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We show you how you can setup Folding@Home, a distributed computation project that allows you to donate your computer's processing power to help model protein dynamics to combat diseases like Parkinsons, Cancer, Huntingtons, and most importantly, COVID-19.
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  • Nicholas Dubois
    Nicholas Dubois

    I'm downloading folding at home when I get home later, this sounds awesome!

    • tired shinigami
      tired shinigami

      well im in home quarentine mid nowhere with no land line or reception so like sorry i cant help lol

    • Joseph N
      Joseph N

      @R T You sound quite pessimistic. Why?

    • Bryan

      matrixfull was covid not being a drop down option ever solved?

    • Joshua Long
      Joshua Long

      I have never seen my own cpu run this hard!

    • y2kenh

      i see the linus1 server online!

  • Alex Aiono
    Alex Aiono

    Linus Drop Tips videos on my channel -

  • Philipp Kretzschmar
    Philipp Kretzschmar

    Also consider installing boinc. They have also covid19-related projects and I'm getting more consistent work from them.

  • DRvrhatulz

    linus helps 2 min later cure

  • Местный

    This is not proven! They will just mine Bitcoins!

  • TransitBiker

    Using two computers with 9 slots total.

  • Rafał Łabędzki
    Rafał Łabędzki

    Ok, it's done. I and my old PC are wih You. Go LTT Folding Team!

  • Ask Ashik
    Ask Ashik


  • Isofruit Fruit
    Isofruit Fruit

    Well... I guess it is kinda convenient I never trashed my old Laptop when I upgraded, guess that unit will just run Folding at home now.

  • Buzz Engine
    Buzz Engine

    Hit the graphics card with bated breath, don't do it anymore!

  • migchiel faber
    migchiel faber

    great stress test running 75 c full load rather Stable over a week kinda proud i did a great job building

  • Cake Tbh2
    Cake Tbh2

    Thank you Linus, very cool!

  • JasperVN

    Finally I can out my r7 2700 and rx 570 oc to work

  • MarekUtd

    I was on Linux Tech Tips Team on folding@home but there wasn’t really anything you guys offer.

  • Vasko G
    Vasko G

    I want to start using my GPU, but it says "download" instead of "running", how do I start using it?

  • 420jahlion

    well guys i think we did all they work they needed. my 4 computers have been waiting for a project for hours now.

  • WPG_Dude

    I'm on Rosetta Home

  • Aditya Sethi
    Aditya Sethi

    Where to buy all items in lockdown? Only essential items are allowed to buy in India.

  • angelo

    That moment you shoulder in those 18,000$

  • daniel1112417

    ltt tram number 223518

  • Pedro Flores
    Pedro Flores

    tfw your psu dies and kills your gpu :'(

  • trombone man
    trombone man

    linus I have a 2011 imac I don't think this will work

  • Aaron

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="255">4:15</a> "The reason we need two power supplies is to fold." Bonus points for telling me he actually said "two-fold."

  • Sky Zhang
    Sky Zhang

    "China Folding@Home Power" team welcome to join 3213~

  • Tyson L
    Tyson L

    Just joined the LTT team, happy to help :)

  • Scott Dahlberg
    Scott Dahlberg

    Joined my friend.

  • Trainboy1EJR

    I'd try, but I doubt my Intel Atom 8350 would do much good... If it was working... Still have a 2005 Pentium D840 + GT640, but my room is at 76 and I just woke up. Was at 87°F in here last night, any hotter and it might be dangerous...

  • Erik Diaperad
    Erik Diaperad

    Hey man, F*(in brilliant idea.. I'm taking two of my garage computers and getting the up and running and joining the LTT team.. outstanding!

  • Bozilla99

    So at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="428">7:8</a>0 you just assembled your machine and it's already getting 252,646,768 points? That's nuts!

  • Andre De Villiers
    Andre De Villiers

    My i5-9600k and GTX 1660 Ti have joined the "fold." Good luck everyone. Stay safe and wash your hands.

  • jarrod brown
    jarrod brown

    i just but i am still in the process of building my 24/7 machine, but im folding on my desktop

  • John Hinton
    John Hinton

    my utilities are included in my rent. definitely gonna let this run.

  • Mr3ppozz

    Been running folding at home for roughly 2 weeks... although I have only had it running for 12 days... scoring just over 1.3 mil points in that time... And noticed a serious increase in workload after the new 100tb fold at home server was implemented

  • David Roberge
    David Roberge

    All done!! just started folding@home for the LTT team !! And I am glad to announce that I will income an average of 600,000 points per day for the LTT team :D

  • Taylor

    I just found this video and downloaded and installed it with my morning coffee. I'm wanting to put this on my Nextdoor app for my neighbors to get involved too. LTT- Thank you for sharing this with the community. It feels better to do something other than just stay home.

  • Name Surname
    Name Surname

    it doesn't work on me :(, i have an i7 laptop

  • koZmiZm

    Just joined the fight yesterday and today Team Linus moved into the #1 spot for the month. Good work Team Linus!


    the feeling when you see ad where is linus and after you skip it you still see linus :O

  • Jovan Jovicic
    Jovan Jovicic

    Whenever I try this my CPU hits temps of ~~90degrees even on the lowest setting? Can anybody help?

  • United Brony
    United Brony

    we should get pewdiepie to help on this

  • Paul Elliott
    Paul Elliott

    Just added my rig to the fold!


    Just started folding to your team...

