Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - Hands On With The Beast!
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Latercase -
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is here. This is a hands-on video with a pre-retail Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, unboxing will come when retail units are available. Videos of the Galaxy S20, S20+ and Galaxy Z Flip will publish shortly so keep an eye on the channel.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    Latercase for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra -

    • Arthur Johnson
      Arthur Johnson

      Love your channel Lou! Just placed my pre-order for the S20 Ultra Latercase and already know I won't be disappointed.

    • RickJason

      That 100X picture was pure garbage. A totally worthless feature.

    • Daniel Strietz
      Daniel Strietz

      Samsung says they have some special technology for the low light etc but they also said the z flip screen is glass and I assure you that its plastic.

    • Omar Asma
      Omar Asma

      @YuhNinja ijjhj

    • Andrea Cottone
      Andrea Cottone

      Does the case protect the camera glass in case you drop the phone?

  • Bella PaTPaT Penpen
    Bella PaTPaT Penpen

    My Brain:Samsung Ultra My Heart:IPhone 11 Pro My Wallet:Nokia 3310

  • Etag' '
    Etag' '

    Iphone camera is still better unlike your “beautification” Camera 😶

  • Frost Byte
    Frost Byte

    Android phones are the best

  • The Dovakhiin
    The Dovakhiin

    Yea I'm good with the S10 thank u very much

  • Michael Vance Bajilar
    Michael Vance Bajilar

    How long does it record in 8k before it burns out?

  • Sticker Chief
    Sticker Chief


  • DavyDave1313

    My god whats next - a phone with the entire back covered in camera lenses and sensors smh 💀

  • Ahmaud Lewis
    Ahmaud Lewis

    1400 for a camera 🤨

  • Akash Sharma
    Akash Sharma

    When will Samsung stop copying lmao

  • Sas Boi
    Sas Boi

    Ha when its 2020 and people make fun of your small pixels

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue

    Will: shrugs Anthropologists: Ladies and gentlemen here we are witnessing history

  • taner aman
    taner aman

    Mizzy bealinda

  • mybrdcst

    You got my attention at 16g ram.

    • beedsj roiue
      beedsj roiue

      Soon the world will have to decide whether to buy a car or a phone 🤣

  • PsychoSunshine

    I was really hoping Samsung would do away with the hole punch this time around. Guess my next phone is still a Note 9.

  • Fir 6996
    Fir 6996

    Comment if you are Samsung user😍

  • TheChico868

    The Beast

  • Den Way
    Den Way

    40$ for an case? Wtf

  • Michael Ricci
    Michael Ricci

    What a piece of junk....

  • Scrum

    jack at 1:56 ????????????????????????

  • Krenar Kosova
    Krenar Kosova

    Iphone still better than Sansung

  • alexandergoldman

    So close...yet 3.5mm closer and it would have been my next phone. Searching for a phone with a headphone jack (need it for video calling as it makes less noise). Looks like my LG V30 is going to be upgraded to the LG V60

  • hackintosh

    Lew !! Where is the UNBOXING ? 😣


    LEW, no beard test with that bad boy?????

  • Skrr Skrr
    Skrr Skrr

    Nice Device! Nevertheless iPhone is better 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • ag.floats XR
    ag.floats XR

    The phone is an absolute beast.

  • Cameron Schiff
    Cameron Schiff

    Absolutely incredible phone. It's got specs I wouldn't even think possible But the truth remains the same for me: No headphone jack, no buy

  • weebnibba15

    Why do I feel like Samsung will soon have it's own operating system?

  • Farhad Khan
    Farhad Khan

    Soon the world will have to decide whether to buy a car or a phone 🤣

  • TH3 S3V3NTH
    TH3 S3V3NTH

    Is it only me, or you look a liitle bit down? You good bro?

  • tonka

    Bye bye,iphone😁

  • RockingSanta

    one plus 7t pro - pop up camera, dont deal with that black camera dot aha

  • Junior Barra
    Junior Barra

    I am NOT fooled anymore by Samsung. Why would someone pay 1400 bucks for a PHONE? Are you crazy? And for what? Some gimmicks that you don't use? × 100x zoom ... you can't use that because looks like sh!t3 × no 3.5 jack × 120 hz refresh ... do you REALLY need that? × punch hole display ... you're missing some screen there guys × camera bump on the back of the phone with the size of Utah Mountains On top of that, if you want the Galaxy Buds, you'll pay somewhat around 150 dollars!!! Samsung lost their mind. Good bye Samsung!

  • My Life
    My Life looked depressed during this video. Not the best video to highlight a new phone.

  • Debra Dukes
    Debra Dukes

    Lew Awesome Video and poor willie was like get that camera out of my face and I'm sure many will feel the same,But I definitely see some nice features that are good for outside for sure.Really enjoyed looking nice and healthy.Its been a while since I have binged on my watching so catching up now.Thanks so much for sharing Deb 👌👍✌

  • ramadhani kassimu
    ramadhani kassimu

    iPhone will still be the best ...

  • Tim Troxell
    Tim Troxell

    I'm fine with 2 dual lens on my note 9

  • Mark Spinks
    Mark Spinks

    Holy shit!!!! I predict it will die slowly then after a few months it’s hardware will fail because there not very good at all expensive cheap shit lol

  • Daniel Pindell
    Daniel Pindell

    Forget 8k, we still have a very long way to go for 4K to be the main. But it's a very good phone.

  • Arslan Farooq
    Arslan Farooq

    So its all about camera ... huh

  • Pappa Lobster
    Pappa Lobster

    Eew that is baaddd

  • Pappa Lobster
    Pappa Lobster

    Wtf is that

  • Christin Alexis Bautista
    Christin Alexis Bautista

    I'm still happy with my S5. jk. I'm broke.

  • Shivam Bhalla
    Shivam Bhalla

    Of course you're not going to talk about the camera bump because it's not an iPhone

  • Skeet Nation
    Skeet Nation

    My pc is 4gb ram lool

  • Chilli

    Bullying gone right

  • mars base
    mars base

    Willy Doo! 👍😎👍

  • Halfthekgb

    I got used to the notch on my a50. Oh and if any iSheep wants to say that the hole punch is distracting, go watch Tim cook in full screen mode with that huge notch

  • Zaid Ul Khair
    Zaid Ul Khair

    Sampson really got my interest on this.

  • Shameer Khan
    Shameer Khan

    Is it just me or has lew lost his personality in this vid?

  • Allphonetips

    2021: galaxy phone with a RTX 2080 Ti

  • sajid shaikh
    sajid shaikh

    Make comparesion between p30 pro and s20 camera zooming test

  • Know thyself
    Know thyself

    This thing is scary😱

  • Outter Limits
    Outter Limits

    Yoo that 8k footage looked like 1080p crop sensor DSLR I would say! And much more convenient to carry into public places like concerts or venues where they don't allow cameras....too lit! I need to see more

  • Max kegfire
    Max kegfire

    why dont they make a good full HD, why make a fake 8K which is not even true 4k

  • Sayed majhar alli
    Sayed majhar alli

    In India Samsung s20 ultra smartphone 128GB storage only what the fuck

  • JustDragonBall

    Im going to buy the beast with 5 month worth of saving 🤓

  • Jacky Ha
    Jacky Ha

    Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Instinct

  • Gurpreet Bhamra
    Gurpreet Bhamra

    *Do people really care about the cam function this much?!*

  • Please subscribe Without any videos
    Please subscribe Without any videos

    Eww I hate Samsung I’m using iPhone 11 and Appel company is much better so yeah and you copyed iPhone11 because you are jealous oohhhh get wrecked