AMG CLA 35 vs Audi S3 - 0-60mph, driving, interior and exterior review.
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Which is better: the Mercedes-AMG CLA 35, or the Audi S3 saloon? On paper, these two cars - one a sporty coupe and the other a nimble saloon - seem pretty evenly matched! Both get 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder, turbocharged engines, but the CLA has 306hp, as opposed to the S3’s 300! On the other hand, the Audi goes from 0-60mph in 4.7 secs - 0.2 secs faster than the Merc! Which is the best? Which is the comfiest? Which is the most fun? You’ll have to join Mat to find out!
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    • humpfree999

      @FixxxeR208 No it isn't. The S4 is comparable to the C43 AMG.

    • Salar Mahmood
      Salar Mahmood

      thanks & sorry

    • Salar Mahmood
      Salar Mahmood

      AMG C43 2019+

    • Salar Mahmood
      Salar Mahmood

      AMG C43 2019+

    • Salar Mahmood
      Salar Mahmood

      AMG C43 2019+

  • Fay Ahmad
    Fay Ahmad

    Why don’t you get the driving knob selector on the cla 35 steering wheel????

  • Harry Huang
    Harry Huang

    The Mercedes certainly looks better and less bland than the but the Audi has better quality and reliability for sure,

  • Anis Elferchichi
    Anis Elferchichi

    What ? 1k didn't like this video ? How anyone can not like this ? Come on.. just unsubscribe. You don't get the vibe here.. Mat's reviews are just awesome and funny !

  • Lucas Martins
    Lucas Martins

    Damn the Audi is fast !!

  • Mandy Cowey
    Mandy Cowey

    ThatvAudi is a much better looking car imo

  • Abhisek Mishra
    Abhisek Mishra

    how much did mercedes pay you to say that?

  • Szilard Zerkula
    Szilard Zerkula


  • Hash Ftd
    Hash Ftd

    Today I finally subscribed. From car-buyer days 😆

  • Jasper van der Veen
    Jasper van der Veen

    the S3 0-60 in Just 4,3 seconds??? that's insane!! only 0.2 slower then the rs3!

  • dat way
    dat way

    mercs are for girls and footballers i'll stick to the pfl 8v s3

  • Good Person
    Good Person

    "What can I do for you?" "Cancel."

  • Prada Abi
    Prada Abi

    let’s not forget how old this s3 is

  • StormbornKing

    Mercedes is so much better, it won everything lmao.

    • Chris R
      Chris R

      Did you watch the video? Blind.

  • Derai O'Brien
    Derai O'Brien


  • Toby Price
    Toby Price

    Next verses: AMG A35 vs S3 vs M135i

  • Shamic Entertainment
    Shamic Entertainment

    Wow, lots of new cars are going for the angry slanted front headlight look. I like that trend

  • Pi SamYNWA
    Pi SamYNWA

    The Merc is the leader.

  • Basilis Topalidis
    Basilis Topalidis

    If you want a Audi take one Mercedes (The best or nothing )

  • Kkkk

    CLA 35 has just come out that Audi has been out for 3 and a half years and is only a facelift not even a full new version since 2013

  • Ares310788

    the interior of the Merc is absolutely stupid and not nice... hideous

  • Zeal Chao
    Zeal Chao

    S3 of course

  • The Tarantula Guru
    The Tarantula Guru

    I’m gonna unsubscribe and continue to watch all your vids 😂🤣

  • John Hanley
    John Hanley

    Can u add the Carwow app to Ireland , It would be a great app for me . Thank u

  • gavin parsons
    gavin parsons

    Only car i'd need is the new s8. When is it being reviewed?

  • Oliver Harris
    Oliver Harris

    RS pipes all day long !!

  • Pigeon

    New generation Mercedes looks sh*t

  • Hayden Dibben
    Hayden Dibben

    He said that something is better than a bmw 😱🤬😨 finnaly

  • Zed Bot
    Zed Bot

    Idk why ppl think the amg sounds bad. With the newer regulations in the EU its still one of the best sounding cars.

  • ΛCE —
    ΛCE —

    Quad pipes ftw

  • P Mosel
    P Mosel

    The forbidden name inside a Mercedes Benz, "Mercedes Benz". Who knew?

