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Oh, I know that they’ll be better days
Oh, that sunshine bout to come my way
May we never ever shed another tear for today
'Cause oh, I know that they’ll be better days
Waking up in California
But these clouds they won’t go away
Everyday is like another storm, yeah
I’m just trying not to go insane
Yeah, in the city shining so bright
So many dark nights, so many dark days
But every time I feel the paranoia
I close my eyes and I pray
Oh, I know that they’ll be better days
Oh, that sunshine bout to come my way
May we never ever shed another tear for today
'Cause oh, I know that they’ll be better days
Been waking up to a new year
Got the past a million miles away
I’m waking up with a new fear
But I know it’ll wash away
Whatever you do don’t worry bout me
I’m thinking bout you, don’t worry bout us
'Cause in the morning everything can change, yeah
And time will tell you it does
Oh, I know that they’ll be better days
Oh, that sunshine bout to come my way
May we never ever shed another tear for today
'Cause oh, I know that they’ll be better days
Better days
Better days
Better days
Better days
May we never ever shed another tear for today
'Cause oh, I know that they’ll be better days
Music video by OneRepublic performing Better Days (Audio). © 2020 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

  • Subhankar Chatterjee
    Subhankar Chatterjee

    This is an awesome song perfect timing to release this song. My condolences to people who have lost their loved ones to Covid-19

  • נעה אליאב
    נעה אליאב

    This sound is making me feel happier every time I’m hearing it🤩

  • Jared Dimasupil
    Jared Dimasupil

    Those were better days. 😭

  • Daniel Craciun
    Daniel Craciun

    I dont know why but this song gives me avicii vibes

  • OsJ

    1.30 almost same as (my oh my by camela cabello)

  • AwwabUwais 99
    AwwabUwais 99

    Amazing you song

  • saurabh singh
    saurabh singh

    i just love you guys one republic.

  • Psycho Blind Boy
    Psycho Blind Boy

    It matches the situation . damm coronavirus

  • Abdel Quiñonez
    Abdel Quiñonez

    Me encanta!! Es parecida a Star Again. Qué pena que dure tan poco esta obra de arte uwu

  • Harry Zapper
    Harry Zapper

    This look like an Imagine Dragons video from the thumbnail

  • Ruben Torres
    Ruben Torres

    Explaining what I want most in life is for better days to come.

  • Mike Matthews
    Mike Matthews

    Corona hoax

    • Ashley Liss
      Ashley Liss

      Mike Matthews there’s people still dying from this virus. Only an asshole as selfish as you will never have family or friends visiting you if you get it

  • Paris France
    Paris France

    I love you guys ! Need this during quarantine .

  • Letícia Camargo
    Letícia Camargo

    Soo good👏🏻 And the lyrics is so important for days like these...

  • Dmytro Revura
    Dmytro Revura


  • Baya Bibicha
    Baya Bibicha

    Hoping for better days for the hole World.. peace and love from Algeria ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • rai4000

    "But every time I feel the paranoia I close my eyes and I pray" This helps so, so very much in this time of fear and anxiousness, be yourself when you do it. It gets you to the next minutes, hours, weeks. And before you know it ---better days :) Believe it!

  • Dolsie Mercado
    Dolsie Mercado

    Love it!

  • Taisa Karen
    Taisa Karen

    😍😍😍😍 Amei!! I loved!! J'ai bien aimé !!!

  • Ashley Liss
    Ashley Liss

    This is what the world needed

  • Mauronator - Filmcomposer
    Mauronator - Filmcomposer

    April 2020: Better Days 💚

  • Desy Widyaningrum
    Desy Widyaningrum

    Just like this song....hope there'll be a better day

  • Andressa Vitoriano
    Andressa Vitoriano


  • Inês

    Thank you OneRepublic! You were my first band to move me and still have.

  • Charles Nio
    Charles Nio

    everytime i listen this song, i always remember avicii. dont know why :/

  • Ion striker
    Ion striker

    im late to hearing this one as well, but as usual its pretty good 👏🏻

  • Ann Ria Reji
    Ann Ria Reji

    I hope there'll be better days, someday!

  • Barbie Mak
    Barbie Mak

    Check out my Chill Acoustic Instrumental of this song ! Enjoy :)

  • Bum Jor
    Bum Jor

    전범타투 진짜임?

  • Dean Tucker
    Dean Tucker

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  • N H
    N H

    And through this highly nasty deadly virus ruining lives... Don't shed a another tear. Save them for a rainy day. We were together once and I miss his face. His smile. His laughter. His confidence. His kisses. Or future together.🤩


    playback speed 1.25 makes it more engrossing

  • Michaela vega
    Michaela vega

    Love this thank you for this song

  • Dead Eye
    Dead Eye

    Don’t know why but I get chills when the Chorus drops 🥶

  • J


  • 김지하

    onerepublic은 이번에도 실망시키지 않았어 존좋...♥

  • fujoshi dawn
    fujoshi dawn

    my lover Ryan haha wrote a song for us in this quarantine days. if we heard this song in the future, a lot of memories will bring back to us for sure.

