Samsung S10 Lite & Note 10 Lite - The Confusing Truth.
Just before the Samsung Galaxy S11 / Galaxy S20 Unboxing, Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite - Welcome to my early Review of the Cameras, video quality, specs, features and more!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    A lot of people have pointed out that the next Galaxy S phones will be the S20. I'm aware, and this is looking likely, I just didn't want to make a potentially confusing video more confusing for people who didnt hear about this, so I've referred to them as the S11 phones. After watching the video, which one would YOU pick between the two? To take a look at the new OnePlus smartphone:

    • Beat E. Schaub
      Beat E. Schaub

      As a Note user (currently Note 8), I can see myself buying the Note Lite as I for one don't need top specs but love the S-Pen. That is why I would be very interested in a comparison Note 9 vs Note 10 Lite. Both are considerably cheaper than the Note 10/10+ and with the new Samsung Phones coming soon, especially the 9 will get even cheaper, probably close to the Note 10 Lite.

    • FIRE

      btw, can't wait for the s11 plus

    • FIRE

      I would pick the Note 10 Lite but, in reality, I'm going to buy the S11 Ultra

    • Phuck Hugh
      Phuck Hugh

      How does an S10 lite stack up agaisnt an Galaxy A51?

    • Natsume Nazreen
      Natsume Nazreen

      I rather choosing both phones so I can use for gaming & texting.

  • Jared Bridgeman
    Jared Bridgeman

    Beautiful displays, UGLY back camera designs!!! Please phone companies, stop copying Apple iPhone designs and come up with your own. I guarantee that the next S series and Note series is gonna be bigger and deeper. Prepare to have massive table wobble everyone!!! 😂😂😂

  • Melkofficial

    These phones are built to shame on Google Pixels

  • Rareș Mihai
    Rareș Mihai

    I have to do one hard choice.. Huawei Mate 20 Pro or Samsung S10lite? Which has the best camera?

  • Fabtech

    Samsung is just polluting the smartphone market (like many others) and really wasting recourses. You could just buy the older S10 models for the same price and get better value. Btw I'm using a Samsung phone and generally like Samsung

  • WupWup

    Might get a s10 lite when it's time for an upgrade, would be an easy choice for me if it had a SD855 but the concerns about exynos are valid. Also 32 mp front cam and 12 mp rear-cam, i'd rather have it the other way around, or no front camera at all.

  • Anime UNIVERSE
    Anime UNIVERSE

    Will S10+ be 350$ next year after S21's release?

  • NaNa IS BAE
    NaNa IS BAE

    Still using the iPhone X “3year old” hardware working perfectly fine :p

  • Ai Ai
    Ai Ai

    No headphone jack? Me no buy

  • Serby Drobnjakovic
    Serby Drobnjakovic

    A51 is gonna crush sales this year. This looks like a waste

  • Mohammed Monirul Islam
    Mohammed Monirul Islam

    Wait for OnePlus8 Lite

  • Dusty Animation
    Dusty Animation

    Im actually watching this with the A10

  • stevensonx9

    Samsung not dumb the S10e sold like shit so they took the parts and rebrand it as a lite edition look at retail stores there almost giving them away

  • Pajzoo Lis
    Pajzoo Lis

    I prefer premium plastic over breaky achy glass

  • Arvind Raghavan
    Arvind Raghavan

    Samsung is just recycling their remaining hardware

  • Fushi

    Why are the bezels of these phones thicker next to volume buttons?

  • Emanuel Almeida
    Emanuel Almeida

    Sooo basically two A70's. One with better cameras and the other with an S pen. Oh and smarter designs


    What is the notchless phone at 06:41?

  • Not Going To New York Fashion Week
    Not Going To New York Fashion Week

    Phones for pre-teens and who don't need every extra luxury feature and their parents can't shake spending a thousand bucks on the cool new phone. Honestly, I think it's a decent idea, just a little out of the norm.

  • Raza e Mustafa Naqshbandi
    Raza e Mustafa Naqshbandi

    اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ‎ Support me for growing this Islamic Channel. جزاك اللهُ‎


    at 1:41 dbz dokkan battle

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman

    ew that back rectangle camera bump looks disgusting 🤮🤮

  • Un Deadly
    Un Deadly

    kinda wish they smashed those two phones together and gave us an S Note Lite (obviously not the real name). camera and chip of 10 lite with the s pen, headphone jack, and camera cut out of note lite

  • Santosh Kumar
    Santosh Kumar

    Man you've deeper voice than ocean

  • Robert Anthony Bermudez
    Robert Anthony Bermudez

    You are indeed a hard man to please..

  • Aazizul Zaim
    Aazizul Zaim

    No hate but tbh that camera design ugly af lol

  • Sri Rahayu
    Sri Rahayu

    okay, it is time, execute order 66...

  • Кайена Арельяно
    Кайена Арельяно

    I got a s9 and ready to upgrade? What anyone recommends?.i just want a micro sd card and heaphone jack XD

  • Rainy Weather
    Rainy Weather

    0:00 "About a week ago" The song came to my mind IMMEDIATELY even after all these years

  • BudaiG

    Were you checking these out in Hungary? Noticed the app names at 0:43 are in Hungarian

  • Mr. Alex Christian
    Mr. Alex Christian

    I love Samsung but the design this year......not good. 😕


    Samsung just want and need to sell phones. The A series is to compete with the likes of Moto G series or the prepaid market. This Lite series imo is to compete with the many Chinese manufacturers and Oneplus. Oneplus really shook up the industry. And of course the high end it to compete with Apple. At the end, Samsung is selling phones at every demographic and region.

