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Will Otis (Asa Butterfield) ever be able to enjoy a simple wank? Is Maeve (Emma Mackey) the smartest girl in school as well as its biggest badass? AND JUST HOW BIG IS ADAM'S (Connor Swindells) THIRD LEG ANYWAY???
Get cramming for Sex Education Season 2 (streaming January 17th) with our ultimate Season 1 recap.
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  • Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me
    Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me

    this trailer's so fucking boring.. just lma o

  • Emily Tenh
    Emily Tenh

    5:43 that was iconic

  • Melissa Dawson
    Melissa Dawson

    Who else is in love with eric’s laugh ?

  • ElektroSnipezz

    5:48 when I get all A’s in my grades and the strict teacher says well done

  • Sahil Sankhyan
    Sahil Sankhyan

    2 seasons Otis only wear one jacket lol!

  • Killerek*_*Masterek

    4:14 Jackson is gold

  • PinkHippoMilk

    My guy otis probably hit the fattest nut of his life

  • citic101


  • Shel Nunya AT
    Shel Nunya AT

    Thank you

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith

    ... THE DARK SIDE.... Influence by a evil/devil. spirit/influence. "This is well orchestrated propaganda it infliences early pre-mature sex." Its simple "grow up fast - die fast."

  • Joseph Luc
    Joseph Luc

    Who is watching this to start of season 2?

  • irfan a
    irfan a


  • Supertiger 28
    Supertiger 28

    What a total pile of shit

  • Ben X
    Ben X

    Why's the music so damn loud

  • Rodolfo Costa
    Rodolfo Costa

    oh yeah! s02 mini marathon here we go ;D

  • Hoang Minh
    Hoang Minh

    I'm an asian girl and i feel really shocked when watching this series. Well, i think it's okay to talk openly about sex education but is this too much for high school teenagers to have sex with a lot of people, have sex in public place, sex party, abortion... and from the film it's even strange to be a virgin at high school? Can anyone tell me if these things are normal in western country or the series has exaggerated? I'm just really curious.

    • Michuu

      Hoang Minh i think exaggerated to a certain extent for entertainment purposes, but I imagine teens in the UK have similar problems from the show

  • Kevin Bell
    Kevin Bell

    It's a shame season 2 was pish.

  • GomeAvigdor

    1:48 which episode???

  • How To Piano
    How To Piano

    sex education cast on piano

  • seanzscorpio

    Why the fuck is this styled like it’s some bullshit US drama... Plus far too gay... The producer is probably living out his fantasy. Where his reality is probably a state school in Grimsby. Hate everything about this fake looking show.

  • Joffrey 3x
    Joffrey 3x

    When is season 3 gonna be out

  • 1vanWasHere

    The wheelchair guy in season 2 is an asshole

  • Mattia Chiaravalloti
    Mattia Chiaravalloti

    Very good recap. Thanks

  • No ThisIsPatrick
    No ThisIsPatrick

    Bruh I started watching season 2 and realised I forgot everything that happened in season 1 🤣

  • HamXa Malik
    HamXa Malik

    *Came here to remember what really happened in S1*

  • Kiera

    Ok so I watched the recap to see if this show was gonna interest me at all, I didn’t even watch the whole scene where the dad says “I’m learning from my brave son” and immediately teared up. Guess I’m stuck watching a new show

  • Banana Bird
    Banana Bird

    This is terrible

  • Fresh Out
    Fresh Out

    Basically a real world version of big mouth 😂

  • Dan H
    Dan H

    This is a slut show

  • Roldan Hwang
    Roldan Hwang

    Actually it's my vigina.

  • Seventy Eight
    Seventy Eight

    Goddamn Isaac...

  • Cartoon-zoned!

    anyone after finishing season 2 ?

  • Marc Isikoff
    Marc Isikoff

    Anyone know the theme song "I've got secrets I don't know if I can tell you..." during opening of all episodes? Tried to google and all the soundtrack, episode music paid search stuff comes up before this so still looking...

  • Caiden Razer2005
    Caiden Razer2005

    I don’t want to wait till next year for season 3!! Please!!!!! I beg, I want that disabled guy to die! I want maeve and otis together now, this tv series has taken over my life, I want to watch more more this is one of the best series ever!! Good job, funny and so interesting but Ik it would take a while but one year is sooo long

  • Nick Desert
    Nick Desert

    Its the kid from Hugo

  • White Walker
    White Walker

    I might not be the only one who comes here after S2 just to feel good

  • White Walker
    White Walker

    I might not be the only one who comes here after S2 just to feel good

  • Bhon Bhon
    Bhon Bhon

    we need season 3💕

  • edd smokalot
    edd smokalot

    This is clearly british.....but with american school culture set ?...strange

  • Syed Areeb
    Syed Areeb

    I think this is some very next level thing for Asians. Westerners good luck with this nonsense

  • Oggy chat
    Oggy chat

    So at the same time this show *educates* us on different *sexualites*

  • Z .J
    Z .J

    Season 2 is just........... *Fked*

  • Zoe Elizabeth
    Zoe Elizabeth

    Its tom from wolfblood (I think that's what it's called)

  • Macara Mercer
    Macara Mercer

    Legit just finished szn two...I’m donE THE CLIFF HANGER

  • lulu lemons
    lulu lemons

    I will always and forever be pissed about Rahime

  • Zim Zam
    Zim Zam


  • Just A Greek Internet User
    Just A Greek Internet User

    I wish it didnt have the background music

  • #AshWave

    Trash for trash people.

  • domydishes

    this makes me miss back when i went to school, because back then, i didnt watch this shitty recap.

  • julia muntean
    julia muntean

    I wish this music wasn’t playing in the background

  • Bimbo Beans
    Bimbo Beans

    They made a tecap🤔 dies this mean season 2 is soon😅😍😍😍

    • Nomad

      season two is already out you dumb fuck

  • Skylaaa Moreno
    Skylaaa Moreno

    Are there episodes that the US didn’t get???

  • paul maza
    paul maza

    Excuseme 0:36 🤣🤣🤣

  • Crow_m8

    Recap, lmao I’m bout to go watch the first season again

  • Ahmed El Essawi
    Ahmed El Essawi

    This is a really bad recap. Very difficult to follow.

  • Ploppuwoo

    Like me if you have already watched some of season 2

  • Alex Simpson
    Alex Simpson

    Kudos to Netflix for posting this!

  • J and Z Nation
    J and Z Nation

    Today’s the dayyyy

  • Ahmed Sarkar
    Ahmed Sarkar

    Writers On Season 2 : How Many Masterbation scene do you want? . . Otis: Yes.

  • Sara Ail
    Sara Ail

    That girl is from EastEnders dhd