Chocolate sausage, The Slav budget dessert - Cooking with Boris
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Chocolate sausage, The Slav budget dessert - Cooking with Boris
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Today I bring Anatoli to assist me think of a gift idea. Anatoli has the great plan to make some Slavic Tiramisu. It's basically like regular Tiramisu but is not. There is butter, condensed milk, cookies, marmelade candy and sugar. This recipe is also known as Chocolate Salami or Chocolate Sausage in Russian - Шоколадная колбаса.
Also I show you how to open tin can without a can opener, but instead with a spoon.
Anatoli is teleported to us today in a bathtub with a Russian carpet. Good.
100g melted butter
150g vanilla cookies
1tbsp sugar
2tbsp cocoa
50g condensed milk

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    Michael Woollard

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    _[VIP]3R _

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    Johero Padilla

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    Dora Zlatar

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    Ugnė Bogužienė

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    \\le kats whispers//

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    pupperferno's studio !

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