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09:57 storytime of Boris origins
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Welcome to the official Life of Boris SLsoft channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of Gaming, Cooking, Reviews, Animation and Tutorials content, including Slav games, GTA gameplay, Live gaming, On a Budget recipes, Slav cooking, How to Make guides, Country Reviews, Car Reviews and animated content.
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  • Aloona Larionova
    Aloona Larionova

    oh there’s my carpet! I’ve been looking for it everywhere

    • Jacob Johnson
      Jacob Johnson

      Boris i think you have a not so secret admirer

    • MrPoporucha

      I demand free social distribution of carpet!

    • Samko Patúc
      Samko Patúc

      From now ist OUR carpet

    • Marko Drašinac
      Marko Drašinac

      You threw it so far this time Aloona. Pretty sure Boris wont give it to you now, thats carpet violence

  • Joker

    3:12 some cyka brazilian memes

  • John Muellner
    John Muellner

    I laugh so hard Boris!

  • A slav who likes beets
    A slav who likes beets

    *insert meme that lists all slavic counties and proceed with "is this Russian?" *

  • Dat Lam
    Dat Lam

    BoRiS: Make VoDkA

  • Ruben N Saavedra
    Ruben N Saavedra

    You're invited to my wedding shashlik king, hope you can attend 😊

  • Hector Garcia
    Hector Garcia

    I subscribed two days ago lol keep up the good work. I'm also looking into traveling to Europe. Which place do you recommend to visit and should i dress gopnik to fit in?🤔

  • Lewis Weiss
    Lewis Weiss

    Hey Boris can you do some more crossout

  • Noob Gamer
    Noob Gamer

    More man. Here in Chicago enjoying your content. Western spy. Approved.

  • Erdogan Engin
    Erdogan Engin

    dude ı need some more boris ı need som boris cat its so bitufl my engilesh so bad ı am good on russian man ı love you and your video ubaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Scorpwanna

    That rug really ties the room together, does it not?

  • Gunnarr Baldursson
    Gunnarr Baldursson

    Moar plz

  • Uldan1988

    A true SLsoft rebel , hes using Firefox he is chosen one

  • Andy Priestley
    Andy Priestley

    Boris sounds like ham the pig from toy story 😎

  • Danijel Mihaljević
    Danijel Mihaljević

    2:54 Are you proud of us Boris


    9:07 thats acttualy SERBIA(SRBIJA)

  • Globale Triestheid
    Globale Triestheid

    more pls

  • xuevgermanist

    Boris, you're getting fat, mate. Put this tracksuit to some use and start jogging. Also helps to escape gopnicks if necessary.

  • Guillaume Léonard
    Guillaume Léonard

    mor pls

  • Merlin kim
    Merlin kim

    literally subbing for this video. so more please.

  • Albert Zverev
    Albert Zverev

    Boris we're waiting for tatratea factory review 2020

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    Когда вы будете раскрывать лицо?

  • oliver vuckovic
    oliver vuckovic

    Where is artyom

  • Nipple Baby007
    Nipple Baby007

    Why do you not make any forza horizon 4 videos

  • Mark Anthony Channel
    Mark Anthony Channel


  • Mario Vrtaric
    Mario Vrtaric

    Ya ne znal that you have reddit. I subscribed right away.. staying cheeki breeki

  • Soare Flavius
    Soare Flavius

    Most people don't remember the christmas video from 2016 . Man I'm still sad , watching it everyday

  • SteinbrecherBack

    I couldn't understand a single goddamn word if not for the subtitles, but fuck, is it beautiful.

  • LC Officer UNIT 97
    LC Officer UNIT 97

    "Is Boris a Slav? He doesn't dound Russian." *_Cyka._*

  • Charles Edge
    Charles Edge

    I still say Boris was an Alpha Group guy. Just saying. 🤣

  • - Tim444777111
    - Tim444777111

    2:00 please make full version thanks

  • Nat Violen
    Nat Violen

    Boris, could you make babushkas kulich and paskha for Easter? Timewise it would fit and I really would appreciate it.

  • Celdaric [anti-GEWP]
    Celdaric [anti-GEWP]

    The new Pewdiepie sent me :)

  • Prince Patrick Maala
    Prince Patrick Maala

    I absolutely love it. Make more of this subrijit vids Boris 👌🏻

  • Faulty Pillars
    Faulty Pillars

    more pls

  • Shadow_Psych

    More please! :D

  • Free Wheels
    Free Wheels

    Me : I can't get along with the fact i live in Romania Ro doctors : 6:19 Me again : desteaaaapta-teee rooomanneeee

  • MrDarkBlue1


  • King Bob
    King Bob

    Hello *new Aloona*

  • Bulajic

    is he slav he doesn't sound russian *every slav other than russians has left the chat*

  • Devon Garcia
    Devon Garcia

    Oh yeah they removed demonetization lol

  • Mark Berezenko
    Mark Berezenko

    When os life of artyom gonna return

  • Gale Mercado
    Gale Mercado

    God I love his laugh


    more pls.

  • Mr Potatochu
    Mr Potatochu

    I made a history meme in a boris template

  • Steven Haxsaw
    Steven Haxsaw

    Love the vids. You are hilarious. Stay cheekybeeky

  • AlphaRobloxPlayer1

    LOB theory that where he live: The word that you say “Davai” it’s not actually Russian, in G.L (Google Translate) “Davai” mean “Come on” in English. But, G.L say the word of “Davai” it’s from Bulgarian. The question is, *Boris do you live in Bulgaria?*

  • Игорь Словинский
    Игорь Словинский

    Привет Борис) я из России (к сожалению) как ты начал снимать подобный контент

  • Daniel Nilsson
    Daniel Nilsson

    Why the blyat are you not a boss in Tarkov yet? @Nikita!

  • Vince Sanity
    Vince Sanity

    Yo, Does weslav ship to the Philippines?

  • Ксекса


  • Glaz Himself
    Glaz Himself

    Will you ever visit georgia(грузия)?

  • Panda boy
    Panda boy

    So hard to understand you but I love it

  • Its_Danny

    Hey, Boris i wanted to ask something what do you have for breakfest? i need it for a school presentation and of course i can search it but it would be nice to get it from real slav.

  • Gaming Wif Tosted
    Gaming Wif Tosted

    да я сейчас вижу хороший контент. for boris Lmao boris Now you know

  • DiD stop
    DiD stop

    Борис ты сука где был шо дедан самагон варовал?

  • Isa Daud
    Isa Daud

    Boris i like your game can you make chapter 3 pls

  • SGT. Memer
    SGT. Memer

    8:43 I like how Donut Operator was in this video.


    Cooking with vadim collab when

  • B. Ryder
    B. Ryder

    Boris I have problem where I drink vodka, and dance to hardbass too hard. I say too hard because my shoulder becomes dislocated. Please help.