How to Detail Faded Paint by Hand (Paint Correction)
Learn how to detail a car with faded, scratched, paint. I will show you how to do paint correction by hand, how to remove swirl marks, how to restore faded trim, how to restore headlights, and finally how to fix sun damaged paint. I got this car for $500 and it wasn't running and was super dirty. Now the car runs and looks dripping wet!
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Ceramic Coating:
Buffing Microfiber Pad:
Color Match Paint:
Automotive Clear Coat:
Wheel Cleaner:
Tire/Wheel Shine:
Detailing Brushes:
5000 Grit Sandpaper:
Trim Adhesive:
How to Fix a $500 Car that Doesn't Start:
How To SuperClean Your Engine:
How To SuperClean Your Windshield:
How To SuperClean Your Car:
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  • ChrisFix

    Hopefully you guys like the video! It's basically 4-5 videos in one with tons of info on how to get your car clean! So we can avoid the same comments over and over, check the description for all the links! Also, yes, ChrisFish is me, and not an impostor. It is my second channel I will start this year for when I go fishing, which I love to do. It is my way of still "working" and not feeling bad about going out fishing instead of filming, editing, or answering comments. Now I can do both! Here is the detailing products I used: Ceramic Coating: Compound: Polish: Wax/Sealant: Buffing Microfiber Pad:

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      paul tario

      ChrisFix It’s a BIG HELP !!

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      Julian Bodek

      Everybody saw the Maserati in the background right?

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      Love the video! I'm going to be fixing a spot on my hood!

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      Jacob Morphew

      ChrisFix would you clay bar before compound and polish?

    • Luis Teran
      Luis Teran

      You can also clean your wheels with oven cleaner in spray or foam and have the same result AND for the plastics use your heath gun just a little AND the plastic will look like brand new

  • TankofReach

    I’m always using this site to try and find myself a project car Miata but all I ever find are over priced ones which suck I can’t find the car I want on 5 different search engines

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    Kerensky SamuraiWil

    I have the same "No Name" ;) products :)

  • 240pixel

    perfect timing. I am gonna try to do same on my badly faded 1991 civic. Thanks for the tips!

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    1300 people dislike the video because they couldnt do any of this themselves lol

  • Tylor Kirklin
    Tylor Kirklin

    Stumbled across this video and decided to restore the old beat red paint on my car. So I got the compound and man that stuff work wonders. Thanks for the video!

  • Chase Alvarez
    Chase Alvarez

    i had no idea you could polish and compound paint by hand and it would look good. Saved me from buying a machine and kit! thanks chrisfix.

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    Kinaaz Kabeer

    Mahn that's a nice & smart work, loved it! 🤘😍💕🔥

    • ChrisFix

      I'm glad you loved it!



  • Chrono88LoL

    Is there another cleaning solution I can use to help prep surfaces?? I can't find or order alcohol anywhere near me. It's all sold out..

    • ChrisFix

      You can also use adhesive remover!

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    pete peabody

    Excellent job Chris

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      Thanks a lot!

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    ChrisFix - you sir are a genius-level cool-cat.

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      I'm glad you like the video!

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    *eyes go blurry* Chrisfix: Hey guys Chris here today we will use ceramic coating on our blurry eyes* Me: oh no

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  • Gabriel Dauz
    Gabriel Dauz

    my ford ranger 2015 has asphalt on it's paint. how do i safely remove it? i pass by near a road being filled by asphalt and some of uncured asphalt attached to my truck and cured :( now im riddle with tiny black spots on my paint... thank you

    • Gabriel Dauz
      Gabriel Dauz

      @ChrisFix thx for the reply. I would send pictures of my truck when it's done. I have paint issues on the hood to i will try ur steps. Can u give me an email address in which i can send...

    • ChrisFix

      I would put a little WD-40 or Goo Gone on the spots and wipe it up with a microfiber (you may have to do it a few times), and it should come off!

  • Alex Ignatov
    Alex Ignatov

    Looks like they dissected a peacock in the trunk.

  • Jeremy Linn
    Jeremy Linn

    How long is a "couple of minutes"? Are we talking like 5, or like 30?

    • ChrisFix

      About 5 minutes!

  • Brandonn Lara
    Brandonn Lara

    Im just curious how u find out what exact color you car is with touch up paint

    • ChrisFix

      Look in your cars door jamb or glove box for a paint code!

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    Nicolas Godressi

    Instead of the paint going to the cars with is bad, it is going the the house which is great. Good job Chris

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      Thanks for sharing

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    Nicolas Godressi

    Unfortunately makeup does not work like that.

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    Are you washing the compound pads and reusing or using new ones when they get caked up? If washing, is it okay if they're slightly damp? Thanks in advance. Great video btw.

