Cooking with what you have - End of month special
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Cooking with what you have - End of month special
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Someone challenged me to cook with what I have. I decided to cook it at end of month. Now that is a true challenge. This end of month special is a bit more extreme than usual, but makes a hungry stomach very full. Cooking with what you have is a delicate process of not messing up your last components.
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  • Dhruv Patel
    Dhruv Patel

    The secret: flour and water

  • belalı balina
    belalı balina

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="194">3:14</a>

  • Krispy Donut
    Krispy Donut

    “You will not go hungry, not on my watch” -Boris 2019

  • kazovanya

    İn the first time you added water i thought it was vodka because of the shape of the cup

  • Francesca Tiko-Okoye
    Francesca Tiko-Okoye

    Whenever my friends watch this with me they say "seriously we watched this last week" And I respond "Which makes it more worthy of watching

  • scott lessman
    scott lessman

    This is your best video. Thank you for all the content.

  • BurN JoE
    BurN JoE

    boris: vadim blyat me: *gargling love this channel fadsfsdf

  • Ivelin2009YT

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a> Why does that look like Musaka? Musaka: Something in bulgarish and tasty


    me watching this video for fun because i have survived on water for the last 27 days

  • Neenee Castillo
    Neenee Castillo

    Ngl first video I watched and I watched it at 11 at night it’s kinda scary

  • Alezander 92
    Alezander 92

    Now I'm watching this video during quarantine Tq Boris

  • Anantha Suraj 2
    Anantha Suraj 2

    Lol video is so helpful now

  • Hadeel Didam
    Hadeel Didam

    Its come to the point that watching him use an axe or a saw to cut something isn't even amusing to my brain, I've just accepted as the norm

  • Paweł Benisz
    Paweł Benisz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> old Polish money... you still haven't guessed his nationality?

  • Hazukashi _
    Hazukashi _

    Я русская, зачем я это смотрю ? Кстати для студентов жизненно.

  • WaterLumber213 `
    WaterLumber213 `

    his accent never gets old

  • moonlight sunshine
    moonlight sunshine

    i have a question for you guys, what country does boris come from?

  • Sentient Sherman
    Sentient Sherman

    happy birthday artyom!

  • [WPK] Preacher
    [WPK] Preacher

    Can you make a video with your Babushka? Or Dedushka doesnt matter

  • J .M
    J .M

    So should i risk getting diarea or starve

  • Simply Angelo
    Simply Angelo

    Every time I cook I use the freaking whole garlic 😂

  • God emperor Of mankind
    God emperor Of mankind

    not enugh 🏗

    • God emperor Of mankind
      God emperor Of mankind

      🚘 amel

  • Ajaxx The Great
    Ajaxx The Great

    You know your fucked when even the Russian considers your end of month shit to go too far

  • Dziku

    ''Najlepszym kucharzem jest pusty żołądek'' xDDD

  • liberland gaming
    liberland gaming

    hey i on end of month have no stuff in fridge so i eat grass. Btw hello from Croatia

  • Lucker ;-;
    Lucker ;-;

    Privet.allo mayonez!

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike

    I've only ever used flour for bread, never knew it was a multitool that rivals even a well-made bayonet.

  • Addde

    Oh csmr es el Dylan chileno cocinero Ngl se ve bastante alegre cocinando para pobres voy a usar sus tips para la cuarentena porque me quedé misio tho.

  • DaGreat Gamer
    DaGreat Gamer

    Oh blyat

  • gamer boy935
    gamer boy935

    Normal slav=one peice of garlic Trueeeeeeeeeeee slav=eat raw garlic for food

  • SpazzKill

    I would never have imagined flour can be fried... There are Slav things I have to improve yet...

  • Cha cha Real smooth
    Cha cha Real smooth

    I don’t have sausage Guess I’ll starve to death I just realized I also don’t have garlic

  • Giotalo Ginon
    Giotalo Ginon

    ok, according to boris, the only thing I had were few things, but here the question How the hell do I get all the vegetables, like the carrot?

  • eririe

    This video hits differently due to quarantine

  • Cheems

    just a tip: blood is an egg substitute!

  • Fabiano Pfaffenseller
    Fabiano Pfaffenseller


  • LeoTheHellene

    The only cooking show I watch.

  • Dominic H.
    Dominic H.

    - dice one mid size potato into really small cubes - chop half an onion up in large pieces - put oil in a pan and stir until potato is soft enough that you can smash it lightly - add 2 beaten eggs (optional: add cheese, doctor's sausage or any cold cuts you have left over, or use flour as filler like Boris) - salt, pepper - stir until done Delicious and feeds me for half a day.