  • Jacob Drain
    Jacob Drain

    Who else is crying now that this album is postponed? 😭

  • Natalia Depp
    Natalia Depp

    Can someone pls comment the lyrics but in spanish? I need that person on youtube!! *THANKS*

  • Leah R
    Leah R

    This song is amazing and I’m a way, emotional. Thank you for this song!!

  • Lin Imbram
    Lin Imbram

    My heart hurts...

  • H Gamer
    H Gamer

    Should i add this song to my video here??? Tks andlove all!

  • Karen G
    Karen G

    Absolutely love this. Thank you, Ryan Tedder for this.

  • Milena Qqun
    Milena Qqun

    I’m trusting this song and just hopping for better days

  • anny chua92
    anny chua92

    This song is too short. :/

  • Adrian Vallejo
    Adrian Vallejo

    RAM brought me here

  • Veronica Janeth M.
    Veronica Janeth M.

    Stay safe, stay home, there'll be Better Days. This song is perfect to stay positive.

  • Роман ХазиахмЕтов
    Роман ХазиахмЕтов

    Ксюша, ты тут?

  • Daniel Azoor
    Daniel Azoor

    god bless those on the front lines, stay strong

  • Landon Welch
    Landon Welch

    Love this song✌😜

  • TheMcOpTic

    800+ ppl dont have better days

  • Syed Mohammad Hassan Zadie
    Syed Mohammad Hassan Zadie

    Yes it's a quarantine anthem

  • Andini Marquez
    Andini Marquez

    I need music video of this song

  • Watermel0n

    Be safe everyone.👐🏻💕

  • ohifonlyx33

    But every time I feel the paranoia /I close my eyes and I pray ^This... This is literally how I stay calm when the news starts to get to me. Put it in the Hands Of God, and look to the future. ...Also, that visual of the statue crumbling. OOF. That's some symbolism, if you ask me.

  • 88Doug

    Awesome song! Was just checking the top 100 and found it! Yay for me, Yay for us!

  • Juliannee C
    Juliannee C

    This song made me cry ❤️

  • katiusca Delgado
    katiusca Delgado

    para subir el animo

  • xin yin
    xin yin

    This like 13 reason why song

  • stilltypical

    Please blow please blow up

  • MG92M

    Courage à tous les pays durement contaminé ! Brave to all country hardly contaminated !

  • Branding ON Demand
    Branding ON Demand

    Genius lyrics given the solemness of the vicious virus....better days will be here

  • Chalice Riendeau
    Chalice Riendeau

    Ryan ur songs are so catchy especially this one

  • Natasha Rowland
    Natasha Rowland


  • Joshua

    Onerepublic has been making some of the most fun, most unifying and most uplifting music for YEARS now and they get overlooked. These guys deserve a dozen grammies in my book but the industry just seems to want more fatalistic, nihilistic hopeless crap with a catchy beat to hold it up, to be forgotten and replaced by the same thing 2 weeks later. It's a real shame, but as for me, I'll be playing Good Life til the day I die.

  • Annarita Chianese
    Annarita Chianese


  • Jay Rivera
    Jay Rivera

    This is the perfect song for these trying times. I've always been a huge fan of 1RP and this one here truly speaks of their body of work. Genius.... Song of the year imo...👏👏👏

  • Banda De Guerra Gimnasio Campestre
    Banda De Guerra Gimnasio Campestre

    No one: All comments: From Sri Lanka

  • Hermione Malfoy
    Hermione Malfoy

    Really good. :)

  • I3lackbird—

    This song gives me hope.

  • Bertan Geri
    Bertan Geri

    Hari yang jauh lebih baik lagi.. sekarang, besok, lusa, dan seterusnya.. covid 19 menghilanglah.. amiin 🇲🇨🇲🇨

  • Don Allwin
    Don Allwin

    Hey you....yes you! Have a good day ♥️




    the greatest tribute to mahatma gandhiji is the london eye ,charkha.he no need no nobel medal coz he was half naked according to normal slavery condition.

  • Alice Blackmord
    Alice Blackmord

    Ryan Tedder knows how to create a work of art

  • Luis Alberto Valdes Mendoza
    Luis Alberto Valdes Mendoza

    Es algo más q un ventilador ya está escrito y con el corazón es hecho para todo y todos ya que el mundo es y siempre ha Sido el motor de esperanza y la energía está en nosotros mismos es de energía regenerativa como más esplicar el ventilador es un corazón enorme y ya está listo trae la luz verde oaun más la famosa chispa adecuada para tomar conciencia humana q todos tenemos pero no es bien informada quien lo otorga es la unión más grande jamás reconocida pero ya es el tiempo empieza en México para todos los que saben de el amor de algún día saldrá el sol y naturaleza es la principal fuente como la mía el recurso o el presupuesto yo lo tengo de México y para todo el mundo lainpiracion de todo y todas cosas re comiendo escuchar alas autoridades de salud y ciencia educación y desarrollo evolucionario para la transición humana evolutiva

  • Karolina Buchacz
    Karolina Buchacz

  • D!ablo


  • Shari Crocker
    Shari Crocker

    Feeling much Gratitude for that much needed release today, once again peasefull within.

  • Taylor Hall
    Taylor Hall

    they literally have no bad songs. i’m amazed.

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