Coding on a 15 year old computer - Programmer Boris
Life of Boris
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Programmer Boris is here! I had to get some floppy disks and a new drive to finish this video so it took 3 whole weeks to finish. But final product is better than ever!
In this video I am teaching to code in a very easy programming language - Python. Python is great for beginners and written in a very logical way. Once you learn the structure of this language, it can be applied to other coding languages as well.
This tutorial shows how to use "if", "else", "while" and some basic functions.
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  • ThatDudeFromTexas

    you can tell where he lives by his outlets👌

  • Vlad Humours Official
    Vlad Humours Official

    Really, man. This is the greatest tutorial of Python in SLsoft. Really fun and very easy to understand basics of Python from this video. Nice job, Comrade Boris!

  • Polish Onion
    Polish Onion

    Boris more cooking PLEASE

  • Stanle Ass
    Stanle Ass

    Pliss indonesia subtitle

  • Life TV
    Life TV

    Boris: We don't need mouse Boris:*uses mouse*

  • Simmikke

    Goddamn that floppy disk stunt tho, honestly appreciate it more ahaha

  • Nathan Hercik
    Nathan Hercik

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a> Wait is that a European outlet?Were is he filming at?

  • karas gr
    karas gr


  • kaktamewo

    Субскрайб ту Борис ор ю кэн лоз зис найс ченел виз сука энд блять

  • lll jjj
    lll jjj

    привет всем русским.если они здесь есть.

  • BeFeLeMe PeSeVeZe
    BeFeLeMe PeSeVeZe

    Hello from a Czech Republic 😁😀

  • demon gamer yeet
    demon gamer yeet

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a> You see two beep mean iz working fine, one beep.... iiizz not bad-- But one long beep oy pizdez you better run blyat!!😂🤣😂🤣

  • Kralj Stone
    Kralj Stone

    That is my daily programming pc

  • Cole Robarge
    Cole Robarge

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="222">3:42</a> live footage of western twitch streamers


    Твой голос действительно броский

  • Aayush Bangera
    Aayush Bangera

    this blin teaches me more in 11 min than a fucking 5hr video

  • el bruh
    el bruh

    uhhh vadim blyat i'm gonna to sleep

  • ThatGuyPlayZ 0nmobile
    ThatGuyPlayZ 0nmobile

    Why are the outlets weird?

  • simple coder
    simple coder

    Говоришь по английски, материшся по русски.

  • Pavle Petrović
    Pavle Petrović

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a> me when studying

  • Captain Death
    Captain Death

    Boris Blyat: Here we only use professional tools, and machines *SLAPS THE MONITER WITH THE MIGHT OF ZUES* Me: *dying of boris fking slapping a computer moniter, STILL CANT GWT OVER IT TODAY. Черт возьми, почему я не могу получить это?

  • Vadim Jecks
    Vadim Jecks

    My name is Vadim, blyat.

  • Carabut Ian
    Carabut Ian

    At least it isnt old than half life 2

  • akapesic

    Im from Serbia...... Similar to Russian.

  • Anthrax

    i'm from czech republc

  • zweitaacount bratan
    zweitaacount bratan

    Rin blackout

  • zweitaacount bratan
    zweitaacount bratan

    Am4ximum haahaa

  • zweitaacount bratan
    zweitaacount bratan


  • zweitaacount bratan
    zweitaacount bratan

    Hellp vadim hahahhHah

  • zweitaacount bratan
    zweitaacount bratan

    Counter strike hahahaa

  • Vlalis

    I think you don't know it but blin=pancake.

  • Prod. Jacob
    Prod. Jacob

    Java or Phyton? kinda confused rn cant choose between two programming softwares help meeeee

  • AngrRaider

    Jokes on you, I found a fully operational floppy disk in my school in 5 mins

  • Vasya Pupkin
    Vasya Pupkin

    до сих пор на таком в унике ебашу

  • player1001

    @life of boris are you from kazakhstan?