  • O P Yadav
    O P Yadav

    Thats looks like a vomit

  • Brady22

    You're like slav jesus with the way you made that small amount of food work.

  • askewcat

    The only thing he dies is meme and throw food at other food but it always look fucking amazing

  • Kimmy Jimmy
    Kimmy Jimmy

    Boris needs to make a cookbook like, Right Now. Binging W/ Babish and YSAC already did it so why not boris.

  • Sith Trooper
    Sith Trooper

    I have toxic waste in my home so I cooked some nuke

  • steve jones
    steve jones

    Most precise cutting i have ever seen on this chanel

  • Ziron Kekerson
    Ziron Kekerson

    Now that my entire country has shut down and there is no food or money or toilet paper for next 3 months, this will come in handy very much. thankyou comrade boris

  • Lil Moee713
    Lil Moee713

    Remember: Don’t add the whole garlic, THATS fucking insane just only one piece. Boris 2019.

  • RazeOfficial

    Good Video idiot

  • Red_Doggo

    End of the month and no cash or food. Microwave ramen, throw the packet away. Add spaghetti sauce to the ramen and toast bread. Place ramen on toast and top with garlic salt or make a sandwich if you're rich and have 2 slices of bread. Seriously it's fucking amazing and I once ate them every day for a week.

  • ElectroWiz

    “So you have survived another month” 2020 in a nutshell

  • Goldcreeper1356

    Imagine being That poor

  • Dovakins Dead
    Dovakins Dead

    FPSRussia trying to make a come back

  • Caskader Gaming
    Caskader Gaming

    If enough to feed one Boris, then enough to feed 3 poor me

  • Fabian Marci
    Fabian Marci


  • disc

    russian depression cooking

  • GermanBiscuit Does stuff
    GermanBiscuit Does stuff

    I hate the taste of expired milk we drank expired milk at our old school

  • gamingpanda

    хороший совет приготовления и люблю твое видео

  • ching Ha ching
    ching Ha ching

    I'm definitely fine

  • Slash_God1223

    Tik Tok ads are ruining his channel

  • Evie Lee
    Evie Lee

    Boris is the Slavic Gordon Ramsay, and reminder make better shopping list blin.

  • Felipe L. A.
    Felipe L. A.

    Around 999% of people who are desperate about Corona-virus making an actual fucking apocalypse did not see Boris' low budget cooking tutorials.

  • Fishy Playz
    Fishy Playz

    Man this is more needed then ever

  • Attached Texas12
    Attached Texas12

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="682">11:22</a> I do the same thing I just cut the cucumber in half

  • ChaseTheLadiesMan

    That end of month grater had me in tears! Thanks Boris!

  • Mátyás Piller
    Mátyás Piller

    Seeing that he needs oil although it can be solved with cheap baking margarin: *laughing in Hungarian*

  • The Challenged Meatloaf
    The Challenged Meatloaf

    2 months into COVID-19 quarantine be like

  • the phenix Johnson
    the phenix Johnson he being like Sirius or.... What

  • GoldSkyMusic

    SLsoft recommendating these duing the Corona Quarantines... Good joob fam

  • HamTheBacon

    Most of my soups are thickened with Roux, it adds flavor and makes the soup feel creamier, cream inside the soup or not. And is pretty normal in western spy lands.

  • Common Logic
    Common Logic

    In times of crisis like this, this is a video to behold

  • R. L1MB0
    R. L1MB0

    considering the current situation of the world, im gonna depend a lot on those videos

  • oliver ward
    oliver ward

    This video is gonna be very useful during the current crisis

  • The Polititalk
    The Polititalk

    Boris: "Dont add flour to soup." Me: *Sad gumbo noises*

  • PikachuEnSlip

    Corona special

  • Infinite, The Next Kazekage
    Infinite, The Next Kazekage

    If I heard correctly Boris said it was August 30th *I MIGHT HAVE A SLAV BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR*

  • Squeezed Lemony demon
    Squeezed Lemony demon

    Coming back here cause it's corona time and the fridge's starting to look empty

  • Legolas Nosense
    Legolas Nosense

    Have you ever considered opening your own restaurant?

  • Callie Calamari
    Callie Calamari

    Boris:So let's start cooking with what we have; *puts cat on chopping block*

  • hep the great
    hep the great

    I donno why, but the bay leaf gets me everytime.

  • CookieMilkshake

    was that a Chernobyl apartment in the intro lol

  • (Namo) Sarun Prathanvanich
    (Namo) Sarun Prathanvanich

    Boris make a master class