Joe Rogan on Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes Monologue
JRE Clips
Taken from JRE #1406 w/Brian Redban:

  • Fotini Fotini
    Fotini Fotini

    Joe- who bought you out?? You don’t tell the truth anymore.

  • FinalManaTrigger

    I can't speak for every Amazon Fulfillment center, but it's not as hard a a job as they make it out to be. Most people just don't want to work and they piss and moan because having a rate quota they have to meet for some of the positions means they can't slack. I definitely have lost weight at Amazon though! Been an employee for almost a year now and I like it. Beats the hell out of jobs where you have to deal with the public, and what other warehouse actually has heating and air conditioning for their employees?

  • tonychc6

    Y'all gonna go to space or ....

  • from the 46
    from the 46

    Apple and other Corporations using slave labor or sweatshops are not their fault. It's just Capitalism

  • Scott Golimowski
    Scott Golimowski

    Thank you Ricky for telling all these leftist elitists off!!

  • Eddie Roulston
    Eddie Roulston

    Get Ricky on the show!!!

  • NorfookianJesus

    Fun fact for all of you in the US; James Corden went looking for work in your country because most people in the Uk thought he was a fat, talent-less twat.

  • apples and oranges
    apples and oranges

    Joe is starting to look like shit, must be all that selling out that has had its toll on him.

    • mnika voli
      mnika voli

      Best version of a sweat shop - haha

  • Qweq Qweq
    Qweq Qweq

    Gervais may take baths but he's still a fucking God in my mind!

  • Qweq Qweq
    Qweq Qweq

    Civil war coming

    • mnika voli
      mnika voli

      Get rid of Politcal correctness, it's a behavior modification disease

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb

    His money hasn't made him corrupt, it's made him even more brutally honest. The man spit straight facts on stage to the muppets in the audience.

  • Thomas Powell
    Thomas Powell

    Fukin lefty insane liberals, they have fucked up communities right across the USA, with their twisted insane fukin bullshit ( we are all sick to the guts of those c#nts )

  • gavin beets
    gavin beets

    Love Ricky


    ? 1:53 ??? ??????

    • vliduu zeeb
      vliduu zeeb

      Surely Amazon workers could use electric scooters - faster and easier than "running"(Joe's word). Paul G

  • idont wantcorporateretaliation
    idont wantcorporateretaliation

    I especially like the part where cons were shocked that Gervais laid down the gauntlet when he's done it every time he's hosted.

  • Brock Alkar
    Brock Alkar

    Whats up with Joe lying about seeing the video. He says he saw one clip then immediately talks about the hole thing

  • Shawn Quenneville
    Shawn Quenneville

    The baby Yoda thing is humbling

  • BasedSif

    Ricky said the same thing every year. It was refreshing to see pewdiepie dunk on him. With that truth bomb.

  • William Gullett
    William Gullett

    I was really hoping that when Gervais mentioned Epstein that Gervais would have paused and said something like...."oh....and Meryl....Roman Polanski says hi"

  • Craig 75
    Craig 75

    JRE Clips - Can't vouch for the 2020 Golden Globes but in the past Ricky has been told to say whatever he wants by the GB producers. They don't even know what he's going to say so "no", it's not scripted.

  • Kadie Johnson
    Kadie Johnson


  • Calum Goodwin
    Calum Goodwin

    Get ricky and karl pilkington on the podcast joe

  • Raven Strange
    Raven Strange

    Get rid of Politcal correctness, it's a behavior modification disease

  • Donna Claire
    Donna Claire

    Best version of a sweat shop - haha

  • Donna Claire
    Donna Claire

    Joe and Ricky are both legends (i don't agree with hunting but now after being educated by Joe the way he does it is humane so i have changed my view thanks to Joe and the way he is able to communicate his way of hunting)

  • Matt Kneeshaw
    Matt Kneeshaw

    If reality is perception if you don't like your reality change your perception don't like your perception change your reality if you want to be happy you will be if you don't you won't it's really that simple you make every choice good bad or indifferent you made it

  • 7kt SWE
    7kt SWE

    Ricky Gervais is a true legend ! Speaks the truth that no one dares to speak with an ironic twist. He's not afraid to flop or getting bad reputation, he's true to himself and the comedy he's writing. That evenings performance is genuine and has heart. This is the best comedian we have these days by far. *Guy from Sweden making standing ovations*

  • evukelectricvehicles

    And to those who accuse Gervais or anyone of "being political" remember that *staying silent* while sh!t happens and *not* speaking out is just as 'political' as speaking out. Or to rephrase Edmund Burke: "It only requires that good men/women remain silent for evil to triumph"...or for ethical bankruptcy, lies and BS to triumph. If people stay silent the guilty know they can get away with it again and again and again - forever.

  • evukelectricvehicles

    Surely Amazon workers could use electric scooters - faster and easier than "running"(Joe's word). Paul G

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv

    he's owned them like a bad room "gervais" :p.

  • Mike McKay
    Mike McKay

    Did Ricky suddenly hang himself yet?

  • Rick Sean
    Rick Sean

    Americans want things for cheap at no consequence.

