Sex Education: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Life is hard. Love is messy. Messy is normal.
Season Two of Sex Education arrives January 17th.
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Sex Education: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Otis finally loosens up -- often and epically -- but the pressure’s on to perform as chlamydia hits the school and mates struggle with new issues.

  • Shining-Aki Hoshiko
    Shining-Aki Hoshiko

    1:55 what name of this song

  • Jiyeong Bong
    Jiyeong Bong

    I mean.. the line about kimchi is just stupid. Who wrote that? Weren't there anyone making a comment that it makes no sense during the production? It's physically impossible for human body liquid to taste like kimchi. I honestly don't think they even know the food. Just tried to be humorous, but horrendously failed.

  • Mustafa Aleem
    Mustafa Aleem

    Wheelchair guy is on wheelchair for some reason in this Season! Such an Arsehole

  • onur'sTV

    Who can't wait for the Season 3? Plus please subscribe my channel :)

  • Milos Puac
    Milos Puac

    Show writers: This season we are gonna have a bunch of bisexu... Netflix: You son of a bitch, I’m in! *throws money at them*

  • TheGreen0arrow

    It was a good run. Guess what I won’t be returning to? Season 3. I’ll take my Like on this video back. Good luck with S3. The show has saturated. Back to Euphoria. Zendaya won’t let me down.

  • 최정와이번스

    영국인 정액에서 장어젤리 맛나 ㅠㅠ

  • 우왕

    사과해 넷플릭스

  • 우왕

    아효 진짜 덜떨어진다 쪽팔린줄 알아~~~

  • Andie Borje
    Andie Borje


  • jihyony _
    jihyony _

    피치앤칩스는 정액맛이 납니다

  • 최흰

    영국이 인종차별하는 건 이제 놀랍지도 않음

  • kak___ __ksnk
    kak___ __ksnk

    영상에서 암내나요

  • 365 247
    365 247

    우리 음식향보다 즈그들 암내가 더 좆같은데

  • dia


  • Sundays _
    Sundays _

    잊을거라고 생각하면 착각인데 우리 되게 끈기있다 나 또 왔다^^ 사과해^^

  • 예예

    인종차별 하는 넷플 수준~~ 진짜 미개하고 무식하다

  • Jermain Nody
    Jermain Nody

    Pretty cool

  • 김민정

    무슨 권리로 남의 나라 음식가지고 저럼ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ미개하고 냄새나ㅠㅠ

  • 경으누

    Seriously? You think that's just a joke?

  • 술을잘마시지선바는

    너희들의. 암내. 지독하다 🤭 씻어주세요 제발🙏 나는. 기원한다. 너희들의. 유병장수를. 😖 죽어라. 장어젤리 안에서

  • 술을잘마시지선바는

    Amnae SSIBAL

  • I have great Comments
    I have great Comments


  • I have great Comments
    I have great Comments

    They really ruined it with this season, was one of my favorite shows. But Netflix you really drifted away from Meave and Otis. We get it you give attention to sexual assault, gays and womens right in every series but this season was honestly a parody. I really thought it would take a turn for the better when Ola’s female crush didnmt like her back and wasnmt lesbian so it would be realistic. But then... Well this whole season is so bad

  • I have great Comments
    I have great Comments

    Worst season 2 of any netflix show of all time. The whole season 2 is about 3 gay dudes that isn’t even main characters and how his girlfriend becomes a lesbian and sexual assault. YES WE KNOW THAT THEY ARE PROBLEMS BUT DON’T 👏🏼 RUIN GOOD SHOWS 👏🏼 BC YOU TRY TO 👏🏼 BE EXTRA AND GREEDY FOR 👏🏼 ATTENTION 👏🏼

  • dd ,sincos
    dd ,sincos

    I like Otis and ruby together , hope in season 3 you guys show show up more of good side of ruby and transform her from being mean to sweet and kind please

