I drove the new Jaguar F-Type R 700km - this is what happened...
This is the all-new Jaguar F-Type! It’s the biggest update to the F-Type in seven years, and Mat’s been invited to Portugal to find out just what the range-topping F-Type R is like to drive! It’s packing a 5-litre supercharged V8 under the bonnet, with the ability to produce 575hp and 700Nm of torque! What’s more, Jaguar claims it’ll hit 60mph in just 3.5 seconds! Do we finally have a British equivalent to the 911? And is it worth the £97,000 price tag?! Stick with Mat to find out!
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  • Matthew Mazadza
    Matthew Mazadza

    haaa shaver dope

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith

    That is beautiful

  • Pedro Sanches
    Pedro Sanches

    Welcome to Portugal! Next time just don't bring an ice car please!!!!

  • dazb2010

    For a Jag, that looks alarmingly like an Audi. That's the trouble with the modern Jaguar brand. Not easily distinguishable from other car brands anymore.

  • Flame James
    Flame James

    Do more reces with the 720s

  • Ha Mai Dong
    Ha Mai Dong

    Wooww very nice

  • AllanteA4

    Beautiful car!! You are hilarious 😂

  • Edward93

    Bionicle fans will approve of that reg..

  • exiownage

    OMG, Cruise Control sooooooo bad ahahahahahha 😂👎🏻

  • k.d

    100grand for a jag noooooooooooooooooo

  • Mishal Chotai
    Mishal Chotai

    Good shaver ... one blade ... best ever ... Good choice Matt

  • Ivo Fixzone
    Ivo Fixzone

    Your videos become harder and harder to watch. It's like been targeted to 12 year olds. Stop being a clown, please.

  • Joe L
    Joe L


  • R R
    R R

    "click pop up banner up there" it never there!!! :)))

  • Ayon Dibyo
    Ayon Dibyo

    This man wasn’t build to drive a Jaguar

  • Bharath Gowda
    Bharath Gowda

    12:55 Commercial material right there

  • Zahid Khan
    Zahid Khan

    Front looks awful

  • Bhagwati Patel
    Bhagwati Patel

    Make your carwow app available on play store in india plzzzz sir....... We need it..... Plzzz.............😊

  • sumalini RAO
    sumalini RAO

    U people have done the best filmy type just loving it

  • 4Kandlez

    Love the F Type but the previous front design was more individual, this new design just looks like any other Euro box.

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B

    No one needs it.

  • FELiPES101

    9:02 what is this forza horizon cut seen?

  • IndipendentGuitarChannel

    Looks like an MX-5 in the front

  • Andy B
    Andy B

    Got bored first 5 mins with your fckin about

  • Alex T
    Alex T

    Reworked version for sure. And not to mention, the front-end looks MUCH MUCH better on the previous version. The backend is sharper, but not that much of a difference. I'd save 40% and buy a pre-owned previous version. No point in buying this one, at all.

  • Smiler Online
    Smiler Online

    Do you use that CarWow stick when dating???

  • Vosski Bosski
    Vosski Bosski

    Why not choose amg gt over this?

  • Graham1786

    Missing key tech and JLR reliability.... You'd have to be insane to chose this over a porsche

  • Francisco Pires
    Francisco Pires

    XD "god dam" "stopping power"

  • M0rph ology
    M0rph ology

    Older headlights looked sooo much better. Now it's an XE or Mazda

  • Arka Mukherjee
    Arka Mukherjee

    i love this guy! the way he does the reviews!🤣🤣🤣

  • Girafa1976


  • Girafa1976

    Did he went to Portugal?

  • Girafa1976

    Did he went to Portugal?

  • DesertFcK Eagle
    DesertFcK Eagle

    I´m so glad you visited Portugal to try out the new Jaguar!

  • Jamie Sut
    Jamie Sut

    Beautiful! Does look a lot like the AM. Vantage

  • CaptHotah

    Why you pack like a lady??

  • Steve M
    Steve M

    No radar cruise control. Jeez, what a first-world problem. That's what it has come to... I don't have cruise control and amazingly, I survive.

  • J R
    J R

    5:31🤣🤣🤣. This jaaeeg need a thule mate🤣

  • Alex Savage
    Alex Savage

    Matt was so relieved it wasn't his vibrator going off! 😁

  • friggincanvee

    kinda prefer the old one's front design.

  • Fussybooky RiotRcs
    Fussybooky RiotRcs

    2014 ftype svr rwd is the best of all time

  • Fussybooky RiotRcs
    Fussybooky RiotRcs

    The old body is way better looking

  • electro1622

    With the dismal reliability reputation Jaguar has.... would you take a chance on this...???

  • Thomas Barker
    Thomas Barker

    I do like an F-type, But i think i would go for the SUPRA.

  • jameswillard1

    This is def NOT a heavy rework of previous F-Type Matt. You’re giving the engineers way too much credit. Other than the front end and the infotainment it’s practically the same damn thing

  • Randwulf

    I do like the newer look... 👍😎

  • Pedritsche 6
    Pedritsche 6


  • Avishkar Singh
    Avishkar Singh

    Rather buy an M8 competition which has better quality (no torn seats!), better tech and not to mention faster, for round about the same price if I'm not mistaken

  • Haber Portal
    Haber Portal


  • Sebastian Sulkowski
    Sebastian Sulkowski


  • TwoWheelWarrior

    All the british car review channels seem to kiss Jaguars rear...

  • Nick Canham
    Nick Canham

    A great piece of engineering certainly, but like so many other cars it's totally pointless. There is no way that you can use that kind of power reasonably or responsibly on the road, unless you go to track days regularly, you'll either be using only a small percentage of it's capabilities and will just become one of those tossers that belts around built up areas in second gear so people can hear the exhaust popping. Tragic.

  • Sandy Tim
    Sandy Tim

    The most annoying car reviewer on you tube. Childish nonsense.

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith

    But if you own a car like this are you likely ever to try and put that much luggage in even more so a rucksack what a muppet

  • Otegwa Alex
    Otegwa Alex

    Can't download the app

  • sachin nathella
    sachin nathella

    is the new app only for the UK?

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker

    I much prefer this style of video to the normal one at your place in the UK

  • CCN 0301
    CCN 0301

    Matt...great review. Gotta say that scene with the bag ‘buzzing’ had me just helpless with laughter ! You were hilarious 😂 Nice one buddy....

  • DAN ZP
    DAN ZP

    it's a ford design, isn't it?