Doctor Reacts to Medical TikTok Controversy
Doctor Mike
There has been a lot of news covering a few Tik Tok videos made by medial professionals. They have been accused of having poor taste and even mocking patients. Some responses went as far as saying that Doctors shouldn't be on social media. I thought this would be a great opportunity to discuss this delicate subject and chat medical some! Huge thank you to Sarah Mojarad for chatting with me about her findings and experience!
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Responsible Medical Influencers on TikTok in no particular order (My account coming next month!)
1- Dr. Choi
2- Dr. Leslie
3- Dr. Staci
4- Doctor Jones
5- Dr. Chiang
Please submit more names in the comments so I can grow this list!
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Mrs. 사리나 Ramos
    Mrs. 사리나 Ramos

    Not too long ago, a young woman (a woman of color in her mid 20s) waited in an ER for over 4 hours with complaints of chest pain and shortness of breath. She proceeded to go to a different hospital but she died of a heart attack before she made it to her vehicle

  • Cierra Cisneros
    Cierra Cisneros

    yeah the second one really made me upset. my boyfriend and i went to the ER because he was having chest pains and was throwing up for 4+ days... and the nurse was blaming weed when he has never even done that! a second nurse came and said stop doing weed and he’s never even done it! they took nothing what we were saying seriously... (we are both 19)

  • Nicole B
    Nicole B

    Personally I don't trust medical professionals because of things like this. I won't go to an er unless I'm truly 100% dying (ie unconcius or bleeding out) because I'm scared of judgment. I also avoid doctor's like the pluage , which is hard to do concidering that I have multiple chronic illnesses.

  • gia

    Honestly the way you described the difference between person to person interaction and social media post interaction was absolutely perfect and makes so much sense.

  • PairedPrototype

    To add to the list in the description box, Chubbyemu makes some great videos on how a person's symptoms develop. Really interesting stuff.

  • Law Zy
    Law Zy

    Nobody: Doctor Mike: I'm a board-certified family physician.

  • hal cat
    hal cat

    I had a friend who died of a heart attack in his early twenties. He never had a chance to get care, but the possibility that he would have been met by that attitude is so awful.

  • Heather Bell
    Heather Bell

    I thought the first one was funny, maybe because I know so many nurses lol

  • Metal Health
    Metal Health

    As someone who has a lot of anxiety surrounding pain because of past medical issues I've gone through, this sucks. I try not to over react, and I have gone into acute care thinking i had symptoms of something sinister because of chest pain I'd never had before and it wasn't going away. I'm just thankful the doc I saw wasn't judgmental. I have avoided going to the doctor as long as possible sometimes because I've been laughed at and looked at like I was crazy so many times I've lost count. I definitely appreciate that someone takes stuff like this seriously because at the end of the day I mean it might be funny but it can deter people even further from trusting medical professionals.

  • Lanakinz

    My friends mom died due to heart and liver failure because her doctor got her meds mixed up with another patients. It’s because the doctor didn’t take her mom seriously, and didn’t pay attention to what they were doing. Of course they got sued but it cost the patient, and (eventually) my friends mom’s life. So I can see how some of these Tik Toks are being seen as offensive. I don’t think they meant to be as mean as they initially came off. But they need to be more careful on what they post. Because some people can take these things personally

  • Heather Strong-Laslie
    Heather Strong-Laslie

    Love Dr momma jones' you tube channel!

  • Glaupe Cabral
    Glaupe Cabral

    Congrats Dr Mike! Your vídeos are amazing

  • Ren Curry
    Ren Curry

    Love how humble you are. I will try to watch more of you. Realized my notifications weren't turned on for all of your videos. Thank you for always providing good information and knowing that it's important to go back and update. I'm 31 have had such a wild journey when it comes to going to the doctor and medical stuff. Age 12/13 middle school- modeling, track, volleyball. To high school - high blood pressure, weight gain, breathing issues, heart murmur, then syncope. Age 19 - no heart murmur, kidney failing to right kidney removed. Age 20 going to the doctor and told that I am making up all of my issues (chest pain, breathing issues, and dizziness) and there was nothing wrong with me. Now, I'm a single mom that lives and works in South Korea and I passed out at work 2 years ago. Just suddenly felt dizzy while sitting on a desk and chatting with my co-worker. Told her I thought I would hit the floor and then woke up on the floor. Docs said there was nothing wrong. Now I haven't had any real issues since then, but went to a holistic doctor who checked my tongue and told me that stress is really messing with my heart and is a major problem for me. Now just yesterday I had to stay in bed because the room was spinning and I had to make sure my daughter (4) remembered how to call the ambulance or what to do if mommy falls down. I ended up just sleeping for 4 mores hours and felt better. The only thing I know for certain for every single time is that I was in fact quite stressed. Major family issues, relationship with boyfriend at that time, stress from traveling and feeling like I didn't have enough rest before work, and now stress from preparing to move to a less stressful environment. Now all that is said....HOW THE HECK DO YOU NOT BE STRESSED!? Sorry, had to shout that part because that seems nearly impossible to me. I have many days where I can manage it, but it's so tough. Anything you recommend?