  • Agustín Navarro
    Agustín Navarro

    La peor serie que vi en mi vida The worst series I saw in my life 私の人生で見た最悪のシリーズ 내 인생에서 본 최악의 시리즈 我一生中看到的最糟糕的系列 La pire série que j'ai vue de ma vie La peggior serie che ho visto nella mia vita Seriei pessimus et vidi in vita mea Hayatımda gördüğüm en kötü dizi A legrosszabb sorozat, amit életemben láttam As piores séries que vi na minha vida Den verste serien jeg så i livet mitt Худшая серия, которую я видел в своей жизни

  • fejguest

    Some people call me otown

  • J Squared
    J Squared

    4.9M views already!!! I guess also hormonmonster are also back in busines ;)

  • John POLLY
    John POLLY

    I loved this season so much!!! I can’t wait for season 3 next year.. or sooner 👀 please!!

    • I have great Comments
      I have great Comments

      literally all netflix is now bunch of political movements and SJW writers. I LOVED absolutely LOVED Sex education. And was so excited for season 2 but they really ruined it, literally the whole season 2 is about 3 gay dudes that isn’t even main characters and how his girlfriend becomes a lesbian and sexual assault. YES WE KNOW THAT THEY ARE PROBLEMS BUT DON’T 👏🏼 RUIN GOOD SHOWS 👏🏼 BC YOU TRY TO 👏🏼 BE EXTRA AND GREEDY FOR 👏🏼 ATTENTION 👏🏼

  • 좆본아웃

    양놈들 왜 자꾸 동남아 걸고 늘어지는지...?;; 우리가 니네가 하는것처럼 보이면 죽이고 폭행하는 것도 아닌데..ㅋ

  • Yeji jjang
    Yeji jjang

    Final scene of season 3 episode be like: Maive finds out Isaac deleted the voicemail, maybe he even tells her and encourages her to see Otis. She runs to his house, only to find him and Ruby kiss.

  • William Yelton
    William Yelton

    For those complaining Meave and Otis didn’t end up together by the end of the season - the sooner they get together, the sooner the show ends. So keep them apart as long as possible so we can have 10 more seasons!! Screenplay writing 101!

    • I have great Comments
      I have great Comments

      Well this was the absolute worst season two of any netflix show by far. This was too political. Otis and Maeve wasn’t even main characters anymore. This was literally just netflix shoving down political issues fown our throats for 8 hours straight when we just want entertainment

  • Justus Archer
    Justus Archer

    What's up with the arabic commends?

    • I have great Comments
      I have great Comments

      They’re chinese lol😂

  • Abishek H
    Abishek H

    If a shit show like 13 Reasons Why can have 4 seasons, Sex Education should run for at least a 6!!

    • I have great Comments
      I have great Comments

      Would agree only because they need to make up for this shit show of a season. Literally 8 hours of a political movement no character development. Season two recap: three gay dudes, girl turns lesbian, sexual assault, a sports guy going against toxic masculinity. This was absolutely shit of a season


    I honestly hope you shit yourself. Then try to get help. Your wheelchair malfunctions. Then schocks u good a couple times during your last hours before it catches fire.

  • laheelahee

    Wrote 3 comments a few days ago, there's only 2 left... Hmm I guess they really are deleting whatever they want

  • 해피콩

    여러분, 너무 뭐라 하지들 마세요. 똥맛뿐인 지들 음식만 먹다가 "천국의 맛인 김치를 수입해 먹기엔 돈이 없으니 직접 담가 먹어보자" 시도했던게 찹쌀풀대신 정액을 넣어 정액맛이 된것이지요. 평생 맛난 음식 못먹고 살아온 애들이니 불쌍히 여겨 주세요. 그리고 혹시 내글에 기분나쁜 영국아가들 있으면 얘기해. 똑같이 말해줄게. 웃자고 농담한거니까 부들부들 하지 말라고...... 너희 신사의 나라 맞어^^ 신종 사탄의 나라!!

  • 999 vibez
    999 vibez

    Are they gonna make season 3?

