Coding on cheapest laptop ever! - Programming with Boris
Coding on cheapest laptop ever! - Programming with Boris
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In this video I teach you the basics of programming with Java. I try coding on the cheapest laptop ever. It's a Slavtop from eastern bloc costing only $200. I am here to prove that even the cheapest possible laptop on the market is enough to start coding, for studying and even professional programming work.
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  • Abd Kayali
    Abd Kayali

    *Hello World not Hello Anatoli or Anatolia or what ever this name is 😂😂😂😂

  • sLacki _
    sLacki _

    Why so many dislikes blin :c

  • Máté Ludnik
    Máté Ludnik

    I code on a laptop roughly the 1/3 of the price of this. I feel offended.

  • Cpt Hermes
    Cpt Hermes


  • Cindorqw

    В какие только отрасли не залезешь ради 💲💲💲

  • FiyaMC

    i thought java was so hard, thank you for teaching me what java is.

  • Bold Ranger
    Bold Ranger

    I dont even know about code

  • La Boonany
    La Boonany


  • Pinky Boy
    Pinky Boy

    What kind of device he had hit with laptop, it displays time, i mean this timer, sm1 know?

  • Никита Ловцеаич
    Никита Ловцеаич

    Кто из Русских смотрит Бориса?

  • Toan Nguyen Huu
    Toan Nguyen Huu

    2:08 boris guide to not being watched by western blyat spies

  • ян домрачев
    ян домрачев

    Я один русский?

  • Salvador Marmolejo
    Salvador Marmolejo

    "I mean yes, snails have completed whole marathons during the installation process but, shit, it hasn't crashed yet" 😂😂😂

  • PJ Noonan
    PJ Noonan

    Sorry Boris, I have you beat. I program on a $150 last generation laptop. Good video though.

  • Knowlow Se
    Knowlow Se

    No joke i have learners more progaming from boris then i did from my teacer😂

  • Aayush Pokharel
    Aayush Pokharel

    Tries programming java in old laptop in windows **cries in Ubuntu and python**

  • Chat

    5:46 I relate to this outside of coding I'm a 3d modler and I also use after effects


    *Russian Hacker*: 100

  • its wolfie_ undertale fan
    its wolfie_ undertale fan

    Russians vibin:we are bigest! Croatia:we have beautiful sea Germany:we caused both ww's Serbia:U PIZDU MATERINU IMAMO NIKOLU TESLU!!!

  • s ku
    s ku

    By the power of babushkas kompot, Boris makes coding seem as easy as flipping a blin!

  • TheUndeadBG

    As a Python user, Java is WAY too complicated lmao. As for example: In java if you want to print something you need to type System.out.printIn(""Your message"), as for Python you just type print("Your message") xD.

  • LowSkiLLenok

    1:47 как же жизненно)))

  • Max Konushenko
    Max Konushenko

    Oof mine costs £312

  • Adelaide Art Very Friendly to everyone
    Adelaide Art Very Friendly to everyone

    Теперь я могу программировать и высчитывать количество ингредиентов для блинов! Спасибо за этот туториал разноцветного цвета двадцать первого века!!!🥞🥞🥞🥞

  • Adelaide Art Very Friendly to everyone
    Adelaide Art Very Friendly to everyone

    Лучший обзор ноутбука, который я только видела.😂 (потому что он единственный из всех обзоров ноутбуков, которые я видела) (slavic letters)


    Пиздец, тапорный английский

  • Francisco Martel
    Francisco Martel

    It literally take me a month to learn what he explains in 15 minutes

  • Сергей Малый
    Сергей Малый

    бля какой же это пиздец , несите водку я больше не могу ....

  • Devos

    5:03 when you're speed running a game and are almost done but the power cuts off.

  • Максим Торбург
    Максим Торбург

    Нихуя б не понял без субтитров)

  • LowLifeThug

    maybe this isnt boris... maybe he's only get subbed 🤔

  • Rukyura Myky
    Rukyura Myky

    Thank you Boris you're the best, i'm about to learn computer programming soon and starting on my own! You're really making it easier to have motivation. I'm starting with C. I'd love to see more of these, but if we see more of you that's also perfect. Thanks you again Komrad.

  • Door Door
    Door Door

    I read this as cuddling the cheapest laptop....

  • Hardlove

    Ляя , сижу с яндекса сам переводит твои видео думал русский захожу Беларус)

  • that linux guy
    that linux guy

    Unless you want to use android studio / IntelliJ, in which case even a $1000 laptop will struggle.

  • tlia tlia
    tlia tlia


  • Fikri rudiansyah
    Fikri rudiansyah

    Cheapest laptop ever? *Laughs in $150 laptop* :")

  • Raymeester

    Pretty sure Boris is Australian.

  • smiley satanson
    smiley satanson

    Finally i can see how many blins i can make!

  • Sebastian

    how to make cheap slav computer fast: netinstall a lightweight linux and forget windows blyat

  • C.I.A.

    You are not enough Slav. You downloaded Chrome, not the Yandex

  • Jay.


  • MiyaKikaツ

    I love your accent even tho I'm slavic and can do the same. But it actually took me like 20 seconds to realize you speak english lol

  • AzDh

    nah i think ill stick to clickteam fusion 2.5

  • Burak Can Akıncı
    Burak Can Akıncı

    If every programming video was like this, I could be Steve Jobs.

  • Admiral Mudkip
    Admiral Mudkip

    The best part about this tutorial is, if you really wanted to you could make a version for pancakes or waffles in US customary units and it'd actually be useful

  • NOMO

    More java coding videos please Boris!

  • CrazyRussianGuy

    U = г ? Ну как

  • djay4487 deved
    djay4487 deved

    muta: dosnt take sponsor from raid shadow legends boris: also dosnt take the sponsor ah yes, they are the savoirs

  • djay4487 deved
    djay4487 deved

    ayy, boris explain to me why you were watching english translation of garage 54, you made a coment on one of their videos over a year ago, what happened? did vadim hack your account

  • Billy Maramis
    Billy Maramis

    1:17 It says its from cyprus wich is a big island next to Greece under Turkey

  • 1000 subs with no videos
    1000 subs with no videos

    There's probably a spy camera inside

  • Stanley Vernyy
    Stanley Vernyy

    try coding a big machine learning project with that laptop, I wanna hear the laptop making some kind of screaming noise. Great video Boris brings back old memories. :D

  • Байтур Кушубеков
    Байтур Кушубеков

    Борис еще таких вадио

  • Mr.Anonymous

    Cyprus Im Greek

  • We will miss you olympic Airways!
    We will miss you olympic Airways!

    3:02 you mean Microsoft edge?? Mr??

  • d2dyno

    Can you do Machine Learning with Boris in Python?

  • who are you ?
    who are you ?

    Блин это менталитет, я так же начал. Борис тру славянин

  • Xilog

    Watching this on a ThinkPad X250 I got used for $140

  • Mapping a hry
    Mapping a hry

    Why install Java when you can program in Batchfile?