A very romantic video. Send this to your crush, it works all the time. 420% success rate.
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  • Davie504



      @Subscribe To me For no Reason ❶ That was his secret plan... to scoop up all the girls in one holiday! LOL

    • Travis Limers
      Travis Limers

      Didnt send it

    • Beat T-Series With One Video Challenge
      Beat T-Series With One Video Challenge

      Anyone else think he actually could sing really well if he wasn't memeing?

    • North Eastern Dragger
      North Eastern Dragger

      I'm actually practicing on bass

    • Dat wholesome Gurl UwU
      Dat wholesome Gurl UwU


  • Francesco Protasi
    Francesco Protasi

    It takes a lot for me to click the like button on a video. Congrats😂

  • jack loquendo
    jack loquendo

    You have a tab :"v?

  • MemeMachine

    Sent this to my crush but she now has feelings for you.

  • Draceverd

    Whta song is this

  • Levetator 2000
    Levetator 2000

    I like thes song

  • RavenDeluxe

    Don't Stretch it when he says Davie504

  • Bananaman 714
    Bananaman 714

    0% showing off cash 0% sex 100% pure talent

  • Exqirt

    My favorite part lol 0:40

  • seba isla
    seba isla

    Here is the lyrics, in case you want it S is for your smile i like to see E is for this epic song i'll sing N is very very nice and necessary my D ear is really hard and long so i really hope you'll like this song becuz N is what i say when i see your b-ass, noise U are the only one that i wanna date D stand for don't reject me i am a good guy, You can trust me E and S mean 69, so send bass

  • Cassidy Mitchell
    Cassidy Mitchell

    We need more singing davie videos. forget the bass just sing to us!

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor

    the valentine video 1 year ago was better

  • Cynica

    S l a p

  • Cynica


  • Hankthedankengine515 0
    Hankthedankengine515 0

    Petition for davie to go on American Idol

  • Perfect Waifu
    Perfect Waifu

    I sent this to my friend as a meme and got a dick pic What have you done, Davie?

  • Dead Memes
    Dead Memes

    *Please respond, I showed you my bass*

  • XanderGuitar

    Sending this to my crush, wish me luck

  • Vector Base
    Vector Base


  • The Abyss
    The Abyss

    Asked my girl to send bass and she did~

  • Etoile Noire
    Etoile Noire

    te amo gino

  • Quantum Leap
    Quantum Leap

    I would eat this very very *pineapple pizza*

  • Quantum Leap
    Quantum Leap

    Send this to anyone you love, you say Aight sis welcome to Alabama

  • Sameer King
    Sameer King

    Is he being perv??

  • TRZ DogeThatBoi Clan
    TRZ DogeThatBoi Clan

    N is the funniests

  • Monkey Music
    Monkey Music

    So catchy

  • Gerson Martinez
    Gerson Martinez

    I sent it to my crush, and she said yes :) thank you davie I owe you one ;)

  • Farrel rahmansyah
    Farrel rahmansyah

    WhY Th3 ThUmBnAil Is So CuT3

  • NickSlayzz321

    Who knew it spelled that😂😂😂

  • DarkBlizzard

    Why im so addicted to this song

  • Goat

    I sent this to my crush, then he changed the name to send nudes and she hasnt seen it yet, fricc

  • Bright Lake Fishing
    Bright Lake Fishing

    I like how he changed the title😂

  • Sabber

    I’m scared

  • BrickyBoi Raids
    BrickyBoi Raids

    The perfect sing doesn’t exi-

  • Lily Sullivan
    Lily Sullivan

    L-O-V-E nAtT KiNg CoLe

  • Spitachio

    Guys, GUYS He sang AGAIN wow 🤩 what a star he should get a Grammy award

  • Filipe Nobre RC
    Filipe Nobre RC

    Smart dude

  • christoph1j2


  • name

    This is your best video so far!!!

  • Hidori Akiyama
    Hidori Akiyama

    I don't have a crush so I guess I'll send it to myself? :>

  • olivier cote
    olivier cote

    u + me = STONKS!

  • lame culo
    lame culo


  • Mikail

    Thanks man but im not gay

  • caio berardo
    caio berardo

    davie blinked 8 times

  • RetroMan

    Nobody: Davie: ;) Me: ;) Everyone: ;)

  • yehonatan19

    This was the best thing i ever watched.

  • Moosey

    E + S = 69 mafs

  • KorE.

    G o o d

  • Michael Stoneham
    Michael Stoneham

    Davie you got a 5 string. Wanta see you playing epic slap on one

  • Christopher Perry
    Christopher Perry

    I'm only 9!!!!

  • Christopher Perry
    Christopher Perry

    Oh no!!!

  • Benny Oaks
    Benny Oaks

    Damnit dude! So close to 6mil. SUBSCRIBE DAMNIT!

  • аригато гуро
    аригато гуро

    Damn, nice B-ASS, bro!

  • Bo Browder
    Bo Browder

    He has a headphones off video already. Last year's valentines ”song”

  • TopWaterTremors

    I love my grandma but I’m not sending this to her 😂

  • txt magic gaming
    txt magic gaming

    XDD I did

  • manifestasisanubari

    Reminds me of Bill Wurtz...I wonder where he is now

  • Enrique Luna - Double Bassist and More
    Enrique Luna - Double Bassist and More

    I sent this to my crush... She sent it to someone else and said "thanks you're my best friend"

    • Erga ditano
      Erga ditano

      F for a fallen comrade

  • Ilaria Gioffré
    Ilaria Gioffré

    Davie: "pineapple pizza eating reveal " Me: NOOO DON'T BETRAY YOUR MOTHERLAND LIKE THIS DAVIE PLEASE *cries in Italian*

  • Ronnie Rabell
    Ronnie Rabell

    Lmao thank Davie504, sent it to my crush and she like it lol ❤❤❤❤