  • Matt6438

    This is weird it's the only school full of 20 something year old kids they have a pool the jocks wear those jackets like in the US the kids wooden house isn't like any house I've seen in the uk it's like most US houses and it must be the only school where they don't wear school uniform apart from that it's good.and they all dress like it's the 80.s it's all very weird


    Sex Education >>>>13 reasons why

  • Haydn Dowling
    Haydn Dowling

    *SPOILER DISCUSSION* Genuinely think Otis and Ruby is the storyline to explore for the majority of the romance side of season 3 before Otis and Maeve start to fall for eachother again towards the end and get together in the final episode. End the season with Ruby telling Otis she is pregnant to throw a spanner in the works as the cliffhanger at the end of the season. Adam and Eric are great, nothing need change, Adam struggles to come to terms being openly gay and in a relationship but they get through it by the end. Lily needs more screen time because everything she does is golden, and we need to see the parents, I'd love them to be similar to Adam's dad, strict and traditional to see the contrast with Lily. Isaac needs to have another accident of some kind, don't care how. His brother actually seems a decent guy so potentially keep him around. Speaking of Adam's dad, he needs to be involved in the accident alongside Isaac. 100% a guilty pleasure show; I am an athletic 21 year old police officer and yet i love this show...

  • raph DT
    raph DT

    I hope isaac get's thrown off a cliff

  • Roixtreme

    I will be honest, i wasted 8 hours of my day to hope that Meav and Autis will be a couple, i am very triggered who is with me ?

    • I have great Comments
      I have great Comments

      I’m triggered bc of the shitty political movements. This was too much almost a parody. Three gays, lesbian, sexual assault and masculinity. Absolutely shit

  • Alico Abel
    Alico Abel

    the end is suck and mambo ya kishoga ni too much

  • iceFrog-

    SPOILER ALLERT !!!!!!! When Some1 At The Church No One : . . . . Literally No One : . . . . . Priest : Jesus is With You Rahim : Uhm.. Sorry I Dont Believe in Jesass.. Also Rahim : I Hope He dont get Offended

  • Jennah 0908
    Jennah 0908

    This show was so boring- couldn’t even get past the first 10 minutes

  • Przemo _7
    Przemo _7

    I love this fckng series ❤️!

  • Jovannah Briones
    Jovannah Briones

    Everyone’s mad at Isaac, shoot I am too. But I can’t help but laugh at the Romeo and Juliet the musical 😂😂😂 it was ridiculously hilarious lol

  • Necati şahin
    Necati şahin

    3 sezon bence bu yaz gelmeli ilk olarak bölüm sayısı zaten az ve 2 sezon finali beklenti altında kaldı bu sebeple 3 sezon en geç yaz ayında gelmesi gerekiyor

  • Ahmet Şahin
    Ahmet Şahin

    Amk 2 sezonun sonunu hiç beğenmedim

  • brian4480

    I could not even get through one episode. I used to wonder why so many kids shoot up their own schools... now I understand.

  • Miraj Uddin
    Miraj Uddin

    Who else agrees in the next season they should kick the wheelchair guy off a cliff, he really deserves the worst. If u say otherwise keep reading 1) He was listening on someone else's private property 2) He basically ruined Otis and Maeve' s relationship

  • sinkiy

    Can’t believe how great the second season is. This has become one of my favorite shows of all time. When I first watched the first season I thought it would cheesy and not funny. Boy was I wrong. Who knew it would make its way into heart and soul and become one of my all time fav Netflix series. Awesome awesome show.

  • Bald SnowMAN
    Bald SnowMAN

    amk japonları sizi

  • miranda f
    miranda f

    why is everyone speaking korean in the comments?? lmao

  • Carl Hagelin
    Carl Hagelin

    Never thought I’d be so mad about a guy in a wheelchair

  • The Cost
    The Cost

    Maeve with brown hair... ahem ahem *unzips pants* i think it's time ...for some sex education, YEEAAHH..wait she is of legal age, right? Gotta google this chick, love this show too. The sex therapy aspect of this show is genius.

  • الفتى المحارب The warrior boy
    الفتى المحارب The warrior boy

    Wtf is this shit🤮

  • sarthak bakre
    sarthak bakre

    Why are there so many chinese comments🤨