My Best Friend Got The Coronavirus
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  • CaseyNeistat

    from Dan -

    • Charles Leclerc
      Charles Leclerc

      Serve u right

    • Sandy Scott
      Sandy Scott

      Nick B Wuhan Virology Institute , one of two of China’s level 4 biowarfare facility located 20 mikes from the scapegoated wet markets.

    • Sandy Scott
      Sandy Scott

      No ,Casey, lack of work is not the scary aspect is that Candace, your children, your son ,your parents could become extremely ill, suffer irreparable damage to their lungs or heart or , is not the center of the universe when you are calling an undertaker for a loved one or they for you.

    • Sandy Scott
      Sandy Scott

      Knifeguy Please research the Wuhan Virology Institute ,a level 4 biowarfare facility located just shy of 20 miles from the wet markets now scapegoated as ground zero for the virus...a spill there is not unheard of if a worker is exposed to the blood or urine of the bats used in research there...Chinese scientists have released papers stating the virus didnot start in the markets but, arrived there via a customer.

    • Mr. Lince
      Mr. Lince

      sorry if i sounds paranoic, sure i am :D (or not) but i think its a human made pandemic .... it is to fast everywhere

  • Rapidazh

    Wow this comment section is stupid as hell


    You still life? Casey?

  • Po prostu Filip
    Po prostu Filip

    ono mr. caveman's friend is gonna die :c

  • Wazz_Bree Wipple
    Wazz_Bree Wipple

    No Masks ?? ...... FFS the message here is way off . . . . People are dead because of stupidity . . .

  • Pushkar Mishra
    Pushkar Mishra

    Just Because Of Stupid Like You Who Provoke People To Go And Follow Their Hobby Made Spread Of Disease Spread!!!!!!! Corona Has Proved That How Stupid Celebrity and Influencer Can Be !!

  • JeremyGameCircle

    Ik we app serious and all but have I see this man gta5 before?

  • Pankaj Bhawnani
    Pankaj Bhawnani

    U r lucky u shifted to California New York people r facing hard time

  • Matthew del Mundo
    Matthew del Mundo

    singular - plural curriculum - curricula phenomenon - phenomena lol idk why this bothered me x)

  • Nhạc 8D
    Nhạc 8D

    My in Việt Nam

  • K To
    K To

    This is the content we need now, wish you and your lovely family healthy and safe Casey. We will overcome this, looking forward on the day that we can hug and celebrate together.

  • leokimvideo

    Very weird, Casey you have Coronavirus in your title and you have ad's. Yet if I attempt this I get an instant RED CROSSED OUT $ and message it's restricted video. So explain how is this fair? How come SLsoft let some creators speak about Coronavirus and others are blanked off.

  • Miras Maral
    Miras Maral

    is it just me or don't you guys think that NYC videos were much cooler than these ones?

  • Guy with Cool life
    Guy with Cool life

    Just in two weeks it goes from 20k cases in us to 400k. Crazy

  • joker6374

    This might be a stupid suggestion, but maybe make some videos for at home learning. Like editing tutorials (cutting, layering, B-role)

  • Twanger Twirler
    Twanger Twirler

    This guy looks like somebody straight out of The Blues Brothers. (That's not an insult!)

  • whointheside

    2001 9/11...2008 financial crisis...2020 is business!

  • Moe De Guzman
    Moe De Guzman

    atleast wear a mask outside or stayhome man common

  • Антон Гусев
    Антон Гусев

    Насколько мир может в миг поменяться из какой-то невидимой угрозы и это не война это какой-то вирус (грустно это всё, Кейси берегите себя и своих близких желаю здоровья вам и вашим близким, вирус уйдёт и всё будет хорошо, всем добра 👍Якутия и Россия с вами держитесь

  • y2ktube

    Video @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a> "no one did this to anyone" - HUH ? - When CHINA lied people DIED !

