How The Man Who Challenged Tesla Went Bankrupt
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Faraday Future, a California-based electric-car startup and Tesla's once rival, generated buzz in 2015 as the company poached top talent from Tesla, BMW, Audi, Ford, and Ferrari. Called "Tesla killer," Faraday’s meteoric rise in notoriety occurred on dubious underpinnings - the company did not promise a product, nor did it announce any concrete plans for its first few years of operation. The mystery surrounding Faraday was only matched by its enigmatic cofounder and CEO, Jia "YT" Yueting, the billionaire businessman who founded multiple telecom companies in China but left abruptly to become the CEO of Faraday. We took a look at YT and Faraday Future's promise, the financial woes that led them both to bankruptcy, and YT's relationship with the reanimated Faraday today.
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How The Man Who Challenged Tesla Went Bankrupt

  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris

    They were a scam!

  • J A
    J A

    Faraday Past.

  • lookatmoy

    And he wasnt a groomed Socialist technocrat.

  • Bosco

    So how does one man get billions in debt, and still live in a mansion?

  • Angel Matos
    Angel Matos

    One of the deadliest decisions in business is to be an Elon Musk wannabe.

  • Mr. Creasy
    Mr. Creasy

    Isn't Faraday the name of the guy who was responsible for the end of civilization in Horizon Zero Dawn? Lol

  • Mr Bee
    Mr Bee

    here we are a new (samsung Apple challenge but this time in car industry -Elon = my cars will fly to Mars --Faraday : you cars battery won't last long .

  • BlackAmex Vlogs
    BlackAmex Vlogs

    Who else was thinking of ssangyong


    Comment section filled with criticism but imo he is just as stubborn as those who succeeded.

  • Billy Bob James
    Billy Bob James

    YT is very much like Donald Trump, except that he recognizes his mistakes & wants to right his wrongs. Trump would nvr dare do such unthinkable things.

  • James Zhang
    James Zhang

    American people, could you please send him back to China, he deserves some serious justice.

  • BlazinNSoul

    Elon musk himself said Tesla would go bankrupt in 10 months. If there is not hardcore changes within. They have already laid off 9% of their Workforce. Not to mention are still not profitable. Telsa and Chris Roberts should go bowling sometime. I'm sure they could share a lot of stories. As neither one seems to have a clue what the hell they're doing. Both companies micromanage far too much and will not be profitable. If they don't get their head out of their ass. But all is not lost here as electric cars aren't going away. But whether or not Telsa will be around to see that Vision through I have my doubts. :/

  • AruniusMaximus

    You are all laughing but the future will be predicted by the Chinese Money. Americans must be so scared that products can be made for half the price while being better. Eg. Huawei p30 pro 😁. And that is only the beginning 😉

  • izoyt

    yes, he doesn't have tax payers to back up his ever lasted red figures company, as musk does, lol.

  • James Tervit
    James Tervit

    Diversifying too early before you find focus on something your exceptional at; is a massive schoolboy error.

  • Norm Macdonald Show
    Norm Macdonald Show


  • dallatorretdu

    is there a way to get one of those prototypes? lest say for 20k?

  • Jason Baldauf
    Jason Baldauf

    He took out billions in loans and never paid it back. His company is still alive meaning that some other finance schemer is “borrowing” more money that they will not be able to pay back. Tesla is different because Tesla started with just one car. It was a super expensive roadster that was designed to be a super niche car for the rich. Next he made a pricey but obtainable Model S which was aimed at the wealthy, the model s put Tesla as true car company. Model 3 is the first sports EV marketed to the masses. Model 3s are quickly becoming the most popular Tesla. Model Y is the hatchback version of model 3 and it will sell even more than model 3 when it releases in 2022 because cars in general are losing to cross overs and SUVs. Next they need a true SUV. The model X is ok. The other sports and lux brands will bring SUV EVs to market.

  • harleycharley

    Another Paul Elio...simple as that....Elon Musk is the real deal who can put his money where his mouth is.

  • Broke

    Never invest in a Chinese company

  • Raymond Lo
    Raymond Lo

    6:30 wtf is that hand signal? Middle finger + 2?

  • Brocolli Macarole
    Brocolli Macarole

    Far”away” Future

  • Mitza

    I am literally watching this on a LeEco Le Pro 3

  • Wayne Wayne
    Wayne Wayne

    So what? Musk is officially bankrupt to😂

  • James Bowles
    James Bowles

    Chinese always make fake thing

  • KingDjohn

    When you try to achieve something overnight which took over 20 to 30 years of time.

  • En théo
    En théo

    Twist Ending : Jia Yueting was working all along for Elon (hence the Tesla employees going to Faraday) and gave the money to Tesla, killing the evenetual investors-concurrents and taking money out of it. Elon is such a genius. Evil, sure, but genius :)

  • EarlyNai

    it was a scam. chinese counterfeits

  • RM

    Why would anyone buy this over a Tesla? I think only Rich Chinese will buy this.

