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  • Black Zetsu
    Black Zetsu

    10:15 Gib have 0 chance What a weak man.....Big Joke

  • Afro Samurai313
    Afro Samurai313


  • Kh Hamza
    Kh Hamza

    My mom has more followers than you.....Kill me pls

  • Ninlo!!!

    Lol I bet Tana's watching this.... on Gib's channel


    Jake is about to F**k this lil kid over , gib doesn’t deserve to even be in the ring with him 😂😭

  • Cblxst

    Jakes gonna win cant wait to see him win u are gonna loose😂😂😂😂

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss

    Mother faker AnEsongib

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss

    Hey mother faker

  • AhmedNasir Mohamed
    AhmedNasir Mohamed

    gib talks like a weird fucking clown


    He really tries to be Logan 😂

  • Mr_ M3lm
    Mr_ M3lm

    I.m from the future and gib won on third round

  • Ethan Wied
    Ethan Wied

    And he will beat KSI to

  • Ethan Wied
    Ethan Wied

    Bro jake Paul will Beat you up

  • XclusiivePR

    This press conference was so fucking corny, this shit is some little boy shit bruh, they both sound dumb asf.

  • McNoodles

    The whole time Jake talked I cringed uncontrollably

  • Leroy Borrego
    Leroy Borrego

    As much as I want Jake Paul to lose, looks like he might win. Only way Gib would win is to make Jake gas himself out.

  • Doj Pimentel
    Doj Pimentel

    Who's here after Gib won!!

  • Assassin Clutch
    Assassin Clutch

    Damn this actually happening

  • Benguin02

    Who’s here after gib won

  • rogueine xx
    rogueine xx

    Jake is able to beat this guy up gibs and his big nose

  • Jaddie

    Dislike both of them I hope they both ko each other lol

    • bodoy euir
      bodoy euir

      Gib is a bitch ass fool he finna get laid tf out

  • Afghan King
    Afghan King

    If u think jack takes the L then like

  • Seth Turner
    Seth Turner

    The Paul’s are so good at looking like total douche bags.

  • Moon Man
    Moon Man

    You're a bitch as much as Jake

  • Wally Hoss
    Wally Hoss

    You're gonna get smashed!!!

  • chris spencer
    chris spencer

    Gad is like a 5 year old

  • Infinite Army
    Infinite Army

    Ur ass Dickhead

  • chris spencer
    chris spencer

    Gib is like 4 foot 3

  • Imran Osman
    Imran Osman

    Jake looking like a starter gta player

  • Justin The Great Ponte
    Justin The Great Ponte

    I can’t stand jake I’m in it for jake just cause I don’t like middle eastern looking mfrs!

  • v10-little-yt

    You are shit you do not know what you are messing with you say you have more subs, followers, and you don't have none of this shit so back off

  • SAVAGE bro
    SAVAGE bro

    Once u lose gib u will guit SLsoft for ever dog

  • landon's 703g flogs
    landon's 703g flogs

    Jack will beet you gib 😆

  • Tom Gillman
    Tom Gillman

    Let's be honest for a minute...as much as I don't want the Pauls to win...Gib got his ass beaten by KSI in sparring, and Jake is on a similar level to ksi. Gib faced off against not athletic scrubs. I don't think he has a shot in hell on this one unfortunately.

  • boo riley
    boo riley

    lol i thought this was FaZe Rug

  • Daniel Lozano
    Daniel Lozano

    Gib is a bitch ass fool he finna get laid tf out

  • Smileyr1ley

    Jake talks to much.

  • LisuPL

    Jake will kick your ass

  • Ryan Armo08Yt
    Ryan Armo08Yt

    Everyone go to jake Paul channel and comment on a vid Gibbo is going to win u gronk

  • Ayso

    look at that pussy push

  • Douglas Mckitting
    Douglas Mckitting

    React to Albert soap

  • Billy of Siwa
    Billy of Siwa

    Wait till Jake loses and claims the first think he did when he woke up was sneeze

  • HoodLum Bryan
    HoodLum Bryan

    Who tf is gib?

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi

    Jake saying that he’s better looking than gib just actually hurt the universe why he putting bull like that out into the universe

  • GhostDark

    BRO gib is sitting straight BRUH he is jacked

  • Kie Brenycz
    Kie Brenycz

    Can this be watched on sky

  • Mihir Narayan
    Mihir Narayan

    Well I cant wait for ksi to Rip this loser apart if he beats gib which is not happening

    • serdy ximi
      serdy ximi

      Jake Paul is a little bitch

  • QuackQwap

    Jake Paul has got this. In the rematch for Logan Paul vs KSI, Jake was still training. I do hope he knocks out Gib.

  • Nikki Tate
    Nikki Tate

    When gib beats Jake will jake still wanna fight KSI THE KO KING

  • Mama Murphy
    Mama Murphy

    I hope jake loses. His image is everything

  • 420 subscribers with no videos
    420 subscribers with no videos

    Jake is going to trip as hes “wiping his feet on gib”

  • 420 subscribers with no videos
    420 subscribers with no videos

    Jakes outfit looks like a divorced father that drinks and watches tv all day 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 420 subscribers with no videos
    420 subscribers with no videos

    Jake: I sneezed 4 times before the fight

  • ShaLightning sha bam
    ShaLightning sha bam

    I swear if Gib loses to jake Damn he might as well retire. In reality Jake has nothing to lose but gib does.

  • RafikSFIDFK

    AnEsonGib gay

  • Aj Jenkins
    Aj Jenkins

    Jake is a pussyole

  • Welcome To Your tape
    Welcome To Your tape

    I like how jake paul like a few months ago called someone a bully for making fun of his videos, but now its ok for jake to make fun of how someone looks, god, guess their mom and dad were too busy partying and having underage affairs then raising them lol

  • Zak Nabz
    Zak Nabz

    Where is the pack king like for him to come back 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mido Asal
    Mido Asal

    Jake Paul is an idiot

  • Rakan-_-Pro