  • Zoe Blake
    Zoe Blake

    yo casey you would do well on a podcast

  • Kayserili38ification

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> weedstore... smoooth... real smooth

  • levraimartin

    How to help out your asking yourself ? Just be Casey! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Here in Montreal Canada, we will be needing homemade masks. Maybe having a Casey mask as a promotional product would be cool. I called my friends all over the world to make sure they are safe at home and asking if they are in need of anything. I'm confined since the last 2 weeks at home working remote. Me and my wife thank God everyday as we both are still working. At the schoolboard, I'm IT analyst in a team that supports 10,000 employees and teachers and 40,000 kids. I hope you and your family are doing fine. My wife works as an childcare educator. Here in Quebec, the government has setup childcare for health and essential services workers. I hope to hear from you soon. Follow your advice stay home, avoid being closer to 6.5f from people. Go out only for absolute necessity. PS your home is a much larger universe than you can imagine.


    Your positive for what? How about the disease you asked to be tested for......

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams

    "100% of merch proceeds donated to Feeding America" Takes a Big Man with Big Balls to make a differance ;) Well done Casey from a fellow human being in the UK

  • I Rayan I
    I Rayan I

    مين جاي من عند عبدالله النعيمي؟

  • Jason Yip
    Jason Yip


  • Dev Rathod
    Dev Rathod

    Come on guys!!!! One like one right slap to China 😈👿

  • Dev Rathod
    Dev Rathod

    Come guys!! One like one tight slap to chine 😈👿


    Holyshit that is always a hard thing to hear

  • Nacker Bros
    Nacker Bros

    Wear a bloody mask bro when ur outside

  • sushant maheshwari
    sushant maheshwari

    Love from india Casey ♥️♥️♥️

  • Mackenzie Hopkinson
    Mackenzie Hopkinson

    You should make a video on that Porsche that crashed in nyc

  • BJM


  • Carson Richardson
    Carson Richardson

    well there go's dan

  • Clayton CASEY
    Clayton CASEY

    Yeah I smoke enough to get the world high!!

  • Optic Godz Gamin
    Optic Godz Gamin

    2 weeks ago 22k in all of usa, now there is over 300k sado

    • Ferry Hakim
      Ferry Hakim

      Optic Godz Gamin more like over 400k

  • Samitam

    I think, you Don't have any idea what's going on.

  • George Asatryan
    George Asatryan

    Waiting for more high class storytelling videos from you Casey. It is great time to share it right now, when entire world stays home :) I tried myself. Anyone interested in situation in Siberia welcome to my channel :)

  • lorraine gil
    lorraine gil

    Hi Casey, im a primary care doctor in Madrid, and this thing has changed so many lives maybe forever. i just saw a patient that her father and mother both died from complications of the virus, her brother has been in the hospital for a week and i just send her to the hospital to get admited... not easy not very happy times, but what i have learnd from all of this is that love, kindness and compasion are the protagonists of this pandemic. And that is really awesome! sending love your way.

  • Juan Cintron
    Juan Cintron

    Casey great video as always; however couldn't help but to stare at your glasses and the reflection of the rear wheel of the scooter/bike (from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a>). It really made me laugh as you looked like a serious cartoon explaining such deep topic. It looked cool thou. 😀 (Rear wheel looked like your eyeballs).

  • amanda

    We and You should wear a mask!!!!

  • Spongebob is my childhood
    Spongebob is my childhood

    Good thing Casey got out NY before corona

  • Nick p
    Nick p

    I love this Channel he does the coolest stuff would love to meet him one day. His videos with everything going on has kept me sane, but anyways my name is Nick a youth minister from Kentucky. Me, wife and daughter need help. Can someone please help us please. We are in the worst way.

  • Swooper Dan
    Swooper Dan

    yang gang 2020!

  • Bryce Larson
    Bryce Larson

    wow, only 22,000 cases 2 weeks ago, now over 400,000 cases in the US.

  • Pietro Gallina
    Pietro Gallina

    first China, then Italy. I am Italian and I have seen all the great nations ignore the coronavirus problem. I think you could have done better to prevent this epidemic in your country. it is as if we were one month ahead of you. as a result you could have looked at what conditions we were in and learned, closed the parks, the public areas and started to equip yourselves. instead no you like all of Europe have pretended nothing until the last and now you pay the consequences, as we have done with China.

