Customizing 40 Apple Watches, Then Giving Them To People!!⌚📱 (Giveaway) | ZHC
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  • ZHC

    Thanks for watching! Don't forget to enter in the huge apple watch giveaway! Please subscribe :) First comment: Marcusheart131

    • Viktor Snapp
      Viktor Snapp

      This is crazy. I remember when you ddI so many smaller things. I’m the last year your content has virally exploded and it’s so cool to be there to see it.

    • Amanda Jimenez
      Amanda Jimenez

      Me PLEASE

    • kyū kid
      kyū kid

      zhc:me give appol appol go to all notification squad.ᕙ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)ᕗ turkey fanboy:i was first, giv me wach nowww!!! it my birthday soon.(┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ (╥﹏╥) me: ┐(´д`)┌ ....meh i get it,cool : I don't,cool. btw I'd like one bro.

    • Bobby Burrill
      Bobby Burrill

      I need to say to my sister I got one, please can I win she rubs it in :{………… I ENTER

    • TBM LSGEthan
      TBM LSGEthan

      i think i was first

  • -Craft Queen-
    -Craft Queen-

    After seeing this video, it motivated me to draw on my own! It turned out really good! Thank you for the inspiration! 🤣

  • Jorge Alday
    Jorge Alday

    I love how you draw😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • James Portillo
    James Portillo

    ZHC can I get a free Apple Watch 5 plz because I’m a dig fan of you

  • Joy Pablo
    Joy Pablo

    I don’t have those apps but may I pls have one ?

  • Lauren Sells
    Lauren Sells

    May I have one

  • D R
    D R

    Pleeeaseee can i be the winner???. customize the iphone or watch with your face i dare you!!! and i promise ill use it forever!

  • Supreeth .g
    Supreeth .g

    If your realy. My fring give on watch iwill custom. More better then yiu

  • Ramsey Degramond
    Ramsey Degramond

    My name is Zachary

  • Tracey Mitchell
    Tracey Mitchell

    I would love one because I’m 9 and just got my brothers old phone I hope I win I have notifications on I’m liked and subbed I have Ben super for 4 years

  • Aurelia Saravia
    Aurelia Saravia

    I love your videos and l am suscribirse to your Chanel and l like your videos so much

  • Caleb Pfingsten
    Caleb Pfingsten

    Zhc Is the goat ! I love his drawings

  • Kaine Hendrix
    Kaine Hendrix

    I am not kidding I am in a family that can not afford to get me an appl watch

  • Crazy Crafty
    Crazy Crafty

    I want a apletwatch

  • Payton Adkins
    Payton Adkins

    In 20 years customize a house then give it to my friend

  • Tysin Besley
    Tysin Besley

    I want a apple whatch

  • Adaley Rodriguez
    Adaley Rodriguez

    Marcusheart131 i never win


    I'm following you last 2years but you never choose an giveaway winner why zch place giveaway an iphone to me


    Can you show me some tips about artwork cause I love it and I want to be a artist I’m 11 years old DM me on instagram at mr.anonymous12321

  • Meera Khaldi
    Meera Khaldi

    My sis followed everyone in th3 video

  • Meera Khaldi
    Meera Khaldi

    But sadly I don’t have Instagram but I folded everyone in the video

  • Meera Khaldi
    Meera Khaldi

    I would lov3to win I really need a Apple Watch because I am trying to lose wait and it would really help me

  • Jose Lemus
    Jose Lemus

    Muy bonito

  • Doomyboii

    Back round 14:10

  • Gabo Naj
    Gabo Naj

    I love turtles :3

  • owlygirlrowan

    Me: **waiting for the day ZHC costumises Samsung products**

  • Konyinsola Atobatele
    Konyinsola Atobatele

    What I you can’t get IG

  • Bruna Borges Gastaldi
    Bruna Borges Gastaldi


  • Bruna Borges Gastaldi
    Bruna Borges Gastaldi

    Please , send me one in Brazil please please

  • Guy Reyes
    Guy Reyes

    Marcsheart137 And also I love your vids ❤️

  • Maricela Sanchez
    Maricela Sanchez

    i like your drawing

  • Funny Vines
    Funny Vines

    I want one can i have on my birthday is just now please can i have one

  • Haylynn Studdard
    Haylynn Studdard

    I’m not old enough to have Instagram 😢

  • Alka Eliades
    Alka Eliades

    WHEN YOU DO NOT HAVE INSTAGRAM.... Much sadness... There goes any chances🥺

  • Freaking Mint
    Freaking Mint

    Can I plzzzz have one

  • Lk squad
    Lk squad

    I would love to give my mom an Apple Watch she is fighting cancer and she also wanted one but my family is having a hard time buying anything for her please notice me

  • Jeremy Saluta
    Jeremy Saluta

    I did the steps🤞😄

  • Alka Eliades
    Alka Eliades

    I'm an Android user😂😂

  • Aniya H
    Aniya H

    I literally cant ever enter a giveaway because i don't have insta and i only have tik tok

  • Ariel M
    Ariel M

    I Absolutely love this concept! I wish I was artistic but this is GREAT!! ❤️💛

  • Dog DENNiS O
    Dog DENNiS O

    Hey can I have a custom Apple Watch Series 5 with your logo I forgot his name and I never win

  • Brooklyn

    I already have an Apple Watch soo

  • Ewan Williams
    Ewan Williams

    Hi ZHC I think I should win a Apple Watch because I have liked most of your videos and shared to my friend and I watch all you videos about 3 or 4 times

  • Lexie Gomez
    Lexie Gomez

    This is cool asf

  • Lorna Seaman
    Lorna Seaman

    Can't do Instagram but I will subscribe and then on notifications

  • Jamie X4
    Jamie X4

    And I followed insta

  • America Ugarte
    America Ugarte

    Can I have one

  • Jamie X4
    Jamie X4

    I subbed does and liked and watched u since 25k subs so what do I do now

  • Muhammed Saad
    Muhammed Saad

    I have done everything Your subscriber from iraq🥰

  • žan caf žunko
    žan caf žunko

    sucks not to get one

  • Sword Master
    Sword Master

    Me starting video thinking ....hey another guy who just wants subs....but hey....he even wants insta etc.🤣

  • Dash 8
    Dash 8

    3050 “ *Customizing a Planet and giving it to Aliens* “

  • tuffduff _
    tuffduff _

    Maybe I should consider going into public now

  • Bella Garcia
    Bella Garcia

    I would really like an Apple Watch because my moms birthday is is coming up so I would like to give her an Apple Watch

  • Ritik Verma
    Ritik Verma


  • the gamer
    the gamer

    I am poor my parents can not afford me anything

  • the gamer
    the gamer


  • Julia Swenski
    Julia Swenski

    so satisfying that i literally wanna go buy an apple watch JUST to unwrap it lol

  • Anes Hmida
    Anes Hmida

    My 9999th attempt to get first comment 😂😂

  • Anes Hmida
    Anes Hmida

    My 9999th attempt to get first comment 😂😂