  • jb2590

    Team LTT just topped the monthly scoreboard with 120,577,821,036 points! I'm folding on 32 cores Xeon e5-2680v2, and 24 cores Xeon e5-2430. I'm even running on all of the desktops and laptops available. Keep up the good work team LTT! I missed out on the registration for the competition, but I'm folding anyway and getting better than 1 WU per hour for the last 20 hours since I started.

  • roberto!


  • Matthew Bosley
    Matthew Bosley

    Can you use crypto mining cards for folding. You should not need video output and they are cheap

  • Steve Siegelin
    Steve Siegelin


  • world_wide_wes

    Just put my 2017 Macbook Pro i7 to work!

  • Davy Ker
    Davy Ker

    We're less than 1% behind Curecoin! Let's beat them!

  • Marty Johnston
    Marty Johnston

    Why is the public media not informing the public of the possibility of the public contributing. Be like 2 wives in a Battle of the Builds, 'Wife PC Build-Off', assisting each other, where everyone is a winner. Collaboration.

  • Ammar Suliman
    Ammar Suliman

    I watching you from Germany, I like your videos so much, And i hope to get a gaming pc like your pc, You make me cry when i see so many amazing technologies things 😭 But so expensive for a student like me Thank you for this videos. 🌹

  • goingtoscotland

    They wanted me on their team so bad. But I like Steve at GN better. Plus they need more help. Sorry, Linus.

  • Alex Calder
    Alex Calder


  • MrTurboTash

    Imagine being the IT guy at folding, "we now have more compute power than all of the worlds super-computers combined. Our bottleneck is the humans"

  • Ton Q
    Ton Q

    shhh! don't talk about mining...

  • RaiderOfTheLostTwitch

    How did they combine the waterblocks like that?

  • Hozay

    So proud of this community.

  • Almericus Säxön
    Almericus Säxön

    Leaving a comment so the YT algorithm detects activity and recommends this to more people. Ctrl-C Ctrl V this message.

  • Sifu Kyle Russell
    Sifu Kyle Russell

    So what are the minimum needed specs for folding? Most people I know have dual core processors or at most an i7 with 16gb of ram. Will a standard PC do anything at all for this or does it have to be some complete abomination from a tech with access to parts most of us will never be able to get?

  • Yuniko Yato
    Yuniko Yato

    saw you in the ranking list so joined up hoping to help

  • Fremen On The Sand
    Fremen On The Sand

    wow cool video, especially your server one. Instructions unclear, joined the gamers nexus folding team.

  • not left blank not left blank
    not left blank not left blank

    Is the germ theory of disease correct?

  • Renato Q
    Renato Q

    My ryzen 3900x is working at 100% but my 2070 super is at 40%, any idea why?

  • R. Rodcast
    R. Rodcast

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> *Banana for scale*

  • nathan mead
    nathan mead

    If this works on linux mint I'll see if i can get my PC to help with it's AMD phenom ii x2 @3.1GHz, 40GB hitachi HDD and 1GB OEM radeon HD 6450 with 1GB of RAM but i will probably have to do it with ssh

  • DomDoesCoasters

    Leaving a comment so the YT algorithm detects activity and recommends this to more people. Ctrl-C Ctrl V this message.

  • Chandler Wells.
    Chandler Wells.

    “Pro is the same as teams but it’s £25”

  • Leslie Savege
    Leslie Savege

    I'm on your team!!!!!! That pass key is LOOONNNGGGG!!! My computer is an I7 running at full. I think I have another one I can fold with as well.

  • Justin Clonts
    Justin Clonts

    rip that case manufacturer i cant think of their name right now

    • Thomas Phillips
      Thomas Phillips


  • cgautama

    Thanks Linus for sharing this. Starting foldingathome. Woohooo

  • Jose Pina
    Jose Pina

    Leaving a comment so the YT algorithm detects activity and recommends this to more people. Ctrl-C Ctrl V this message.

  • Jose Pina
    Jose Pina

    Leaving a comment so the YT algorithm detects activity and recommends this to more people. Ctrl-C Ctrl V this message.

  • Gary Wood
    Gary Wood

    "The reason we need two PSUs is 'to fold'" I see what you did there :-D

  • NeedlessTv‎ Official
    NeedlessTv‎ Official

    If anyone wants to fold for me then here's my team code: 259529


    Won't download for me :( It could be because my internet is 1.3 Mbps

    • BurstHeartsBlue darts
      BurstHeartsBlue darts

      try later, it is supposed to work with low speed. The minimun requirement is a broadband connection.

  • oren warsulkr
    oren warsulkr

    Count me on your side

  • ecmorgan69

    It's just 2.5 weeks later from the date this was filmed, and the active CPUs for Team LMG has gone from 19,928 to 182.868 - a 9.18x increase in active users. Well done, Team Linus!

  • mnky75

    Will it work on a a raspberry pi? I have 2 3B's ans a 3B+ i can use.

  • TexasGTO

    Just joined Team Linus! I hope this actually does something lol

  • Peter

    Super work guys! I’m already a member for many years for this Folding @home project, my only complaint is to Apple....they do not accept that this project is run outside their sandbox app limitations, really too bad considering that there are now 1.2 BILLION Apple devices out there with all powerful cpus and doing nothing to support this Folding program, if only somebody could make this work on for ex. iPad pro’s this could give this folding project even more impact and results!

  • Will Pearce
    Will Pearce

    Gonna get my windows insider laptop to do this overnight while I'm not using the internet for worl