Slav Girl Reacting to Life Of Boris FOR THE FIRST TIME
Aloona Larionova
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How to squat like Slav -
How to Slav your car - How to be slav -
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  • Krzysztof Andrzejczak
    Krzysztof Andrzejczak

    @everyone say bye bye on chat

  • Aaron Gomez
    Aaron Gomez

    go to for gopnick suit

  • HaVoCTOR Gaming
    HaVoCTOR Gaming

    Uh what the blin is this? And boris teached me how to squat nkw i squat EVERYWHERE

  • Dragonix XIII
    Dragonix XIII

    I'm an Filipino and I can do squat Ezzz.


    "I can't do it...." He just said be comfortable wherever you are

  • Enderblock 100mc
    Enderblock 100mc

    cheeki breeki

  • Francis Tesico
    Francis Tesico

    you need more slav accent blyat!

  • Gaming Behemoth X
    Gaming Behemoth X

    me: i am learning the russian language my friend: why me: aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's complicated

  • TheAzиx

    in end y can say "and stay Chiki briki"

  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="363">6:03</a> *Laughs* Boris : GOTTEM.

  • Lol Blin
    Lol Blin

    Oi blin

  • Yan Dzivinskiy
    Yan Dzivinskiy

    I'm russian and I can squat both ways since I live in the US Русские дефкы самые красивые

  • ‌

    I am a British South Asian(Indian) Slav. You are western spy.

  • OzcarLet'sPlays

    I know that this video is 1 year old but here you can find about cheeki breeki

  • Genchan

    You should react tp Boris video where he makes a "cat ushanka"! Please? :3

  • Emerson Adorado
    Emerson Adorado

    she is just starting to be a slav or just a western spy.

  • Cheeki Breeki
    Cheeki Breeki

    You can’t do anything slav. And there is barely anything slav in you’re videos. You are true *western spy* You’re probably sister of Vadim.

  • Busan Mapping
    Busan Mapping

    Instructions unclear: I went too Slav and there is a radioactive smokestack in Ukraine

  • sasatalic85

    people who cant make any interest videos make reaction videos. why would i want to watch the video of other people watching some other video.

  • Blink Abyss
    Blink Abyss

    God those thighs are heavenly I want to watch you squat in front of the camera all day. Oh ya and the girl watching the vid has good legs too I guess.

  • Jebi Se
    Jebi Se

    i have 140 kilos and i can squat so easily... fuck you are so weird

  • StRIFeuZ pLayZzZ
    StRIFeuZ pLayZzZ

    I' can sqaut like slav

  • Arda Demir
    Arda Demir

    Im a western spy but I can squat like slav

  • Soviet Russia
    Soviet Russia

    She is like female Boris she cute fella

  • hello ÙwÚ
    hello ÙwÚ

    Blyat boiii!!!! He duh best! I'm a slav my self heh.

  • random crap erday
    random crap erday

    You are not true slav if you don't sqat

  • Stonks high
    Stonks high

    Cheeki breeki

  • ilias men
    ilias men

    I think aloona and boris would be a good couple 😂😂🤣

  • The Meta
    The Meta

    Join Slav army

  • angus thompson
    angus thompson

    You need to Mary Boris

  • Frozen Doctor Production
    Frozen Doctor Production

    Cheeki breeki

  • Bandit Gaming
    Bandit Gaming

    кто смотрит во время карантинной блокировки, как здесь

  • David Black
    David Black

    What’s with nasa shirt? Are you spy?

  • cihan duymaz
    cihan duymaz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="304">5:04</a> "how does he not get tired by talking like this" that's his actual voice, im not trying to say this as a joke, im serious.Thats his accent.I think he once said in an video how he got that accent and i think it was because he moved around a lot and spoke various languages.

  • smail19994

    sorry but you're not a true slav you pronounce ''blyat'' wrongly. it's pronounced ''blyad''.

  • Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited)
    Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited)

    *_Im malaysian chinese 15 years old and i could do this squat when i was small_*

  • Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited)
    Headphone Legends • 19 years ago (edited)


  • The Chosen Gamer
    The Chosen Gamer

    She's Slavic? Really?