  • TheHawk2001

    at the end he was talking about Birdbox and said "a movie where people survived by pretending not to see a thing...sort of like working for Harvey Weinstein" then they booed and he was like "YOU DID IT, NOT ME...YOU DID IT, SHUT THE FUCK UP" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, just BOSS

    • zuygj bnsv
      zuygj bnsv

      Nobody's sharing the full quote about taking their prizes and fucking off though. The context of that joke was that they make a big fuss about doing the right thing, and yet conti

  • Mário Gama
    Mário Gama

    This Ricky Gervais Roast was the DEFENITION of a Golden Shower and these FREAKS just got what they DESERVED !....and they probably loooooooooved it !....this is a REAL TIME Cultural Revolution playing in front of our eyes....PRICELESS !

  • Trish Anderson
    Trish Anderson

    Love. Love love Ricky. I hate Hollywood more and more. Those jack azz would suck anybody dick to get a movie and I’m just taking about the men. The women would have to give up their kids. These monsters are from hell.

  • lampini

    The “I know he’s your friend” line was the best because for the 5%-10% of that crowd whos actually friends with him, they must have felt personally attacked and that’s hilarious

  • Hey HEY
    Hey HEY

    If you are looking from a successful SLsoft show life is wonderful and things are improving. If you are looking out the entrance of your tent at the fecal matter on the sidewalk in San Francisco not so much.

  • Taylor Farmer
    Taylor Farmer


  • Marcelo B
    Marcelo B

    Loved Jr comments. 100% spot on

  • 4PM

    "FoxCONN is a sweatshop, but, like, the best version of a sweatshop." .. 🤦🏽‍♂️this guy's an idiot.

    • butti fdft
      butti fdft

      Ricky is a hero, my god that was amazing to watch

  • Humberto Martínez
    Humberto Martínez

    I'm from Mexico and I just luuuv dry English humor. Even though Americans and British both share the same language, they're still so far from each other when it comes to culture. I don't think it has anything to do with geographical distance, for we as Mexicans can relate a lot more to British humor than to the American one. Brits (and even Irish and Scottish) enjoy taking the piss out of people all the time, and it's cool and fun to watch. They do it all the time. 😂🤣 If you go back to watch Ricky Gervais's monologues in previous awards, you'll see reactions by actors such as Hugh Laurie and Hellen Mirren, and they'd be like, "ha! Good one, mate. F*ck off!" But no harm done cuz they know what it's like.

    • butti fdft
      butti fdft


  • Anny Wolfgang
    Anny Wolfgang

    Invita a Ricky a tu programa wey!!!! Saludos

  • Kewl Crayon
    Kewl Crayon

    Gervais is the biggest hypocrite of the bunch.

  • SuperNick 207
    SuperNick 207

    Gervais. Best of British 🇬🇧

  • James kilbride
    James kilbride

    Knowing how competitive actors are I'm wondering how many went home that night & tried to lick their own asshole? If Judi Dench really is that flexible at 85, I tip my hat to the lady.

  • Fuckya Lookin at
    Fuckya Lookin at

    Why is his former sidekick a guest?

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo

    Gervais, Chappelle and Burr are our only hopes in humanity.

  • brett heath
    brett heath

    I used to think Ricky was a knobhead Hollywood elite but damn he just threw down the gauntlet 😮 good stuff Ricky well done

  • Doug The Moleman
    Doug The Moleman

    Nobody's sharing the full quote about taking their prizes and fucking off though. The context of that joke was that they make a big fuss about doing the right thing, and yet continue to work for gigantic corporations that exploit entire peoples. Companies that manufacture their goods in sweatshops.

  • youngbuck0911

    Biggest difference between the Poms and Yanks. Ricky doesn't back down, while Kevin Hart apologised for tweets from 10 YEARS AGO. Scared of the American media and high power, Ricky couldn't give less of a fuck. Doesn't need to scream to be funny, just original and straight up.

    • cnmmd qiuoo
      cnmmd qiuoo

      THe best parts of Ricky's monologue was where he referenced both Jeffrey Epstein, and at the very end he even did a Harvey Weinstein joke. You should of seen those faces

  • Stephen Schultz
    Stephen Schultz

    Working out while working at applebys is a good idea..? Yep, can't think of anything better than a sweaty-ass server delivering your food on his shoulder. Bon appetite!

  • Kevin Minnick
    Kevin Minnick

    How was the Epstein joke not mentioned?!?!

  • Pnshr 88
    Pnshr 88

    I love when he's reminded that he's only into the opening monologue and there's how many more frickin hours left to go. Then he drinks. Hahaha

  • Tommy DeNato
    Tommy DeNato

    Joe...the type of guy to dip toes in both waters.

  • Proxin11


    • Thoreau


  • World UFO Watch
    World UFO Watch

    Ricky is a hero, my god that was amazing to watch

    • bodoy euir
      bodoy euir

      Ricky`s podcast are not available in iTunes anymore...

  • General Disarray
    General Disarray

    Comedy is like rock n roll, its about sticking it to the man 🤘

    • bodoy euir
      bodoy euir

      Just being proactive, Ricky Gervais didn’t kill himself!

  • butti fdft
    butti fdft

    Just being proactive, Ricky Gervais didn’t kill himself!

  • David K
    David K

    I want Joe's shirt. Anyone have an idea where I can get it?

    • Etu Nimi
      Etu Nimi

      David K ..You have suck up to NASA...and publicly claim that They landed on the Moon...

  • leicster57

    if u care that much about what celebs say(agree/disagree), u already kinda f'ed up any case Ricky Gervais still funny af