LAZY CLEANING HACKS AND TIPS || Organization And Household Hacks by 123 GO!
123 GO!
Home is where the heart is. And it’s also where all your stuff is!
But don’t worry, we’ve got some organization hacks that will keep you sane whenever your’e home sweet home.
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    travis zierler

    use android instead

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    Unicorn Sprinkles

    2:47 just go around the table dude

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    I Ship Everyone Everywhere

    2:57: Just go around the table

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    1:01 is awesome

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    Love you Amy

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    Tracy-Ann Dixon

    The sink one doesn't work for me because we already have movable stink but are you all the rest of the Hat love you videos

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    8:04 so satisfing

  • The Gacha Family And Vlogs
    The Gacha Family And Vlogs

    3:45 there are 2 reasons I thought of before this hack so this hack is not necessary (not hating on your hacks tho :) ) 1: could of just went behind the couch 2: just set the candy on the table

  • Toni Jackson
    Toni Jackson

    wa that is so cool i whish i can do that man

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    Juanita Valdez

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    Egle Alvarez

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    I am sorry but since when did people start video calling people in the shower? Anyways, amazing video. Keep it up I love you so much 123 Go!!! xxx

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    Next time for me I will definitely do the same thing you did the boy i meant.

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    I Love 123 go it’s My favorite

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    I like it but what is suckers

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  • netkalpana

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    Rebecca Tormey

    I think this SLsoft video will be really useful if you're a kid or a grown up


    Fantastic video

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    Alyssa vlogs

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    This last hack is not worked l tried this hack it didn’t work.

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  • __artist.izzy__ _
    __artist.izzy__ _

    4:20 the weight of the candy would cause the 'lid' to fall off

  • __artist.izzy__ _
    __artist.izzy__ _

    4:00 takes time to make a candy dispenser during the middle of the movie

  • __artist.izzy__ _
    __artist.izzy__ _

    2:15 or just use a ziplock bag

  • __artist.izzy__ _
    __artist.izzy__ _

    1:40 is just casually wearing a full face of makeup in the shower

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      Jett Chick

      It's for Rings Stupid 😡🐽😏💦

  • __artist.izzy__ _
    __artist.izzy__ _

    1:11 i think she is the first person to say the word 'nifty' since the 20s

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    __artist.izzy__ _

    if troomtroom procreated

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    Cat Princess

    The first one is when you know that there is a poltergeist in your house. A poltergeist is a type of ghost that loves to play tricks for instance he/she will throw stuff across the room and will swing cupboards open, they will also hit or pinch their victims,that's just a fraction of what trouble poltergeists can cause


    Amazing hacks

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