How to slav your Christmas tree
Life of Boris
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Since I was too late to decorate a Christmas tree, let's make this a New Year Tree. Looks better than ever. Until the inevitable happens.
Tree decorating goes wrong - but at least shashlik can be made.
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I make funny cheeki breeki slav videos of gaming and cooking.
Slav squatting is in my blood and semechki in my hand.
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  • Vitô

    BORIS!!! HOW IS THE NAME OF THIS SONG?? PLS <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">00:15</a>

    • Vitô

      thanks my good slav now i can die in peace

    • Stevan Stamenić
      Stevan Stamenić

      Nvmnd,it isnt,my bad, sorry

    • Stevan Stamenić
      Stevan Stamenić

      Slav king (instrumental) but there is also a full song (with lyrics)

  • Bruno Freitas
    Bruno Freitas

    How to slav your christmas tree? Just go to Chernobyl and steal one of the trees over there.

  • TaeandSugaKookiesXx

    Gets top of tree

  • steve jones
    steve jones

    Biggest fire hazard i have ever seen.

  • Sus lul
    Sus lul

    It doesn’t matter how long ago it was posted... It’s still quality content.

  • Amy Emyz
    Amy Emyz

    sound like bangladesh people..

  • Undead Crusader
    Undead Crusader

    Hold on. Did Boris really cut off the top of the tree

  • Kawaii’s roblox Channel :D
    Kawaii’s roblox Channel :D

    It’s not Christmas tree it slavmistree For Boris use slavmistree

  • I'm not sure
    I'm not sure

    Type blyat to pay respects to the tree...

  • Norville rogers
    Norville rogers

    wait but the car keys for the blyatmobile were on that tree

  • Scared Hamster _
    Scared Hamster _

    Merry Slavmas

  • Jewel Shard
    Jewel Shard

    boris give me hardbass playlist

  • Captain Cumrag
    Captain Cumrag

    wHY is no one asking how or why he picked the biggest tree and just cut like, the top off??? Wth Boris how did you get up there? Where did you put a ladder in that tiny car?

  • Aslpl S
    Aslpl S

    Обожаю его ' блять' :3

  • впхыжсфухмюфсяпхм вцвэажсайзсяс.куа
    впхыжсфухмюфсяпхм вцвэажсайзсяс.куа

    C. Y. K. A B. L. Y. A. T

  • Benjamin Dominguez Blanco
    Benjamin Dominguez Blanco

    Blin just grab chernobyl tree and put it some christmas decoration

  • CheeziWolfie - Vids & Stuff
    CheeziWolfie - Vids & Stuff

    When you are a Bulgarian and you only know some of the words


    What's the intro hard bass that hes playing in the car please

  • Andrija Todorović
    Andrija Todorović

    13 january at Serbia

  • Hồng Anh Vũ
    Hồng Anh Vũ

    Is this normal in russia?

  • kelvin er
    kelvin er


  • CactusComrade 。Лукас
    CactusComrade 。Лукас


  • studio de unicornio
    studio de unicornio

    mayonez :U

  • Armchair Critic
    Armchair Critic

    His tree looks like Western Spy tree, to be honest

  • zyxtyle

    Real slavs only adidas

  • Vlad Anghelache
    Vlad Anghelache

    K, this looks promising but i'll need to watch some more videos before subscribing and having "How to slav your vodka" at 6 am in my notificationd

  • FBI

    This tree is the most brutal of all the tree

  • Aleksandar Simonović
    Aleksandar Simonović

    Rusi Braća!

  • Sander Klijn
    Sander Klijn

    Just a normal day in Russia

  • Ldawgs Gaming
    Ldawgs Gaming

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> literally the start of every Christmas movie

  • BughuggerJ J6
    BughuggerJ J6

    Poaching is seriously frowned upon

  • Buta Bash
    Buta Bash

    Why is important Adidas is slav life?