  • cyprian chewe
    cyprian chewe

    "Use your toilet & not flash "....really 😂😂

  • 360Alabama Outdoors
    360Alabama Outdoors

    Quad exhaust tips will always be better.


    Audi did 0-60mph 4.3 seconds!! That is a same time 2020 Supra.

  • Peter Lekalakala
    Peter Lekalakala

    And not flush lol

  • Jakub Balog
    Jakub Balog

    S3 looks so outdated

  • Ivaylo Kabakov
    Ivaylo Kabakov

    1:12 made me check whether I'm actually subscribed. Phew! Of course I am!

  • Gaming Ti
    Gaming Ti

    Audi Looks Like crap against the CLA. the Audi Looks Like the good old a3 since 2004

  • Hali

    that Merc is hideous

  • Ibrahim gaming
    Ibrahim gaming

    @ 3:40 he said a3 saloon

  • Emil

    Jack has a VERY punchable face


    How many people are driving fast ¿ These tests with speed are more and more less relevant .....

  • high gradetroll
    high gradetroll

    sound shit on both cars.. All these government rules n regulations My new rs5 dont the best either Wtf, Only thing car makers can lie about is thier 0-60 Alot of people agree Even on the dyno test. What u think Car wow Matt?

  • Need for Speed Passion
    Need for Speed Passion

    Really exhausts all the way Wee!

  • James Turner
    James Turner

    why wouldn't you compare the RS3 saloon to the cla instead of the s3?

    • Chris R
      Chris R

      Because you're comparing trim level and power. S3 = A35/CLA35 RS3 = A45/CLA45

  • Santiago Pedrozo Barrios
    Santiago Pedrozo Barrios

    Subtítulos en español por favoorr

  • BeatzDrop

    For me the S3 looks awesome, especially with the black pack. But for the sound I prefer the Mercedes. But I think if you put an aftermarket exhaust like the one from ABT on the Audi it will make the car much better. :)

  • Eric Jessop
    Eric Jessop

    Number one or two in the toilet? Subscribed. Asking for others... RS3 better

  • Thomas Sally
    Thomas Sally

    Easy choice. That is a Benz.

  • Per Magnusson
    Per Magnusson

    Hi there i wonder we will buy a new car. Wich one do u recomend of theese cars. Jaguar f pace. Bmw x3 no idea what motor or the hybrid version. Toyota rav 4. Lexus nx 300 h. Porsche macan. Huyndai santa fe and honda cr-v Mercedes glb and last is the range rover velar and landrover discovery sport.

  • PorscheSweden

    RS3 saloon vs CLA45 AMG!!!

  • fireball 28
    fireball 28

    The amount of mistakes he made in that video are the amount of likes I am going to get.

  • mawahody

    They both sound like my 2014 Fiesta ST, DISAPPOINTING

  • Hamza Aleem Shami
    Hamza Aleem Shami

    BMW fans crying...

    • Chris R
      Chris R

      @Hamza Aleem Shami alright fanboy 🙄

    • Hamza Aleem Shami
      Hamza Aleem Shami

      @Chris R lol I wasn't expecting a bmw here.. i just commented on their behalf.. or explaining their condition after this post.

    • Chris R
      Chris R

      @Hamza Aleem Shami sure thing fanboy 😅 BMW wasn't included because their equivalent car hasn't been launched to the public yet, but don't let that spoil your delusion

    • Hamza Aleem Shami
      Hamza Aleem Shami

      @Chris R lol I'm not a fanboy

    • Chris R
      Chris R

      @Hamza Aleem Shami lol OK whatever you say fanboy.

  • fireball 28
    fireball 28

    I have been watching his videos for 1 year and haven't subscribed. I won't sleep tonight.😬

  • Clearly Super Saiyan 2
    Clearly Super Saiyan 2

    At what speed we're u going over bumps?

  • Yuki NT勇気
    Yuki NT勇気

    Rs Exhausts No Doubt

  • Kabelo Tshiloane
    Kabelo Tshiloane

    RS exhausts for the win!

  • Joseph Pillion
    Joseph Pillion

    Its not Carow, without mat threatening u

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Audi S3!!! ❤️