  • Alex Burgess
    Alex Burgess

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a> WESTERN SPY

  • PanzerFauz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="255">4:15</a> *NO*

  • peter neymar
    peter neymar

    im bulgarian and i squat all day while drinking RaKiQ

  • Stalenuggets374 NL4L
    Stalenuggets374 NL4L

    I ship them.

  • Bella Nerd
    Bella Nerd

    All jokes aside, what is Life of Boris? Is he Russian? Belarusian? Ukrainian? Bulgarian? His accent seems very exaggerated. Pardon me, I’m just an ignorant American, but I just want to know!

  • Lucas Gabriel
    Lucas Gabriel

    Borisssss salv

  • Alessio R.
    Alessio R.

    Slav girl wear nasa tee , probably is a west spy

  • hugo simon
    hugo simon

    I just stare at you the whole video and felt in love. Bye

  • Snipe Beast
    Snipe Beast

    Why is no one here russian

  • Snipe Beast
    Snipe Beast

    Привет билет

  • zach raynor
    zach raynor

    I came here and still mostly watched boris... lol

  • •KRYSPIN •
    •KRYSPIN •

    Im from poland KURWA.

  • Robert adamczyk
    Robert adamczyk


  • Joan Lammatao
    Joan Lammatao

    And you said the f word when you say blyat

  • Joan Lammatao
    Joan Lammatao

    Dont worry stay positive and always think happy or something that makes you happy, example: food or something idk

  • Luke Verrier
    Luke Verrier

    Aloona confirmed for western spy

  • Boomer Boomer
    Boomer Boomer

    Western spy


    Pls don't fall of your chair XD

  • Abwj W
    Abwj W

    Hi Aloona, At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="518">8:38</a>, I'm assuming you are talking about the Orthodox icons?

  • Reshad Rezwan
    Reshad Rezwan

    im not slav but i can do it tnx boris aloona keep trying

  • William Cox
    William Cox

    Not costume

  • Akshay attri
    Akshay attri

    Russians aren't at all like how boris depicts them. The accent is not even close to that. The whole plot of western spy/soviet gopniks is bullshit. Its stereotypical. And many russians find this funny. You can see aloona herself finds it too funny to even comment on that shit Boris makes.

    • Nolkin Blubaugh
      Nolkin Blubaugh

      Boris is great it's a joke lol

  • Akshay attri
    Akshay attri

    What the fuck did i just saw?

  • DariusCB

    I don't want to mention why girls cannot squat...

  • Mario Mikael
    Mario Mikael

    I agree that your accent is not that good but yo, your grammar is awesome tho

  • Dinuka Jayakody
    Dinuka Jayakody

    Ur videos are shit

  • reda abakhti
    reda abakhti

    Aloona if you date me you get +5 slavicness and holy attack

  • YouJin Kim
    YouJin Kim

    I feel you sister!

  • Mandown Gaming
    Mandown Gaming


  • Luka Ancic
    Luka Ancic

    Cheeki briki iv damke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christian Teunissen
    Christian Teunissen

    Komrade cat

  • Sabin Baral
    Sabin Baral

    "SALV girl reacting to..." 'I like his COSTUME' CYKA BLYAT??? When you buy slav girl from china

  • Dušan Radin
    Dušan Radin

    Cheeki Breeki...

  • emo_coconut666

    I have that same thousand yard stare...

  • Bartosz Siwek
    Bartosz Siwek

    You no slav im slav im polish gopnik you get NASA !?

  • Thomas Beaston
    Thomas Beaston


  • Abdullah Bin Faheem
    Abdullah Bin Faheem

    That not accent, that way of life blyat.

  • Tobias Konowitz
    Tobias Konowitz

    “I also have some people watching saying my accent is not good, but have you watched Boris?” Excuse me, Boris’s accent is blyatiful

  • Haoues Med
    Haoues Med

    You are a western spy

  • qwerty gaming
    qwerty gaming


  • memodude

    dang western spyes

  • ZNoerCH

    In my country Indonesia you can squat every time and every where you needed 🤘

8 mio.