Disney Pixar's Up -Married Life - Carl & Ellie (HQ)
Una delle più belle scene mai viste...ho pianto io ç_ç
sono troppo belli!!!
La Canzone è Married Life, di Michael Giacchino.(premio oscar miglior colonna sonora)

  • Wildmansam

    I literally can’t stop crying at this scene 😭

  • Zachary Feng (302ZacFeng)
    Zachary Feng (302ZacFeng)

    Bro that guy with gun gonna shoot everyone, and then soon, it will be WW3

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  • Sxntvno

    “Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something” - Winnie the Pooh

  • J C
    J C


  • Heidi Dogoni
    Heidi Dogoni

    *When you don’t want to pee at 2AM while you’re comfy in bed so you get it out with your eyes*

  • Rio Gonzalez
    Rio Gonzalez


  • Rio Gonzalez
    Rio Gonzalez

    When my wife marries me and I marry her too to a handsome husband like me, me and my wife will love each other very much and never leave each other and be together forever

  • TheChosen BoyGamer
    TheChosen BoyGamer

    So sad...but that's beautiful!

  • Maveen Aeon Raguel Llantos
    Maveen Aeon Raguel Llantos


  • Maveen Aeon Raguel Llantos
    Maveen Aeon Raguel Llantos

    Awwwww.......now she is going to death

  • pabani sarenu
    pabani sarenu


  • Iridescent Vampire
    Iridescent Vampire

    I was laughing a little bit at the wedding scene

  • Yhadira Molina
    Yhadira Molina


  • Halel Vaknin
    Halel Vaknin


  • Freya Gross-Reed
    Freya Gross-Reed

    U la la 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Jacqueline Andrea
    Jacqueline Andrea


  • Bereksi Rachida
    Bereksi Rachida


  • Ryder Nigga
    Ryder Nigga

    Be Carefull Guys This Vid contains A LOT OF ONIONS

  • Wren Ashley
    Wren Ashley

    If this doesn’t make you ugly cry idk what will..

  • Somberin Gaming
    Somberin Gaming

    we had just seen their whole life, cried, and felt terrible after watching it. not even a single word was said.

  • boy boy
    boy boy

    This movie hits differently, wish I could watch it again.

  • John Constantine
    John Constantine

    Back at the time when pixar was still got damn amazing with all of this masterpieces

  • Bugsy 04
    Bugsy 04

    0:58 I’ve seen this movie like 8 times now and I just noticed that foreshadowing

  • Danny Jackal
    Danny Jackal

    I came here to cry. Again.

  • Conor Vlogs
    Conor Vlogs

    This reminds us that the most important thing in life is your family.

  • x marta
    x marta

    2009 no 2010 no 2011 no 2012 no 2013 no 2014 no 2015 no 2016 no 2017 no 2018 no 2019 no 2020 Let's put this in recommendation and make cry

  • x marta
    x marta

    Nobody: Disney: let's make everybody cry after 2 decades

  • Guillermo Godoy
    Guillermo Godoy

    10 years

  • Car Lene
    Car Lene

    OMG So sad the grandma die

  • •nutellaxtoast_ gacha•
    •nutellaxtoast_ gacha•

    Help, I'm unable to cry.

  • 아바타스타슈


  • BlazeDragon 52ka
    BlazeDragon 52ka

    They could of adopted a baby

  • Grace Reynolds
    Grace Reynolds

    Literally sobbing here

  • Nami Pango
    Nami Pango

    Oh ...its so emotional 😓😓😓😓

  • Kerem

    Real men want no hoe to fuck everyday they want a relationship like this with a girl

  • Megan King
    Megan King

    You that theory where Russell is an angel guiding Carl to heaven? Yeah, well what if Russell is their unborn child as an angel guiding him to heaven

  • Pimp Shrimp
    Pimp Shrimp

    Didn't know until today that her wife is a girl scout

  • N. Đ.
    N. Đ.

    So sad😭😢

  • зарина халикова
    зарина халикова


  • Jessij Demsic
    Jessij Demsic

    I don’t want to be a Disney princess, I want to be Ellie 😭😍

  • Blue Cat
    Blue Cat

    Ill Be Online Cya Tommorow. ~Last Online 7 Years Ago.

  • Jacob Lawson
    Jacob Lawson

    I just lost my Aunt in August and thinking about this reminds me of all the great memories we had

  • LouMah

    Ik this sounds heartless, and as much as i love and respect this entire scene as a masterclass in music and emotions in film, i just never cry to it. I find it very sad yes, but just don't cry for some reason. And i do cry at many other movies/tv shows


    If Carl and Ellie wanted a kid so bad why didnt they adopt one lmao?

  • morgan ;/
    morgan ;/

    i made a video edit of this to make it sadder, check it out on my channel (:

  • Kristoffer Chamness
    Kristoffer Chamness

    this shit hits hard every time

  • Raph 2 lastreet
    Raph 2 lastreet

    This music reminds me everything of my life

  • Hedvika Potterová Sovová
    Hedvika Potterová Sovová

    Carl být sám😭

  • Hedvika Potterová Sovová
    Hedvika Potterová Sovová


  • Littlest dumpling.
    Littlest dumpling.

    I don't wanna cry but I can't help it. I wanna see but I can't unwatch. I want to set this as my ringtone but my FUCKING eyes will leak everytime.

  • Jwad Alnoor
    Jwad Alnoor


  • Tatiana Guerrero
    Tatiana Guerrero

    So there u have me, crying once again at this 😂🙃

  • Noob Creeper
    Noob Creeper

    if the melody isn't enough to bring tears to you, the nostalgia surely will..

  • Oppsie Dasi
    Oppsie Dasi

    I cry every single time I watch the ending. It also doesn't help that last year, my grandpa lost his wife. She was still quite young too...

  • Ale Cepauskiene
    Ale Cepauskiene

    kaip man gaila kad numirė jo žmona kada jie buvo kartu jie buvo tokie laimingi

  • Well Hello There!
    Well Hello There!

    how do i rewatch this so many times yet manage to cry just as much if not more

  • _big AL_YT_#
    _big AL_YT_#

    Ok boomer

  • Francisco C.
    Francisco C.

    This they made this live action, the whole world would cry.

  • Rodrigo Hernandez
    Rodrigo Hernandez

    °° ~