  • Joabe Lucena
    Joabe Lucena

    Pycharm? Use vs code instead

  • Žygimantas Mieliauskas
    Žygimantas Mieliauskas

    Comedy videos good luck

  • Debdyutee Ghosh
    Debdyutee Ghosh

    Thanks i learned how to program using python


    Просто русский коммент который ты искал

  • Roland Lawrence
    Roland Lawrence

    real salv would be using debian ;) just saying... win XP ... thats for old people and UK military with out of date embedded equipment.

  • Chandravo Bhattacharya
    Chandravo Bhattacharya

    Dude im a programmer and this is actually a good tutorial

  • Buddha Nag
    Buddha Nag


  • Kurt Drexler
    Kurt Drexler


  • rotfuchs

    and since I do not have vodka cooling installed ... I'm dead

  • i have Logicality
    i have Logicality

    There are 3 steps to start scripting: 1. Install texteditor 2. Install any programming language 3. And optional.... CSGO or CS16.

  • Platon Pahopoulos
    Platon Pahopoulos

    i have the same gaming mouse

  • VADIK 39
    VADIK 39

    Я наслушался про себя )

  • Dmitry L.
    Dmitry L.

    Ahh cuka it is oxyeno you genius!

  • Taco phone Lab
    Taco phone Lab

    He hacked my device

  • jamesassbag

    If you want a good XP machine but dont want a desktop, buy a thinkpad t42. I got one off ebay for 50 bucks and it's in great shape, even the battery holds a charge. Now I have 2 ssds in it hehe

  • Gabriel Mcalpine
    Gabriel Mcalpine

    The windows xp background gives me nostalgia

  • Matas

    as for me, a total urod and debil who wants to learn something useful during the quarantine this was actually useful. I tried along too and it worked. Очень спосибо.

  • LukasPlayz

    When you have a virus: Blinhack Enabled for Vadim!

  • guillermo

    i learned more here than codecademy.

  • fabian Baggins
    fabian Baggins

    is this the russian version of dylantero?

  • Necron Lord
    Necron Lord

    I love getting an epilepsy by just looking at the monitor

  • 98abrahamsonic

    ok... como carajos llegue aqui¡?

  • Ranvir Singh
    Ranvir Singh

    When even Slavs are using Python3 and your legacy garbage is still stuck at Python2

  • саша пыжьянов
    саша пыжьянов

    говори на РУССКОМ blyat )

  • Ash Waker
    Ash Waker

    Lol, you have the same computer mouse as me.


    Ithink 🤔 he make the first slav virus meme

  • Yudong Li
    Yudong Li

    Oh pycharm 1.x!

  • Pharao - Logistik
    Pharao - Logistik

    stay cheeky breeky


    Recover some file brooo

  • Grigas Sabinskas
    Grigas Sabinskas


  • Genesis Gaming
    Genesis Gaming

    Gta 6 on floppy xD lovely

  • monstrosesquipedalian hippopoto
    monstrosesquipedalian hippopoto

    Russian accent is so sexy

    • Asiris Tomson
      Asiris Tomson


  • Sanjaya Allan
    Sanjaya Allan

    All you had to do is upgrade the conputer to windows 10!

  • Natt Lipo
    Natt Lipo

    *Waring do not watch video if has photosensitive epilepsy or motion sickness*

  • earthkung121

    Blyatiful Windows xp

  • Naod

    cs:go blyat

  • Th3MoN jePlay
    Th3MoN jePlay

    SERGEY? LOL, he's Sergey!

  • ARK69

    Me : Sees a Slav teaching me programming Also me : SUBSCRIBE!

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen

    “Property of the department of defense” I don’t like where this is going.......

  • long cat
    long cat

    give dell optiplex _now_

  • KryzKat

    C++ > Java, fight me


    When this video came out this computer was as old as me

  • Shawn Meng
    Shawn Meng

    Yes... “property of department of “defense”” great job Russia

  • paquito el de los taquitos
    paquito el de los taquitos

    Entendi lo de bliat Y alguna palabras :/

  • moron oWo splatoon fan -_- idiot uWu
    moron oWo splatoon fan -_- idiot uWu

    [Python] Downloaded: bitcoinmine.exe BonziBuddy95.exe fbisecretplans.jpg cs16legithax.exe