  • nvmboys

    legend is he wont pin this late comment

  • Javian Dam
    Javian Dam

    For 20 years i was complaining of breathing issues. I was told that was in my head until I almost died. My thyroid grow so big inside my body that moved my trachea to one side compressing it. When I went to the ER, they make me wait 6 hours outside because for them I just went there for a cough. Sad.

  • Sion Dracul
    Sion Dracul

    Person :you should do this detoxing Me: i am detoxing my body does it automatically thats why we have a liver and kidneys

  • Majestic Chajestic
    Majestic Chajestic

    Anytime I'm at the doctors they ask me if I think I know whats wrong with me and I'm just there confused like how am I gonna guess what it is cause they will look at me like I'm stupid if I'm guessing. I've also had a doctor ask me if i have googled my symptoms and I said no and they were like "thats good" what is that suppose to mean?

  • pockychick

    I love your videos, its 4am and I am awake cause I can't sleep ,plus your videos make me smile.

  • Ethan Brandt
    Ethan Brandt

    0:28 Him: "over 9mil subscribers on this channel" My Arstotzka discrepancy detector: "Discrepancy detected"

  • Who needs guys when you have Cats
    Who needs guys when you have Cats

    MOST nurses are NOT like this

  • Adrian A
    Adrian A

    I like how Doctor Mike is so ... politically correct , but is he taking cocaine doe` ? Huehuehuheuheue. Oh no.. maybe its Vodka, he's in origins from there.... riiiight.

  • SUMMER Naci
    SUMMER Naci

    Well hello there

  • BmnGameBoy

    TikTok has the most annoying ads

  • M.E

    Hey Dr Mike, love your videos! Regarding your viewpoint on body detoxification, have you heard of the Purification Rundown offered by the Church of Scientology? I have personally done this and it was life changing! I was getting stopped in the street to be complemented that I was practically glowing! Also, have you heard of Adele Davis? She was a very successful Dietician and advocated vitamins. Genuinely curious about your personal viewpoint on these topics

  • Dana Roberson
    Dana Roberson

    Ok I see that you do some thoughts on fr shows can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start a segment for The Resident

  • bailey james
    bailey james

    ok so what happens when you hit your funny bone? just wonderin lol

  • B. Mora
    B. Mora

    Doctor Mike, does the “celery cleanse” from the Netflix show YOU actually work?

  • Dace Cross
    Dace Cross

    ...and these are examples of what many patients (including myself) experience regularly. And it is the reason I have seen a doctor maybe 5 times in the last 10 years. I get to the ER or Urgent care more often than a regular doctor because I go when I am literally in serious need. I know preventative care is the right way to take care of myself but is doctor hopping worth the stress? I can tell you out of the 20 doctors I have seen in the last 10 years, 2 of them I was comfortable enough to share my real history and full symptoms with. I am saying this as a white person on Medi-Cal. I cant imagine the experiences of a non-white person with or without insurance. You know race, income/type of insurance, and even hygiene comes into the factor of how you get treated by a doctor. I was homeless for a year and finally came into the ER with a black widow bite, it didn't go away after a few days and I wasn't feeling ok by the time I made it into the ER. Because I didn't have access to a shower I smelled bad and they thought I was on drugs as soon as I walked in. They tested me for drugs and started asking me question after I was admitted but while I was in the mostly empty waiting room I could hear a few nurses in the back talking about, "the drug addict with the spider bite", I could almost see the air quotes of the sarcastic pre-judger. I wasn't looked at like a normal person, down on her luck, until after the doctor came in and stated, "Your not on drugs and we need to take care of that bite or you may die". Thanks, doc, way to get to the point quick and painless. At least he said it loud enough for the nurses to hear on the other side of the cloth curtain.

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis

    I remember one time I went to my pediatrician when I was a teenager, and mentioned I had a bit of a pain in my chest and abdomen. I thought it might be a myocardial infarction or appendicitis, but she just wrote it off as gas pains. Now she was probably right, and I was probably just overreacting/overthinking, like I usually do, but I feel like it has caused me to write off the pains I feel as a gas thing. (Maybe it could be pointing to a greater waste system problem). 🤷‍♀️

  • Rose Marie Paonessa
    Rose Marie Paonessa

    bruhhh some people shouldn't be working in medicine

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis

    Ken Jeong is the best.

  • Michael Ortiz
    Michael Ortiz

    He looks like the young person representative at a boomer meeting

  • Alex Méndez
    Alex Méndez

    You channel and Mama Doctor Jones are my favorites! I also like the medical videos from Kristina the anesthesiologist. Thank you!

  • Cj Crabtree
    Cj Crabtree

    We have kids like this in my CNA/Nurse Tech program at school and oh my god it’s annoying

  • Kassidy Patrick
    Kassidy Patrick

    I love this dude so much🤣

  • Kris

    "We know when you're faking" is so harmful to so many people. My doctor did for a long time disregard my pain due to 'a lack of emotion' and belittling it because I would not 'look in pain'. I have chronic pain, my reaction to intense pain is pretty calm.