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    Stephen Uchihaシ

    hey chrisfix so ive been thinking about buying a car but idk what to choose can you give me some suggestions, preferably a 4d japanese car

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    If you're gonna use a company product you should give them free advertisement instead of taking the time to cover them up...or if they're not allowing you use their products on a company that allows, there's loads of product that does as good a job if not better than the one you used, but I don't think that's the case.

  • The UnSeEn
    The UnSeEn

    That's an awesome transformation!

  • Montes

    Tried it on my civic with everything that you used and got no results

  • Gunshinzero

    That's not a restoration. That a resurrection.

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    Jay Cone

    DRY MUD? or pooop?

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    Diego Garcia

    this will be awesome for my civic lol

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    Dylan Dimura

    Just want to say thank you so much for this video I’m a mechanic so body work and paint not my strong spot. It with your help I was able to get it done and looks great

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    menelek teng

    Where do you buy 2nd hand parts?

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    Giuseppe Roberti

    Chris Please do a video of rattle can painting a entire car with good results! Like if u want to see that

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    Robert Fields

    Watching from Ireland, great stuff,all ways wanted to know about macanics on cars, you make it look so easy.

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    Jas B

    What did you get for it when you sold it?

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  • mrabelonee

    I noticed you didn't use a clay bar. Is that necessary before using compound? My tacoma has faded white paint, but I'm afraid to start using compound on it before using a clay bar first. I'm I good or should clay it? Thanks Chris this was a very straight forward video, a lot of other videos make it seems so complicated. btw i also wanna compound the 1969 vw bus in my profile pic.:-)

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  • Kelly Kelly
    Kelly Kelly

    You havent' used expensive product, the ceramic coating thing is 120$ just to let you know...the price of a repaint ;)

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  • StealthGang- PubG Mobile Gameplay
    StealthGang- PubG Mobile Gameplay

    I have a couple spots I need to paint on my car, what type of paint did you use? And where did you get it from? And how much was everything including the compound and polish. I also don’t know if my paint is bad enough where it needs repainted or what. Just get back to me if you can

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    Phay8 ツ

    Chris! Buy a DA polisher lol your going to kill your back bro.

    • Phay8 ツ
      Phay8 ツ

      @ChrisFix you did a fantastic job. I own a detailing company in NC so I know you were in some pain afterwards. Appreciate your hard work.

    • ChrisFix

      I do indeed own one! But I wanted to show that you can get great results by just doing it by hand!

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    "Out with the Old" "In With the NEWWW" 😬

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      They guy that sold the car didn't care about this car at all haha

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      Haha thanks!

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    How do you find a spray paint that matches the original body?

  • Lawrence Schoelhamer
    Lawrence Schoelhamer

    Definitely going to do this stuff to my 2007 Ridgeline. It’s my buddy’s and it has 170k miles on it, and the owner before him didn’t really take care of the paint. Although I might just have it repainted too lol. Not sure.

    • Lawrence Schoelhamer
      Lawrence Schoelhamer

      I will! It’s mainly for commuting to and from work so I keep my nice car in great shape. Even though my nice car is a 2019 Honda Civic Touring. Lol.

    • ChrisFix

      Definitely try and let me know how it goes!

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  • Joseph Burkhalter
    Joseph Burkhalter

    Now spray everything in the engine compartment with simple green after covering the alternator with a plastic grocery bag. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and hose it off with a hose set to fine spray. Blower dry it with a leaf blower or vac set on exhaust. Spray everything with a silicon tire black high gloss spray. Let it dry. Wipe off any missed spots. The engine will look like new. Even with high mileage. All this takes only about 30 minutes. Tops. Good luck. JoeB

  • uruG Sandhu
    uruG Sandhu

    ChrisFix you are truly awesome and make it look so easy. Hats off to you sir. I love the reflections in the paint are all your cars and past projects. (Hey Neighbors, time to sell and move out. ChrisFix is taking over the block)

  • Tamara Kennedy
    Tamara Kennedy

    Dude. Truly you performed a complete makeover...this went from junk to cherry..nice work man..hey any problems with ceramic coat on any surfaces including headlights? I mean in terms of after the first time it rains or after a heat wave or snow ?btw im a subscriber.

  • John Villante
    John Villante

    I'm just wondering, do you have to clay the car before this step to get results like that?

  • Tamara Kennedy
    Tamara Kennedy

    You need a thinner...use a thinner on that paint so it dries right and wont stay tacky...if you thin it a bit it will dry faster more even doing 2 to 3 coats with 20 minutes between coats and 24 hours to cure before scrubbing on it try not to scrub on it also you might consider a clear coat to seal it. Kind of like a top coat for nail polish.