  • I have to wait 90 days to change my name lol
    I have to wait 90 days to change my name lol

    This is the problem with Samsung way to many phones on the market that's what makes apple better three iphones that's it samsung releases so much it just feels overwhelming

  • SDM 11
    SDM 11

    I think it’s called the samsung note 10 lite because it’s a lighter version of the normal samsung galaxy note 10. Not lighter in grams but in specs Get it?

  • Praful Patro
    Praful Patro

    Nice video brother I encourage you not to cease and carry on with striking videos

  • Lucky B
    Lucky B

    You didn't explain at all how it's different than the S10e. This smells of marketing bullshit. I think they f*cked up by calling it the S10e and should've went with calling it the "Lite" originally and you're helping them sell these things in a not so obvious way. How much did they pay you for this "commercial"?

  • Shreyas Yadav
    Shreyas Yadav

    At such a high price, Glasstic is a letdown .. metal body would be great at such price

  • Nick Ackerman
    Nick Ackerman

    Thanks for the feature! Great video!

  • Soouupz

    The a71 is the s10 lite but with a different design on the back change my mind

  • Michael Groenendijk
    Michael Groenendijk

    S10 is now cheaper than the lite one XD That's not gonna work!

  • Garrick Kidd
    Garrick Kidd

    Thought the s10e was the lite version lol

    • Player9999

      Honestly same lol, I got the S10e a year ago and i think it still compares to the Lite ones.

  • irvandy

    So its basically... new old phones?

  • Moonshine

    Looks more like a S11ee

  • Amr Tomoq
    Amr Tomoq

    but why f2.0

  • Nick's Channel
    Nick's Channel

    Why did the s10 lite have Hungarian text on it?

  • Biswajit Das Das
    Biswajit Das Das

    Can you make a video on compare OnePlus 7 pro and s10 lite

  • TTv_3lazE

    Samsung: look at these two pictures Me: ok..? Samsung: *shows samsung a71 and s10 lite * Me: they're the same picture

  • Guru Praveen
    Guru Praveen

    Osm video bro ♥️💓😘

  • Sooraj Suresh
    Sooraj Suresh

    Please give me a phone with good features....i dont have a good phone😞

  • John Salvatore
    John Salvatore

    Only people like us who watch videos about this type of content and those in the "Know" will understand which model to purchase which is still confusing. I think its a very bad idea for Samsung to Market the different tier models so similar. Most people don't want to understand this level of detail when purchasing a phone believe it or not and I think will give the "S" brand a lower rating over all as most people won't know the difference between them and so this will make the "S" brand less attractive or make the brand seem cheap. Keep it Simple Samsung, if your going to have so many different models give them clear distinction or the masses will just blend the cheaper versions with the Flagships and give the brand a bad name.

  • Daniel Bemis
    Daniel Bemis

    The Note10 Lite is for Europe and S10 is for America. Since Europe gets the crap processors. The glastic is awesome I would prefer it because of the feel and price. Also, Samsung since you can make a phone with a removal battery waterproof please do so for the Lite version in the future :). That way I can get all the features reviewers dislike and have a cheaper phone that is virtually the same for half the price. Features I want on my Samsung Phone to make it cheaper Glastic Headphone Jack Removal battery with a waterproof phone. Smaller 5.8 screen Flat Amoled Screen without the Curved edges S10e Screen for example. No Wireless Charging USB C 25 watt charging is fine 4000 Mah Battery NO Macro or Telephoto camera Only the main camera with OIS and Wide Angle also with OIS No Bixby Button Fingerprint sensor on back to make it easy to open from my pocket No Iris Sensor or 3D face unlock Use the rotating camera from the A80 Radio All the average sensors the Galaxy S9 has Android 10 with one UI 2.0

  • AK 47
    AK 47

    Nice, video. Also, you lowkey have a good clear voice.

  • Christian Voller
    Christian Voller

    Went from a Note 8 to an A70. Installed a Google camera.apk and it is awesome. A quarter of the price of a premium and I actually prefer it.

  • Ankur Cool
    Ankur Cool

    Hi. I want you to compare main camera & telephoto cameras of note 10 lite vs oneplus 7t/ pro vs Oppo Reno 2 vs iphone 11 pro. I want to see if note 10 lite is as competent as others. I have specifically asked to exclude Wide angle here.

  • Elmer

    Still note lite on the budget.

  • Gary Z
    Gary Z

    could you please tell us that "a sub would be 'great' or 'appreciated' rather than "amazing'?" god i hate when you say that.

  • tim paulin
    tim paulin

    Are these phones wireless charging it would make sense if these phones are going to be wireless charging and that we're coming into the Decade of the 5G

  • Andrea D
    Andrea D

    Can you do a comparison video of the notes 9 and 10 vs the note lite?

  • Sydney Milagro
    Sydney Milagro

    So im guessing i shouod stay with my Note 9 a year longer?... lol

  • Aldy P
    Aldy P

    They should've made the older flagships cheaper, not making a new model.