PiBo first look at CES 2020
It can get lonely living on your own, especially when you've got a landlord that doesn't allow pets or roommates. But instead of dropping two grand on an Aibo, check out this unnervingly cute companion robot from Korean developer, Circulus. Say hello to piBo.
PiBo is built with service in mind. It can act as an alarm clock, recount the day's weather and top news stories, play music, take pictures and remind you of upcoming appointments. Its functionality is easily expanded to include home security integration, voice and facial recognition and more thanks to a dedicated app store. You can even code your own programs and features if have the skills. PiBo itself can be controlled through voice commands, QR-embedded flash cards, or through its associated dashboard app (available for both iOS and Android).
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  • Jessica Leong Sin Yi
    Jessica Leong Sin Yi

    This is cute HAHA

  • Boy Record Gamer
    Boy Record Gamer

    Sony: I has Aibo Samsung: I have Pibo 😂😂

  • Vabhilash Crazy
    Vabhilash Crazy

    Good bye to socializing with real people

  • Mixey

    Would have been an amazing piece of tech in 2005

  • Phill Zimmer
    Phill Zimmer


  • Benjamin Anderson
    Benjamin Anderson

    This is stupid. LOL. Ballie all the way!!

  • KiwiGhost

    You look like a dead person talking.

  • Laman Digital
    Laman Digital

    You: youre adopted Pibo: no. You are! You: wha?! (It was that time where ww3 started)

  • Swadhin Mallik
    Swadhin Mallik

    Just children's toys getting smarter

  • Simon P
    Simon P

    Really really bad choice of topic That’s a student project with 10 years delay and totally useless. There were 2 cuter product on the neighbored booth

  • Sean Dilley
    Sean Dilley

    I just wouldn’t feel comfortable with something that doesn’t move naturally

  • Richart Asia
    Richart Asia

    Teletubbies + Michelin Man + Ghostbusters please pay licensing fee

  • Ken Yup
    Ken Yup

    Wait for Samsung launch their EV

  • Messiah ThomaZ
    Messiah ThomaZ

    lol useless

  • OG PI
    OG PI

    I want a special edition in black so I can call it Pibo Bryson.

  • Ryknex's Channel
    Ryknex's Channel

    expensive toys I must say

  • Hazenhard

    if his exterior were Baby Yoda's they would sell billions.

  • winlati

    Samsung really out here to get Sony. Now, where's Aibo?

  • Krister Nielsen
    Krister Nielsen

    Stay puffed

  • jimbo carter
    jimbo carter

    That's a forking Teletubbies. Killl it before they scare kids. Pull his head off now.

  • David Heller
    David Heller

    Stay Puff

  • Anurag Awadhiya
    Anurag Awadhiya

    it should get baby yoda skin

  • Khun Kru
    Khun Kru

    Great target for hackers. You will have total control of the house and you have a camera there to see a whole lot of things

  • aribbonatatime

    Boring robot

  • Kush Yadav
    Kush Yadav


  • yub yub
    yub yub


  • Jake Franklin
    Jake Franklin

    this really reminds me of jibo

  • circulus official
    circulus official

    Awesome pibo!

  • Louis Y
    Louis Y

    Why this shit is a robot? Please. This isn’t 1960

  • Eric G
    Eric G

    Will it fight for my love?

  • kolo la
    kolo la

    Put sailor suite boom Ghostbusters snowman 👻

  • FalconNinety9

    Vector is cuter

  • Hunter Henryk
    Hunter Henryk

    They gave it mitten hands with no thumbs so it couldn't strangle you in your sleep.

  • Matthew Arnold
    Matthew Arnold

    2020 Robots taking over the world

  • zeropointfuel

    Because, who doesn't love the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man who you going to call.

  • nBasterd

    5h recharge time for a battery capacity of a note 8?? DOA

  • Timothy Wong
    Timothy Wong

    Sounded like Jimmy Kimmel. :3

  • Austin Jauregui
    Austin Jauregui

    Looks like a POS.. not sure why you guys are covering this. The Lovot looks way more practical.

  • Chris Rosenkreuz
    Chris Rosenkreuz

    hello darkness my old friend

  • naff 9n43
    naff 9n43

    Did you find it weird that. This what adults wanted as a kid And Not what kids want as adults


    Does PiBo stand for Pillsbury DoughBot?

  • Mothified

    'Member when we had these but we called them Furbies?

  • Youtube OG Since 06'
    Youtube OG Since 06'

    Robots= final nail In the coffin for social interaction.

    • Lucretius

      There'll be a robot to hammer that nail in.

  • Reggie Davenport
    Reggie Davenport

    Why show it? The US won't get it

  • FerM

    Nice toy. Nice pet.

  • kil98q

    a smartphone with legs... great... also 2 hours battery life its more like a gimmick... :s

  • reesemonkey

    1:05 upskirting mode on.

  • Andrew

    That’s depressing

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I’ll wait until they come out with Cherry 2000

  • 707madman

    Those EYES.... that SMILE... so sinister... like he wants to destroy humanity....

  • gurudeclan

    Completely stupid.

  • M. D.
    M. D.

    Skynet has entered the chat.

  • IoTheKingOfGames

    I'd rather want a functional BB8 robot. Sphero already made the gyro on it work. We just need an actual good software on it

  • NulltheVoid

    It kind of reminds me of Michelin’s and stay puff marshmallow man’s forgotten child

  • Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan

    I hope this doesn't turn into another Jibo

  • Hmm Doh
    Hmm Doh

    Is it just me they look like those little robots from megaman legend

  • Kim In The Mix
    Kim In The Mix

    its fucking ugly and weird

  • Kevadu

    I don't think reminding you of appointments and telling you the weather is the kind of 'companion' single people are looking for...

  • RickieRickRack

    It Can't be ....It Can't be....What did you do Ray??? It's the Stay Puffed Marshmellow man!

  • Gola Motswane
    Gola Motswane

    Yea no