Riverdale has completely lost its mind...
Alex Meyers
Riverdale Season 4 Animated Reaction
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how is Riverdale still on tv...
Riverdale: The Musical
how is Riverdale a real show
Riverdale Season 4 is a mess...

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  • Cooper Cameron
    Cooper Cameron

    Do to all the boys I loved before ps. I still love you

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    Elizabeth McCartney

    Also review Locke & Key please!!!

  • Elizabeth McCartney
    Elizabeth McCartney

    Can you review Lost in space???

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    Jessica Tran

    Can you do P.S I still love you please? It the second movie of to all the boys I've loved before

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    Star McNeal

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    Anisa Miah

    if u haven’t already i think u should make a video on Greenhouse Academy?

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    Samantha Nunez

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  • YesToToast

    do you secretly like this show?

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    Mehmet Salan

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    Olivia Bourgeois

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    Regina Perry

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    Randomdudeonyoitube 2000

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    Tim Scott

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    jolee green

    i can't....

  • Kawaii Unicorns
    Kawaii Unicorns

    Can you do To all the boys P.S I still love you or Zombies 2

  • Dixie Henrichson
    Dixie Henrichson

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  • Erica Smith
    Erica Smith

    You should watch scales there is a lot u could cover

  • Ashton Mosley
    Ashton Mosley

    Do zombies 2


    Do atypical


    Do atypical


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  • ZBOX

    7:07 when did they establish that Veronica had the hots for her dad

  • Corgi Cougar
    Corgi Cougar

    Hey you should do zombies two

  • AG Random
    AG Random

    DO ZOMBIES 2!!!

  • Darin Butters
    Darin Butters

    React to to all the boys I love before 2 on Netflix and Disney channels zombies 2. That’s two video ideas be happy😄

  • Viv lay
    Viv lay

    Would be cool if you watch the serie Avatar - the Last airbender. It had such a huge impact to my childhood. Would love to hear your opinion =)

  • Tiyanna LeBoeuf
    Tiyanna LeBoeuf

    You talk shit ab the show yet your watching it because how else would you know al of this information

  • Haley Baldi
    Haley Baldi

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    Ike Austinblack

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    Dallas Odeneal

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  • CHOWDER The Nerd
    CHOWDER The Nerd

    Jughead should know that one can not move into checkmate.

  • Fox

    Please do Anna and the Apocalypse!

  • Would You Rather
    Would You Rather

    Alex please do Airplane Mode on Netflix

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    Keeley Peck

    Why don’t you have any sound

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    Georgiana Browne

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    Sarah Mozdzen

    Please review To all the boys P.S. I still love you. the second part of to all the boys i loved before

  • Potatoplayz

    The new zombies movie came out

  • *Kawaii Potato* :D
    *Kawaii Potato* :D

    Can you please do the movie Scales? Lol thanks

  • Chelsella

    Riverdale is like those essays where you have a certain amount of words to write so it’s starts off good but ends up spiraling and makes no sense and has 50 subplots.

  • Maddie Legg
    Maddie Legg

    Do zombies 2 please

  • Puppy girl
    Puppy girl

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    KiyaNoir .A

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  • Flipanflop

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  • Stryker J
    Stryker J

    Kevin legit needs to just not be on screen anymore. He’s so useless as a character.

  • Eclaire Caton
    Eclaire Caton

    you HAVE to do zombies 2!!! It’s so cliche, awful, and cringey!!! If you thought the first one was bad- the 2nd will kill you

  • Emily Mclean
    Emily Mclean

    I’ve binged this entire review series of Riverdale... Alex what have you brung my life to?

  • H a d a s
    H a d a s

    I just miss the cute comics from like the 80’s What did they do 🥺

  • Stasia M
    Stasia M

    You should do a video over How To Build A Better Boy.

  • Poa Zeledón
    Poa Zeledón

    I can't believe this is a show kids watch oml

  • Vandana Salunkhe
    Vandana Salunkhe

    No one: Literally no one: Writer of the show: let's make every season more cringer than the previous

  • Noura1234

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    Lauren Tassone

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    the king of robots the 1st

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    Fluff Ball

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    Ava Johnson

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    Whoever must be watching friends,do u know that Hiram lodge played a little scene in friends; When Rachel was speed driving Monica’s Porsche the police which caught her is none other than our Mr lodge