam

    All comments about logo Is there anyone talking about real specs 😡 Not the leaked 😏

  • tech BCIT
    tech BCIT

    ❤️❤️💜👍👍☝️☝️☝️looks great!

  • Ito Riffic
    Ito Riffic

    Sorry Sony, microsoft no longer considers you a worthy competitor!

  • Hamza Turan Kubilay
    Hamza Turan Kubilay


  • Hamza Turan Kubilay
    Hamza Turan Kubilay

    5:25 glimpse of kojima’s work

  • Mat Yung
    Mat Yung

    Jim Ryan is Sloth.

  • StormRider2

    Vision-S and PS5 a great future ahead.

  • dyabmtrk63 roblox
    dyabmtrk63 roblox

    Sony: our new logo Me: i already saw that duh

  • ken lau
    ken lau

    100X time better than Tesla's CyberTruck!! LOLL PLZ just blow-up the Tesla CyberTruck up!!! PLZ

  • Axec

    His hairlook is really really baf

  • Roby El Bahy
    Roby El Bahy

    Bruh he took 10000 dollars for that logo

  • Bingu Bun
    Bingu Bun

    T Ohio

  • Munib Tahir
    Munib Tahir

    No TVs from Sony at CES this year?

  • Potato Smasher
    Potato Smasher

    When is next holiday supposed to be

  • Pam S
    Pam S

    Everybody: PS5 details? Sony: Nah bruh here's a car...

  • chun hung hardy mung
    chun hung hardy mung

    Where is the Sony XPERIA 5G phone?


    Who else thought he was speaking Japanese!

  • Tata 940
    Tata 940

    Coming out this holiday...what holiday ?

  • Camyored 1
    Camyored 1

    Xbox won't have the level can't wait

  • xorkatoss

    PS5 was said to be announced mid 2020 so why do people keep asking about it? lmao everybody is so stupid

  • Brandon Lately
    Brandon Lately

    if your able to play the ps5 in the car ... that would be dope

  • Unforgiving Samurai
    Unforgiving Samurai

    F*CK 5G.. I don't wanna get cancer..

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez

    My name is Jimmy ryan he’s close to my name and love ps4

  • Mike Palto
    Mike Palto

    Sony is not a a tech cheaper...Samsung Qled better please dont tell a liar

  • Twe Foju
    Twe Foju

    Year 2030: what do you use to get around? Me: oh i use Sony

  • ZK 950
    ZK 950

    Well boring event for Sony here...except...CAR

  • Ian Harris
    Ian Harris

    In 1000xm3 headphones?

  • Naraku_ Saraku115
    Naraku_ Saraku115

    The car IS the PS5

    • iNFaunTae

      Naraku_ Saraku115 i agree

  • Kridikool

    If they go that route and make the car with a solar panel up top instead of destroying more the world then they won the whole next generation with just the car. Better economy, safe and less destruction.

  • Elevate TV
    Elevate TV

    Xbox made them rethink the design


    Hell yes Sony!!

  • King Freedom
    King Freedom

    GTA is one of the best games made because you could do so many things so many options exploring skydiving etc etc etc

  • Guadalupe Gonzalez
    Guadalupe Gonzalez

    If SONY decided to release a car. I'd definitely trade in my 2018 Silverado for it :)

  • R Refos
    R Refos

    5g-huawei sorry American costumers..... Trump won't let it happen

  • Mr. AC
    Mr. AC

    no ps5 but we got a car

  • Conscious from Charlotte
    Conscious from Charlotte

    So if I buy the ps5 it’s comes with the car right....

  • georgi petrov
    georgi petrov

    It's normal for Sony to produce a car because the 2019 -950G TV is disgusting !!! Endless Dunkelheit and many more bigger minuses-just unbelivable!!!

  • Arvalb

    WHO defuck wants Shiity consoles.

  • Lumi Potato
    Lumi Potato

    You are all blind, The car is PS5 😂

  • Abbas Khan
    Abbas Khan

    Sony is best

  • snygrv vrgyns
    snygrv vrgyns

    People: Show us the PS5 SONY: Makes a car People: here's our money 💰 SONY: Sorry you can't buy People: (Suprised Pikachu face)

  • Prajyoth Pradeep
    Prajyoth Pradeep

    Apple: makes phones with 5 years old tech. (That too screens and camera supplied by Samsung, Sony, Japan Display) Microsoft: makes OS software, gaming consoles, and computing devices. Samsung: Makes smartphones, LCDs, displays, batteries, chips, ICs, consumer appliances etc. Xiaomi: Smartphones and consumer appliances Intel: makes chips Sony: Smartphones, TVs, displays, speakers, sound systems, headphones, hi-res audio, cameras, home theatres, lens, Robots, in-car audio, memory cards, cables, gaming consoles, movies, tv channels, industrial robots, accessories, MP3 players, SSDs, external hard-drives, computing devices, calculators...... wait a minute.... Oh no brother!

  • Coll Will
    Coll Will

    Nobody: Sony: Our Logo

  • This Is Heaven
    This Is Heaven

    5G is gonna be huge. This is the ushering in of a whole decade of new tech possibilities. Prepare yourself ladies and gents. The things we're going to see is gonna be beyond our imaginations.

  • DricklyPick

    Whoa When Gordon Ramsay appeared!

  • Benj à main
    Benj à main

    Just want a sony wh-1000xm4 :/

  • Joker

    Instead of showing the controller or console they show us the official new logo which is exactley the same as the ps4 logo but with a 5 instead of 4 ...... Touche Sony touche.

  • qboid

    This guy can't speak english, he is rubbish and shouldn't be a speaker!!

  • konstantinos mantziaris
    konstantinos mantziaris

    I was expecting elon musk to throw a metal ball to the glass

  • Yubraj Niraula
    Yubraj Niraula


  • Aryan El
    Aryan El

    Will ps5 have reverse compatibility?

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu

    Gamers are some of the toughest critics: Change my mind.

  • Jeremy b
    Jeremy b

    I watched this whole video and they pretty much said nothing interesting about playstation 5

  • Shawn Rozell
    Shawn Rozell

    Censorship alert..