  • apieceofmoldedclay

    The second person sounds like a hypochondriac so I can sympathize with that. The first patient sounds like an attention seeker so I can see how a medical professional might internally roll their eyes at that. There are plenty of those who might come around for a variety of reasons and they take away from other patients who actually do have something going on with them. Its rather selfish.

  • Cat Per
    Cat Per

    Shavon from violinMD is a good doctor that is also a youtuber

  • MoreThanHaillie

    A few months ago I went to one of my local ERs with some pretty intense and unexplainable swelling in my ankle/leg. Given my extensive family history of heart problems and the fact that I am on a hormonal birth control I was instantly concerned about a possible blood clot. So I’m at the ER and was there for maybe 20 minutes and as I’m explaining my concern to the ER doc I can tell by his body language that I’m just being dismissed. He told me I had a rash and sent me home. I ended up just not feeling good about the situation at all and went to another ER for a second opinion and after going over family history and current meds, this other doc is instantly concerned for a blood clot. Doctors shouldn’t just be dismissing their patients based on age/education. It’s not okay and can be very harmful.

  • Patricia

    Thank you , Doctor Mike for being a professional. We need more people like you.

  • Syd Cash
    Syd Cash

    There literally was a case that made national news this week a 24 yr old went to ER complaining of chest pains, was ignored and died. This stuff is real, I know people fake things but medical professionals should be professional.

  • Eve Haddad
    Eve Haddad

    I have even more respect for you

  • Brianne King
    Brianne King

    Everyone gangsta until Dr.Mike doesn't say Bee-woop at the beginning of the video

  • 02


  • Chloe Granger
    Chloe Granger

    I love dr Mike and mama dr Jones they give the most amazing content while staying educational ❤️💜

  • Vianey gutierrez
    Vianey gutierrez

    Love medical doctors i always learn new things Dr mike, mamadrjones I love and also a dentist I watch

  • Lauren Sisco
    Lauren Sisco

    I want him to react to the new controversy with nurses on TikTok. The very few are making a bad name for nurses.

  • Akira Makara
    Akira Makara

    You know, I think that the first video was funny. I didn't feel like it was as serious, but I can see how it would be. Which was strange, because the second video, which had the same idea, pissed me off. Because my family has a complicated medical history, and doctors constantly dismiss our symptoms....

  • kinda soft
    kinda soft

    thank you. just thank you 💘

  • Joanne

    The first video kinda pissed me off. Reminded me of the time I went to a clinic because of high fever, but I was dressed well since I had class. The nurse looked at me and said "You're obviously here for the MC". The nurse didn't even took my temperature correctly. Luckily the doctor actually cared and retake my temperature. Excuse me, I'm not gonna spend my precious time on a stupid MC, I'm actually sick.


    Why am I here

  • Ms. Potatoghost
    Ms. Potatoghost

    Last year I was in the process of being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I was 25... I can't tell you how many doctors wrote off my symptoms and didn't believe me. Finally, an OBGYN (I was just there to update my birth control) took me seriously and had tests ordered that confirmed I had Graves disease. That last one is beyond triggering, by the time I was diagnosed I went into thyroid storm because "doctors/nurses" like her. She shouldn't be allowed to practice in my opinion. She's already proved she doesn't care, and behavior like that in the medical field could really harm someone.

  • Paulie Doodle
    Paulie Doodle

    When it comes to online, I never used to say or do anything that I wasn’t prepared to stand in the middle of a busy street and shout out or do. It helped me to rethink some of my posts. Since I’m a teacher (and hate the thought of my pupils finding my online accounts) I just found it easier and less stressful to get rid of my Facebook and Instagram accounts all together. I feel much less anxious now and I don’t miss them one bit. 😁

  • Kyle Langston
    Kyle Langston

    I know you're talking to medical professionals, but I think it applies to all professionals. Good advice! Thanks!

  • Sabinchen Meister
    Sabinchen Meister

    Love this video, thanks for helping us understand where that gray line is with social media and working in health care - it can be so confusing these days!!

  • Lafka Laf
    Lafka Laf

    I just saw a tiktok video in which a nurse gives very bad sex ed advice (promoting abstinence before wedding as the only safe way to prevent STDs), and I immediately thought of Dr Mike's reaction !

  • SincerelyTatiana

    Do you not know when someone is faking heavy breathing? That wasn’t even a real patient . The point of it was to say doctors can tell when people are faking... you were reaching in this video

  • AmyRe-L Proxy
    AmyRe-L Proxy

    When he doesn't say beewoop Me: this can't be good

  • Nerissa Vogt
    Nerissa Vogt

    So many professionals lacking empathy.

  • emily velasquez
    emily velasquez

    @mamadoctorjones omg he tagged you and omg I didn’t know you had a TikTok