  • Tomasz Mar
    Tomasz Mar


  • FB7 Games
    FB7 Games

    jingle slavs jingle slavs Jingle all the way (In lada blyat)

  • David Hovhannisyan
    David Hovhannisyan

    Boris western pig.

  • Lukáš Murinček
    Lukáš Murinček

    Davaj pagnali

  • Giorgi Mgebrishvili
    Giorgi Mgebrishvili

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="13">0:13</a> music name pls!

  • pavel

    What is mean Christmas tree? it is Ёlka

  • Γεωργια Τερζιδου
    Γεωργια Τερζιδου

    Are you a Russian

  • Andrey barmaley
    Andrey barmaley

    Бля красава)

  • Owen Waring
    Owen Waring

    Haha keys from the blyatmobile got me.

  • Random gooy
    Random gooy

    I'm 4 years late

  • Eve Sokolsky
    Eve Sokolsky

    I spent sixty dollars on my christmas tree. Totally worth it!

  • Mikhail

    Happy new year, blyat

  • Shy Guy of Motherland
    Shy Guy of Motherland

    how did he get up there

  • Machtilde IV
    Machtilde IV

    It was shown in me recommended today once again and I'm just so thankful to SLsoft for bringing this back..

  • Troyanskij Konj
    Troyanskij Konj

    Greta hung herself when she saw this video

  • Blaze The Blazer
    Blaze The Blazer

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>🤣

  • SMGMario

    *light turns off* oy blyla-t *sees fire* oy CYKA xD

  • SMGMario

    You're late


    Sent this to my Class GC got kicked out

  • *Перешёл на третий акк*
    *Перешёл на третий акк*

    Merry slavmas, syka!

  • Retro_Racer '-'
    Retro_Racer '-'

    You forgot how to slav Mr beast

  • Naomi Kao
    Naomi Kao

    Call me for next Christmas 😿👏

  • Ona Alert
    Ona Alert

    This video is chaotic good

  • król Julian
    król Julian

    When will be the cooking book?

  • Zevzek

    Slavs love “The Prodigy”

  • in100de

    Ебаный понторез.

  • Erdi Zymberi
    Erdi Zymberi

    Hard bass hard bass hard bass hard bass

  • Kiki Oliveer
    Kiki Oliveer

    Well, after exactly three years I'm finally here

  • nosoul_

    I didn't saw any blyat snow this month

  • The Joker
    The Joker

    but why it's a 2 year's old vid and i don't know this boris guy 😒 don't fuck with me SLsoft 😑

  • LetQo :D
    LetQo :D

    *"cyka blyat" noises*

  • dalen studios
    dalen studios

    Это не Евгений Боженов?

  • Michael

    I'm a slav to tradition 🎁♥️🎩🍷🎻🥩


    I think SLsoft wants to remind that I am Slav

  • BRAVE Nick
    BRAVE Nick

    Am Da BLyaT

  • DJ SxM
    DJ SxM

    this tree is COMMUNIST

  • trans-siberian railroad
    trans-siberian railroad

    excessively russian christmas

  • Nicoletta Ciccone
    Nicoletta Ciccone

    You are so funny and so crazy like a good russian!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Osama bin lifting
    Osama bin lifting

    Jokes on you i dont celebrite Christmas

  • we wuv chips 1
    we wuv chips 1

    3 for me

  • Ae

    That went places I was not expecting 🤣 I wish you many vodka and kvass for you this year

  • Україна


  • Incognito Player
    Incognito Player

    How to slave Ur christmas tree

  • roPuT OryPe4uK
    roPuT OryPe4uK

    Dislike for cutting real tree.

  • Aidan Cool
    Aidan Cool

    You mean 3 years

  • Ramunas Andrinavicius
    Ramunas Andrinavicius

    What language are you speaking....??!!!

  • Uselema


  • Gabriel Vieira
    Gabriel Vieira

    That baloon scared me