  • kris matt
    kris matt

    Just another proof that 4 year olds can repeat what the media tells them.

  • Jincheng Fan
    Jincheng Fan

    Please stay home! Not only just for you, But also for everyone.

  • Captain Purnendu Rajan
    Captain Purnendu Rajan

    Wear a mask 😷 Casey

  • pik nick
    pik nick

    You trying to use your friend for clicks? Casey WTF is wrong with you.

  • Rajat

    People like you are setting such a bad example. Stay home ,you are taking it lightly.

  • I love precure
    I love precure

    God bless your friend and everyone to be safe

  • Homayoon Sharifi
    Homayoon Sharifi

    Casey why don’t you show your kids and your videos

  • Pawel and Reeza
    Pawel and Reeza

    hi, how is your friend today???????????

  • klopdogs

    Haaaa, all these dramatic celebrities.... Using it to promote them self's. Times like this people like this guy matters not.... It's not even a good watch. It used to be positive. It's just a negitive angle, and a guy trying to act like he's Dalai Lama with an aura of someone trying to be the king of philosophy with the questions and answers of how to do everything while giving the impression everything they do leads by a revolutionary exsmple....... Boring and sick to death of narcissistic t***s.

  • Nicolas Karlezi
    Nicolas Karlezi

    amazing!! Come check my new video and tell me what do you think!!

  • Minebladed Master
    Minebladed Master


  • Dave the duck
    Dave the duck


  • Michael Ewerth
    Michael Ewerth

    50% of your audience probably had a hard time making ends meet before COVID-19, probably 75%+ now...and like everyone else is saying and in my best Samuel Jackson voice...STAY THE F*CK HOME!...YOU TOO CASEY, UNLESS YOU THINK YOUR ESSENTIAL!


    Is he ninja frlm chappie movie?!

  • Herbert Wingfield
    Herbert Wingfield

    Chinese flu

  • Gavin. Rodriguez
    Gavin. Rodriguez

    Okay had to catch up now to watch all Casey’s movies

  • we8gas

    No wonder why I unsubscribed to this crap over a year ago. Still makes out this video is about everyone else but scratch away at the surface and it's all about Him and "My family" poor Casey😒

  • Erik Arnesson
    Erik Arnesson

    Im so not used to see u with palm trees in the backround hahaha

  • SKN Oncore
    SKN Oncore

    I feel like Covid 19 was made by the U.S. because us didn’t want China to have access to 5g first

  • Lemon 915
    Lemon 915

    Sorry for you

  • J. Mapping
    J. Mapping


  • Red Neckster
    Red Neckster

    Im waiting for this years: "Joe BIden, im Voting 4 Joe Biden *deal with it attitude* "

  • Fairy Suryana
    Fairy Suryana

    Where is casey? Are you okay buddy?

  • SourSwister

    I can tell you that China was already at lockdown. Most of the virus were carried by people in iran.

  • sagar tiwari
    sagar tiwari

    Casey please it would be very sad to see you going out there please stay indoors your vlogs are your life and hope so you are safe !!!!!!!

  • Michael K
    Michael K

    This video was 2 weeks ago.. 14 day takes to present the syntoms, how many cases on US rigth now? 07/04/2020, this is not a game,

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez

    Stop!!!! Stay home dude!!! For your own good...

  • pencilpix vlogs
    pencilpix vlogs

    Take care cassy stay safe dud.... Ur like my grandfather vloger man


    With over 12 million subscribers you should be putting out content on how people should follow state and local guidelines to prevent the spread of this virus. You Mr. Casey are a major influencer on You Tube and have the opportunity to ask people to stay home, practice social distancing and to go out only when absolutely necessary. As of late Dan has recovered and is doing well. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Be safe!

  • El mechas El mechas
    El mechas El mechas

    Good thing u move to cali amigo

  • مغتصم عطاري
    مغتصم عطاري

    الي من عبد الله النعيمي لايك

  • IronMan 2007
    IronMan 2007

    Casey please I need a name for my SLsoft channel I need a catchy name I am tying to make a stop motion animation Please guys like this comment I want Casey to see this

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