  • brownhard

    Never heard of them until right now

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un

    I don't buy things made in China, I will never support Communism it is a sin against all of humanity

  • Mohamed Yosef
    Mohamed Yosef

    Its funny considering tesla has been going bankrupt for years now and the only thing keeping it alive is elon and his other companies. Maybe challenge someone in a feild that isnt a slaughterhouse next time

  • Sinyail

    I mean, he paid $3B of that $6B back, as you said. Maybe he can repay the other $3B?

  • Ki0t Jot
    Ki0t Jot

    Can't wait for XQC to yoink this content

  • 432 Hz
    432 Hz

    Why is the sky blue ? Why is water ‘wet’? Why did Judas rat to romans while Jesus slept ?

  • clout chaser
    clout chaser

    This shit have nothing to do with tesla

  • Can Wang
    Can Wang

    Actually this man owe millions of millions of dollars here in China before he fled to the USA. He made a lot of manufactures bankrupt. Such an asshole.

  • Winterx69

    BMW i program SUCKS balls - that new CEO is - at best - a liability.

  • animangafan342

    Extradition to China might me just in the case of YT He is literally a thief over there & over in the US I guess he screwed more rich investors in the US tho In China he mostly screwed middle class folks Investing is gambling tho. Never think only good things can happen. My grandfather lost $70k back in the 70s like that. My dad told him not to invest but he wouldn't listen. $70k back then is worth like 10x more. He could've bought a house with that money.

  • Chin BH
    Chin BH

    He's a Elon Musk wannabe, a fraudster. Definitely not a visionary.

  • good boy
    good boy

    The car is probably made of plastic

  • Nathan Weisser
    Nathan Weisser

    I think their first mistake was deciding to base in Los Angeles, the worst city in quite possibly the worst possible state in the union

  • Sebastian Guzman
    Sebastian Guzman

    He’s definitely not a bad guy. Even tho all that debt is terrible... he’s just a guy with a big dream

  • Brian Conover
    Brian Conover

    No other way around it... Elon Musk is a piece of $hit

  • H DB
    H DB

    The man who challenged Edison went bankrupt.

  • encinobalboa

    Alternate energy sector teams with fraudsters and failed companies.

  • Juan Araluce
    Juan Araluce

    That last statement the Faraday future could have been just as successful as Tesla that is total bull

  • Juan Araluce
    Juan Araluce

    I'm shocked.



  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren

    I will give you back your job at Tesla, IF you can get through the cat door....

  • One Issue Voter
    One Issue Voter

    Seriously - don't sheeple see what is really going on here? The REAL immigration problem is CHINA. The state-sponsored actions by Chinese businesses - in technology, real estate, and energy - are a targeted action to undermine the economies of the western nations, for the betterment of the communist regimes. They send their emissaries to western nations to incur billions in debt, and they know we won't do anything about it because we have real freedom and lax bankruptcy laws. If our government had any REAL balls they would prevent any communists from doing business in our country.

    • Emblazer

      It's globalization of the capitalist that facilitated all these. Communist regime of China wouldn't have this ease of access to western economies without the help of western multinational financial institutions. Just as we had government bailout of 2008, when there's zero to no repercussion of misdeed, human greed will take over. I don't wish ill will on anyone but when these billions dollar of debt (easily hundred of billions) come crashing down, I hope government can take a tougher stand and right the ship.

  • randy Grindle
    randy Grindle

    Not no tesla or space x lol

  • Next Level HD
    Next Level HD

    elon got jealous of this.. might be

  • گوانگ جو لوگ
    گوانگ جو لوگ

    he is a liar,i am from china guangzhou nansha ,He wanted to requisition the land in my hometown to build a car, which was later acquired by guangzhou hengda -Xu Jiayin, and the factory was built the way XU jia yin control this man company many many equity,local Nansha government never trust this man actually

  • گوانگ جو لوگ
    گوانگ جو لوگ

    贾跃亭 就一大骗子,贾跃亭当年的厂地南沙就是我家后面,南沙政府就根本没打算给地贾跃亭,南沙政府2016年就开始征地平整,当时还没贾跃亭的所谓FF,我觉得贾跃亭就是帮国内的土豪洗钱的,PPT造车,后面直接让给恒大,而且建得挺快的,现在基本建好了,恒大真的是在造车,起初我还以为许带皮玩房地产,后面建好才知道真玩真的

  • Zheng De-Jia
    Zheng De-Jia

    He is the biggest liar in China. He obtained tens of billions from investors, suppliers, and stockholders by manipulating stock prices and media, and in the name of investing in FF, he remitted money from China to the United States and became his personal assets. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese investors went bankrupt, in fact he committed a crime, so he did not dare to go back to China, no matter what, he could still enjoy the ultra-luxury villa in the United States

  • Chino Soto
    Chino Soto

    If it rains and you are outside without an umbrella you will be wet -YT

  • sibaar

    In short words, YT is a shitty human.

  • Funny Slow Motion
    Funny Slow Motion

    Всем Привет!

  • Fourthz 44
    Fourthz 44

    His company lost to tesla because he didnt name it edison